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96 年 - 96年中華郵政 專業職(一) 英文#7253 

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1.Steven intents to buy a new house, so he needs to get a ___ loan. 
(A) monetary
(B) monarchy
(C) mortgage
(D) monitor

2.Employees of this company are required to ___ off all the lights before leaving in order to save the energy. 
(A) loosen
(B) pepper
(C) switch 
(D) wander

3.When people reach certain age, they ___. They might become a few inches shorter. 
(A) persuade
(B) quarrel
(C) replace
(D) shrink

4.He is a leading ___ in economics. His opinions are widely respected and followed.
(A) authority
(B) expansion
(C) incident
(D) orchestra

5.Mattel ___ some of its toys made in China after they were found poisonous and harmful to the children.
(A) persisted
(B) recalled
(C) sustained
(D) vibrated

6.I _____ the possible bad result. Right now, there is nothing I can do but take the full responsibilities.
(A) had considered
(B) should consider
(C) should to consider
(D) should have considered

7.Frankly speaking, I really don’t know _____ the boss is angry about.
(A) why
(B) when
(C) what
(D) whether

8.Australia shows that the secret to success often has as much to do with government policy _____ academic philosophy.
(A) as to
(B) as with
(C) than to
(D) than with

9.We need to convince our customers that our services are worth _____.
(A) to pay
(B) pay for
(C) to pay for
(D) paying for

10._____ back to his days as governor of Arkansas, Clinton was an ardent free trader.
(A) Gone
(B) Going
(C) Having gone
(D) Went

11.When nothing _____, she began to lose her enthusiasm.
(A) Happens
(B) happened
(C) was happened
(D) is happened

12.Peter Drucker became the undisputed father of management—the discipline _____ to the study of organizations.
(A) being devoted
(B) devoted
(C) as devoted
(D) is devoted

13.It doesn’t hurt that he’s independently wealthy _____ his brother John is the U. S. Director of National Intelligence.
(A) and even
(B) or
(C) with
(D) or that

14.What are the requirements of a good learners’ dictionary? 41 , it should include the right information, the information should be easy to find and—once 42 —it should be easy to understand and easy to use. Ensuring that we cover the “right” information calls, first, 43 careful analysis of all the available linguistic data. A large and diverse corpus is an essential basis for this operation, 44 it is only the starting point. Intelligent data-extraction software enables 45 to get maximum value from the corpus, and our editorial team has benefited from a collaboration with University of Brighton’s Information Technology Research Institute.
(A) Actively
(B) Frankly
(C) Briefly
(D) Luckily

(A) found
(B) for all
(C) made
(D) again

(A) at
(B) out
(C) in
(D) for

(A) which
(B) but
(C) with
(D) when

(A) me
(B) them
(C) him
(D) us

19.The latest investment craze sucking in yuan from China’s eager speculators: Pu’er tea. Like a fine wine, the earthy-tasting fermented brew, often sold in circular cakes, gains flavor-and value-with age. The price of the tea has gone from $2.56 to $3.85 a kilogram a year ago to seven times that range now. For the vintage stuff, prices can easily run as high as $300 per kg—and a 60-year-old 100-gram batch fetched $38,000 at auction earlier this year in Guangdong province. The buyers and sellers in this hot market tend to be those in the tea industry and business types already speculating in stocks, real estate, or Chinese art. And as with other investing sectors in China today, it’s a market that can fluctuate wildly. Prices fell by more than half recently after Yunnan farmers jacked up production and the market was flooded by some low-quality Pu’er passed off as a better vintage. “The price has kept going up and down like the stock market,” says An Min, a Yunnan native and founder of Beijing-based Pu’er Tea International Group. Now she and others are becoming concerned about the speculation that has prices see-sawing. The market frenzy, they say, encourages unscrupulous dealers who try to sell inferior young teas as high-quality, aged Pu’er. In an interview with the official English language newspaper, Zheng Bingli, chairman of Yunnan Pu’er Tea Ltd., warned that “such illicit behavior will seriously harm the growth of the Pu’er tea industry.”
【題組】46. What is the main idea of this passage? 
(A) A frenzy of trading in Pu’er tea 
(B) The flavor change of Pu’er tea
(C) The significant producers of Pu’er tea
(D) The popularity of Pu’er among tea drinkers

20.【題組】47. Which description about Pu’er tea is true?
(A) It’s sold by kilograms. 
(B) It has high quality when it is fresh. 
(C) It has a grass-like smell. 
(D) Some people trade it to make money.

21.【題組】48. Which description about the price of Pu’er tea is true?
(A) The price changes drastically. 
(B) The price is decided by the weather. 
(C) The price is determined by the government. 
(D) The price goes up steadily.

22.【題組】49. What’s An Min and Zheng Bingli’s attitude toward the investment craze in Pu’er tea? 
(A) They think the craze can bring the farmers a lot of fortune. 
(B) They worry about the prospect of the Pu’er tea industry. 
(C) They encourage dealers to be more active in the trading. 
(D) They are optimistic about the investment in the tea industry.

23.【題組】50. What does vintage refer to?
(A) Pu’er tea 
(B) range of price 
(C) market 
(D) seesaw

24.She has no cooking ___ in the room and has to eat out most of the time. 

25.According to a survey, about 80% of television viewers here ___ to cable television.