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96 年 - 96一等船副 船舶通訊與航海英文#15871 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. 全球海上遇險及安全系統(GMDSS)中的現場通信係指:
(A) 遇險船舶與救助單位間的通信
(B) 救助單位與海岸電台間的通信
(C) 遇險船舶與海岸電台間的通信
(D) 救助單位間的通信

2.2. 海岸電台收到遇險信文後應採取的行動為:
(A) 通知搜救協調中心
(B) 重新設定設備
(C) 確認信文之收悉
(D) 通知任務管制中心

3.3. 船舶所使用鉛酸電池應保持電解質在正確水位,僅能添加何種液體?
(A) 稀硫酸液
(B) 蒸餾水
(C) 食鹽水
(D) 海水

4.4. 依 SOLAS 公約規定「貨船」應備有應急電源以供應 GMDSS 設備至少幾小時?
(A) 18
(B) 24
(C) 30
(D) 36

5.5. 具有直射波傳播、干擾較小,僅達視界範圍,適於短距離通信的是:
(A) LF
(B) MF
(C) HF

6.6. 無線電高頻(HF)頻率範圍是:
(A) 3-30 GHZ
(B) 300-3000 MHZ
(C) 30-300 MHZ
(D) 3-30 MHZ

7.7. 摩斯碼(Morse Code),二個字母間的長度是多少個時間單位?
(A) 1
(B) 3
(C) 5
(D) 7

8.8. 表示“要求重發……以前的所有字組”的程序信號是:
(A) RPT AA……
(B) RPT AB……
(C) RPT BN……
(D) RPT WB……

9.9. 一套國際信號旗,有多少面的代用旗?
(A) 1
(B) 3
(C) 10
(D) 26

10.10. 於夜間遇險中船舶或人員利用岸上救生設備時,表示「否定」的信號是:
(A) 白燈一盞或白色光焰一個作上下揮動
(B) 白燈一盞或白色光焰一個作水平揮動
(C) 紅燈一盞或紅色光焰作上下揮動
(D) 紅燈一盞或白色光焰作水平揮動

11.11. 表示“等候或句號”的程序信號是:
(A) C
(B) K
(C) AS
(D) AR

12.12. 船舶在港內停泊時,就升旗言,下列敘述何者是正確的?
(A) 日出後升旗
(B) 日落後升旗
(C) 何時升旗均可
(D) 不需要升旗

13.13. Refloat (to) means to pull a vessel off after ; to set afloat again.
(A) fire
(B) collision
(C) grounding
(D) sinking

14.14. Spill control gear means the equipment for combating accidental spill of oils or chemicals.
(A) Disposal
(B) Treatment
(C) Anti-pollution
(D) Cleaning

15.15. Do you shore-based navigation assistance from VTS Center.
(A) agree
(B) acknowledge
(C) receive
(D) accept

16.16. Does the radar have any sectors?
(A) cover
(B) clear
(C) blind
(D) gray

17.17. Crew list is a list prepared by the master of a ship showing the full names, , passport or discharge book number, rank and age of every officer and crew member engaged on board that ship.
(A) behavior
(B) hobby
(C) collection
(D) nationality

18.18. A vessel engaged in a towing operation, she is:
(A) Vessel not under command.
(B) Vessel restricted in her ability to maneuver.
(C) Vessel constrained by her draught.
(D) Vessel is not under way.

19.19. Forecastle deck is located in the ship’s .
(A) stern
(B) engine room bottom
(C) bow
(D) tank top of cargo hold

20.20. Brief, violent showers frequently accompanied by thunder and lighting is usually associated with .
(A) passage of warm front
(B) passage of a cold front
(C) occluded front
(D) stationary front

21.21. When liquid is free to move transversely in a tank, the effect is called .
(A) Free communication
(B) Free density
(C) Free surface
(D) Negative GM

22.22. 依照無線電規則,船舶無線電話通信之優先順序,下列以何字樣為首的電文是第三優 先?

23.23. 於日間,遇險中船舶或人員利用岸上救生設備時,表示「肯定」的信號是:
(A) 白旗一面或兩臂作上下揮動
(B) 白旗一面或兩臂平伸作水平揮動
(C) 紅旗一面作上下揮動
(D) 紅旗一面作水平揮動

24.24. 國際信號中,以呎為水深單位,則數字後加那一字母?
(A) F
(B) M
(C) CM
(D) R

25.25. 救生艇上所用之特高頻雙向無線電話(VHF)其頻道為:
(A) CH 6
(B) CH 10
(C) CH 16
(D) CH 66

26.26. “雙臂或雙旗上舉”在摩斯手旗通訊中,代表:
(A) 點(Dot)
(B) 劃(Dash)
(C) 點與劃之間的間隔
(D) 字母之間的間隔

27.27. Rig the accommodation ladder in with the pilot ladder.
(A) relate
(B) connected
(C) combine
(D) combination

28.28. A mark or position at which a vessel is required to report to the local VTS station to establish its position is .
(A) way point
(B) receiving point
(C) turning point
(D) reporting point

29.29. What is the safe working load of the of the vessel?
(A) pump
(B) hook
(C) bag
(D) derricks

30.30. 航行警告電傳(NAVTEX)接收信文其代字為 F,則其所代表意義為:
(A) 衛星導航資訊
(B) 氣象預報
(C) 海冰報告
(D) 領航業務資訊

31.31. When the light of a buoy or a lighthouse is inoperative, it should be remarked by in the chart.
(A) “unlit”
(B) “darkness”
(C) “out of order”
(D) “missing”

32.32. “Gross Tonnage”was measured by .
(A) weight-2240 1b per tonnage
(B) weight-2000 1b per tonnage
(C) space-100 cubic meters per tonnage
(D) space-100 cubic feet per tonnage

33.33. Course made good means the course which a vessel good over ground, after allowing for the effect of currents, tidal streams.
(A) sail
(B) makes
(C) progress
(D) steering

34.34. Retreat signal means sound, or other signal to a team ordering it to return to its base.
(A) sight
(B) verbal
(C) look out
(D) visual

35.35. “Not under command”(NUC)means a vessel which through circumstances is unable to manoeuvre as required by the COLREGS.
(A) unexpected
(B) unforeseen
(C) unexceptional
(D) uneven

36.36. Inoperative means not .
(A) work
(B) operation
(C) functioning
(D) perform

37.37. Keep lookout for people in water.
(A) normal
(B) special
(C) assigned
(D) sharp

38.38. is defined as the owner or the charterer or whoever enters into a contract with the shipper for the transportation of cargo.
(A) Carrier
(B) Buyer
(C) Forwarder
(D) Consignee

39.39. When the draft of a ship fore and aft are the same, is termed“Even ”.
(A) Draft
(B) Keel
(C) Depth
(D) Clearance

40.40. ETA is a general abbreviation referring to the time of arrival of a ship, train, aircraft etc. It stands for .
(A) Exact Time of Arrival
(B) Estimated Time of Arrival
(C) Estimated Time of Approaching
(D) Estimated Time of Action