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1.The question of ___________ has long challenged the imagination and ingenuity of teachers.
(A)a student is motivated to learn
(B)motivates what a student to learn
(C)what motivates a student to learn
(D)what a student motivated to learn

2.A trusting friend can call us back to earth and remind us _____ the universality of failure and sufferings.

3.According to the psychological_________, all children normally succeed in learning if given the opportunity to interact socially within their range of ability.

4.All the students stopped ____ when the severe professor walked into the classroom.
(A)to talk
(B)and talked
(C)to be talking

5.Peter said that he wished he _____ the trip last winter.
(B)had joined
(C)have to join
(D)has to join

6.You had better ____ argue with your teacher.
(A)not to
(C)to not

7.Neither you nor I _____ liable for John’s debts.

8.The gangster and his band were arrested _____ their crimes.

9.I will give you a little casket. Open it when you are ____ dire need.

10.When John saw the present he wanted most, he was beside himself _____ joy.
(A) by

11.請選出句子中錯誤的地方 Children should be taught to deal 'direct' 'with reality' and 'to be' proud and 'confident'.
(B)with reality
(C)to be

12.請選出句子中錯誤的地方 'Roadside' stands 'offer' local fruits and 'a' unbelievable range of 'shapes and sizes' of fat pumpkins.
(D)shapes and sizes

13.請選出句子中錯誤的地方 Great 'technical' advances in 'satellite' photography 'was made' since 'the end' of the Second World War.
(C)was made
(D)the end

14.請選出句子中錯誤的地方 'Consume' too much sodium is 'known to' contribute to hypertension, 'which is' a fact in half 'the deaths' in the world.
(B)known to
(C)which is
(D)the deaths

15.Louisa May Alcott is 'chiefly' remembered 'for' Little Women, one of the most popular 'girls’ books' 'ever wrote'.
(D)ever wrote

16.閱讀克漏字 The streak of practicality is _____41_____ in Huck’s wholly unsentimental attitude to the river. Although Huck, _____42_____ so many heroes of American fiction, yearns to _____43_____ to a more natural form of life, nature itself is not over-romanticized. The river is simply the place where Huck feels most free and can most _____44_____ exercise those practical skills in which he delights. As Huck and Nigger Jim travel down the Mississippi together their raft comes to see an island of peace and freedom. Already the _____45_____ to his father’s or the Widow Douglas’ tyranny, it also becomes the place where Huck escapes the prejudices that St Petersburg has given him. Huck’s battle with his _____46_____ about helping Nigger Jim, and his growing _____47_____ to slavery, are among the most _____48_____ parts of the book. Obviously Mark Twain is concerned to make a polemical point, but the reader never feels that didacticism gets the better of artistic _____49_____ . Huck still speaks entirely in character and his reactions are faithful to _____50_____ of a young boy in his situation.
【題組】 41.
(A) clean
(B) stagnant
(C) apparent
(D) clearly

(A) like
(B) when
(C) in
(D) be

18.【題組】 43
(A) take
(B) run
(C) go
(D) escape

(A) entire
(B) much
(C) fully
(D) full

(A) pose
(B) alternative
(C) return
(D) way

(A) consciousness
(B) conscience
(C) conversation
(D) consideration

(A) opposition
(B) agreement
(C) consensus
(D) praise

(A) touch
(B) touchy
(C) touching
(D) touched

(A) appetite
(B) view
(C) criticism
(D) instinct

(A) those
(B) these
(C) that
(D) which