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1.1. After four attempts, Mike finally passed his driving test and started to drive happily to work right away.
(A) obviously
(B) apparently
(C) immediately
(D) eventually

2.2. The final exam was unexpectedly easy. The average score for the test was 90.
(A) directly
(B) heavily
(C) quickly
(D) surprisingly

3.3. The latest evidence shows that second-hand smoke can not only lower children’s IQ but also cause lung cancer.
(A) factor
(B) health
(C) proof
(D) success

4.4. You’ve used up all the excuses. Can’t you come up with a better one?
(A) watch out
(B) go after
(C) live with
(D) think of

5.5. You should think very cautiously before you make an important decision.
(A) actually
(B) carefully
(C) entirely
(D) generally

6.6. If you want to learn more about the activity, you can get additional information from the university homepage.
(A) more
(B) serious
(C) daily
(D) practical

7.7. After many years of extensive research, Taiwanese computer companies have upgraded their quality.
(A) polite
(B) deep
(C) secret
(D) broad

8.8. Her enthusiasm for tennis is the main reason for her to become a world champion.
(A) opinion
(B) action
(C) event
(D) interest

9.9. You need to have a clear notion of what to do in the future.
(A) idea
(B) model
(C) pain
(D) taste

10.10. He promised that he would be back before four to finish his work.
(A) occurred
(B) entered
(C) invested
(D) agreed

11.11. Due to heavy snow on the runway, all the flights were ______ for nearly eight hours.
(A) mixed
(B) delayed
(C) served
(D) located

12.12. In the U.S. one should make a(n) ______ before going to see a doctor.
(A) appointment
(B) dressing
(C) exchange
(D) limitation 共同科目 英文 第 3 頁 共 8 頁

13.13. If you don’t want to put on more ______, you should eat less and take more exercise.
(A) treasure
(B) weight
(C) food
(D) body

14.14. For young women who suffer from eating disorder, body ______ is often their main concern.
(A) image
(B) diary
(C) interest
(D) dialogue

15.15. The first computer was built in 1946; it ______ more than 140 square meters of floor space.
(A) put on
(B) gave in
(C) took up
(D) made of II. 對話題:第 16-25題,請依對話內容選出一個最適當的答案,使其成為有意 義的對話。

16.16. Lester: What do you think of Professor Thompson’s speech? Sylvia: _______________ Lester: Well... but I enjoyed it a lot.
(A) It was boring.
(B) He is a good speaker.
(C) The talk was interesting.
(D) He made his points well.

17.17. Tracy: May I ask you a favor? Janet: _______________ What is it? Tracy: Would you lend me three hundred dollars? Janet: Sure, if you promise to return the money on Wednesday.
(A) That depends.
(B) That’s impossible.
(C) I’m afraid not.
(D) I can’t believe it.

18.18. Susan: I have a fever. Helen: Do you need a cold towel or something? Susan: No, thanks. I think I just need to lie down for a while. Helen: _______________ You worked too hard.
(A) You need a towel.
(B) You make me sick.
(C) You can’t lie down.
(D) You do need a rest.

19.19. Arnold: Do you exercise often? Monica: No, I don’t. Arnold: You should. _______________
(A) Homework helps you learn better.
(B) It is good for your health.
(C) Exercise takes up too much time.
(D) You may not like the course.

20.20. Customer: There must be a mistake. I didn’t ask for the steak. Waiter: Sorry. I’ll take it back. _______________ Customer: The seafood combo.
(A) How was your steak?
(B) What did you look for?
(C) What did you order?
(D) How did you get this? 共同科目 英文 共 8 頁 第 4 頁

21.21. Tina: Hi, Jane! How’s it going? Jane: Not so good. I’ve got a bad cold. Tina: Yeah, a lot of people have colds. _______________ Jane: I know, but I have a report due tomorrow.
(A) I have visited my doctor.
(B) I have a terrible headache.
(C) You should be home in bed.
(D) You have been feeling well.

22.22. George: Can I help you with something? Eunice: _______________ George: But the bakery’s closed today!
(A) Please peel the potatoes.
(B) Please get me the pot.
(C) Please get me some bread.
(D) Please set the table.

23.23. Waitress: Would you like something for dessert? Norman: _______________ Waitress: That’s too bad. We have the best cheese cake in town.
(A) That’s not what I ordered.
(B) No, I’m full already.
(C) What’s new in town?
(D) Do you have cheese?

24.24. Clerk: International Travel Agency. May I help you? Jessica: Yes, I’d like some flight information. Clerk: _______________ Jessica: Paris.
(A) What city, please?
(B) How many people?
(C) How long will you stay?
(D) What day are you flying?

25.25. Brenda: What should we have to go with the meat? Helen: Grilled tomatoes. Brenda: _______________ Helen: Potatoes are great!
(A) Yes, rice is all right.
(B) I don’t know about dessert.
(C) We had that last time. Let’s have potatoes.
(D) Not cabbage again! I prefer tomatoes.

26. Panda babies are weak and need tremendous care. 26 pandas are born, they are very small and delicate. Their average 27 at birth is only about 90 grams. Panda babies are actually smaller than a mouse. They cannot see or walk. 28 they receive close attention, panda babies die easily. According to a recent medical study, 61 percent of the pandas that are born in zoos die 29 after birth. The number could be 30 if we did nothing. In China, and in zoos all over the world, people are trying to help pandas have healthy babies. The 31 is that the panda is an endangered species. There are almost no pandas left in the 32 . However, we are getting better 共同科目 英文 第 5 頁 共 8 頁 at helping pandas have healthy children. This year nine zoo pandas have had a baby so far, and ten more are 33 . Maybe one day the panda won’t be an endangered species any more.
(A) While
(B) Where
(C) When
(D) Why

(A) height
(B) weight
(C) width
(D) depth

(A) Then
(B) Despite
(C) As if
(D) Even though

(A) soon
(B) late
(C) fast
(D) quick

(A) better
(B) worse
(C) farther
(D) nearer

(A) excuse
(B) country
(C) study
(D) reason

(A) wild
(B) river
(C) birth
(D) health

(A) dying
(B) cunning
(C) pregnant
(D) immune

34.My parents are an interesting couple. They don’t mean to 34 each other but what they do is humorous. When my dad was thirty something, he hit himself on the forehead very hard on something inside the garage. So, my mother 35 him to an emergency room. Because my father cut himself very badly, the doctor had to perform a 36 . Seeing my father suffering, my mother felt weak; the nurse pulled a chair up for her and then went back to dad’s side. “I know we’re all grown-ups,” said the nurse, “but, it’s OK to cry sometimes when it hurts.” After the operation was done, my mother asked my father 37 he heard what the nurse said or not. “I did,” my father replied, “and I thought she was talking to you.” Days after staying in the hospital, my father could finally go home. 38 the way home, my mother asked my father what the most uncomfortable thing he had during his stay. “The food, of course.” My mother looked at my father with a smile, 39 what she was going to fix for him. 40 , my father continued, in a very philosophical tone, “If I have to eat that kind of food, why do I have to stay in the hospital? ” That evening, we had McDonald’s.
(A) pay attention to
(B) look forward to
(C) make fun of
(D) take care of

(A) rushed
(B) missed
(C) imagined
(D) received

(A) benefit
(B) surgery
(C) ceremony
(D) meeting

(A) when
(B) that
(C) because
(D) whether

(A) In
(B) By
(C) For
(D) On

(A) thought
(B) had thought
(C) thinking
(D) to think

(A) Then
(B) First
(C) Otherwise
(D) Similarly

41.Music is a powerful thing. When played properly, some music can have positive effects on learning and attitude. One way that music can make learning easier is by teaching people abstract reasoning and learning strategies. When learning music, people visualize the task in their head, and therefore exercise the same abstract skills that engineers, chess players, and high-level mathematicians use. Moreover, instruction in music skills and appreciation provides a wealth of learning strategies that help to develop children’s analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating skills. Another important aspect that music can have on learning for people of all ages is attitude. The highly repetitive structure of music helps children learn to trust themselves and enhance their self-confidence and sense of accomplishment. Thus, their attitude toward learning is dramatically increased. In addition to increasing positive attitude, listening to pleasant music in the background may ease the strain of an activity. Notice that when people listen to music in the background, it is very important that they listen to the music they are familiar and comfortable with. So in order for music to help us think, learn, and work, we need to know what kind of music to listen to.
【題組】41. The passage mainly discusses _______________.
(A) how music helps when people work and learn
(B) the importance of music to children and engineers
(C) the different structures of music
(D) how people learn to listen to music

42.【題組】42. According to the passage, which of the following functions of music is NOT mentioned?
(A) Helping people to relax.
(B) Improving people’s attitude.
(C) Helping people fall asleep.
(D) Improving people’s confidence.

43.【題組】43. We can conclude from the passage that _______________.
(A) people of all ages love different types of music
(B) it is important for us to teach children the right attitude
(C) people of all ages develop different learning strategies
(D) it is important for us to choose the right music to listen to

44.【題組】44. In line 5, the phrase “a wealth of ” is closest in meaning to “_______________.”
(A) a lot of something useful
(B) a lot of something secret
(C) people full of interest
(D) people who are rich

45.【題組】45. We may infer from the passage that the next paragraph will most likely be _______________.
(A) the learning strategies children need
(B) the effects of different types of music
(C) the workplaces where music should be played
(D) the jobs that demand abstract reasoning skills

46.People have always searched the sky for clues about upcoming weather. Throughout the ages, farmers and sailors have looked to the winds and clouds for signs of approaching storms. But no real understanding of the weather could be achieved without a scientific study of the atmosphere. Such a study depends on being able to measure certain conditions, including pressure, temperature, and moisture levels. A true scientific examination of weather, therefore, was not possible until the development of accurate measuring instruments, beginning in the 17th century. Meteorology — the science of studying the atmosphere — was born in 1643 with the invention of the barometer, which measures atmospheric pressure. The liquid-in-glass thermometer, the hydrometer to measure humidity — the amount of moisture in the air — and the weather map also were invented during the 1600s. With the measurement of these basic elements, scientists began to work out the relationships between these and other atmospheric conditions, such as wind, clouds, and rainfall. Still, their observations failed to show an overall picture of the weather. Such complete weather reporting had to wait two centuries for the rapid transfer of information made possible by the invention of the telegraph during the 1840s.
【題組】46. The passage is mainly concerned with the _______________.
(A) weather
(B) thermometer
(C) storms
(D) telegraph

47.【題組】47. The phrase “these basic elements” in the third paragraph refers to all of the following EXCEPT _______________.
(A) pressure
(B) rainfall
(C) moisture
(D) temperature

48.【題組】48. Which of the following statement is NOT true according to the passage?
(A) To have a full understanding of the weather, we need to study the atmosphere scientifically.
(B) The study of the atmosphere is generally called “meteorology.”
(C) The major instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure is the barometer.
(D) Farmers did not begin to search the sky for clues about storms until the 17th century.

49.【題組】49. Which of the following words is closest in meaning to “humidity?”
(A) Pressure
(B) Atmosphere
(C) Thermometer
(D) Moisture

50.【題組】50. According to the passage, complete weather reporting _______________.
(A) failed to show the overall picture of the weather
(B) was not made possible until the 17th century
(C) became possible after the invention of the telegraph
(D) had to wait two centuries for the weather map to be developed