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1.1. My friend’s five-year-old daughter can speak Taiwanese, English, Japanese, and French. It is amazing.
(A) shining
(B) confusing
(C) surprising
(D) boring

2.2. Here are the golden rules for beautiful skin: keep it clean, don’t smoke, and stay out of the sun.
(A) colorful
(B) important
(C) pleasant
(D) metal

3.3. When the Smiths went on vacation last summer, they stayed in a luxurious, richly decorated hotel.
(A) cheap
(B) expensive
(C) humble
(D) plain

4.4. Mike is a machine operator. His life in the factory is so dull that he often sings to entertain himself.
(A) uninteresting
(B) professional
(C) challenging
(D) charming

5.5. Very often we hide our feelings so as not to hurt others.
(A) do not understand
(B) do not show
(C) disturb
(D) express

6.6. You have to bring your own shopping bags now because the supermarkets no longer supply them.
(A) construct
(B) provide
(C) need
(D) limit

7.7. Tension and anxiety at test time may cause students to forget what they have read.
(A) honesty
(B) traffic
(C) noise
(D) worry

8.8. A model’s job is to make a product exciting and appealing so the public will want to buy it.
(A) negative
(B) extensive
(C) attractive
(D) inactive

9.9. As an international language, English allows people of different countries to converse in a common language.
(A) prescribe
(B) communicate
(C) plan
(D) manage

10.10. The course is primarily designed to improve students’ English writing ability.
(A) willingly
(B) eagerly
(C) mainly
(D) skillfully

11.11. Learning the basic pronunciation _______________ helps students spell English words more easily.
(A) principals
(B) principles
(C) rulers
(D) symptoms

12.12. It is a long _______________ for many birds that live near the Bering Sea to fly from their feeding grounds to the Kenting National Park.
(A) journey
(B) hike
(C) system
(D) drive

13.13. We should _______________ the importance of recycling because of the limited resources on Earth.
(A) relax
(B) attack
(C) reduce
(D) emphasize

14.14. Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure on high school students to _______________ very good exam results in order to enter national universities.
(A) fill
(B) obtain
(C) insist
(D) decide

15.15. Taking regular vacations is necessary for those who _______________ too much on work.
(A) complicate
(B) concentrate
(C) contain
(D) consist

16.16. Dexter: What do you think of this painting? Max: It's terrible. Dexter: _______________ I think it's beautiful. Max: Hmm.
(A) I also like it.
(B) Exactly.
(C) I’m afraid so.
(D) I disagree.

17.17. Customer: Good morning. _______________ Teller: Sure. How much do you want to take out? Customer: Three thousand dollars, please.
(A) I’d like to make a deposit.
(B) I’d like to see your manager.
(C) I’d like to withdraw some money.
(D) I’d like to open an account.

18.18. Man: Excuse me. _______________ Woman: Sure. It’s a quarter to eight. Man: Thanks.
(A) What day is it today?
(B) Do you have the time?
(C) How long does it take to get to Taichung?
(D) Do you know how much a ticket to Taichung costs?

19.19. Simon: How did you spend your weekend? Lucy: I went to a movie. _______________ Simon: I went fishing.
(A) How about you?
(B) How are you?
(C) How come?
(D) How do you like it?

20.20. Roger: When did you come to this country? Wen-hua: _______________ Roger: I asked when you came to this country. Wen-hua: Oh, I see. I came here two years ago.
(A) Couldn’t be better.
(B) Beat it!
(C) Pardon me?
(D) Take it or leave it.

21.21. Brenda: It’s time for dinner now. David: I know, but _______________ Brenda: Come on, you can’t work well when you are hungry.
(A) I still have plenty of work to do.
(B) I am full.
(C) I’m leaving for Joe’s birthday party in a minute.
(D) I don’t eat in the morning.

22.22. Gilbert: You look down. _______________ Peter: Oh, I feel like it’s the end of the world. I did poorly in the interview this morning. Gilbert: Don’t worry. You’ll do better next time.
(A) How do you do?
(B) Would you do me a favor?
(C) What’s in the water?
(D) What’s wrong?

23.23. Roger: Here we are. This is Chung-ming’s house. Ted: Should we take off our shoes before we get in? Roger: This is Taiwan, and as you know, “When in Rome, do as Romans do.” Ted: Right. We should _______________
(A) go to Rome.
(B) follow Chung-ming home.
(C) follow Taiwanese customs.
(D) go to the shoe store.

24.24. Tony: Do you like music? Anne: Yes, very much. Tony: Me too! Would you go to the concert with me this evening? Anne: Of course. _______________
(A) It’s my pleasure.
(B) You’re welcome.
(C) That’s a pity.
(D) Don’t mention it.

25.25. Adam: How are you today? Jack: Fine. And you? Adam: Not too good. My grandfather is very sick in the hospital. Jack: _______________
(A) Please accept my apology.
(B) Well done.
(C) Have a nice day.
(D) I'm sorry to hear that.

26. Formosan Green Island, though small, attracts tourists because of its natural beauty. The island is, in fact, one of the many little volcanic islands in the northern Pacific Ocean. To be more specific, it is 26 33 kilometers southeast of Taitung, a county in the southeastern part of Taiwan. Green Island is 15 square kilometers 27 area. Its coastline is only 20 kilometers long, and the tallest mountain is 281 meters 28 . The seas around Green Island are abundant with 29 200 different species of colorful coral. In addition, over 300 varieties of fish can be found in its neighboring seas all year round. Both coral and fish allow businessmen on the island 30 much money from scuba diving each year. Green Island is also famous for its natural saltwater hot springs. The springs 31 naturally by volcanic activity deep underground. Many tourists are attracted to the hot-spring pools on the island 32 because the pools are free to the public but also because in the pools they can enjoy the feeling of being close to nature.
(A) located
(B) transported
(C) gathered
(D) drowned

(A) on
(B) in
(C) into
(D) over

(A) height
(B) highest
(C) higher
(D) high

(A) so many
(B) lots of
(C) more than
(D) such as

(A) earn
(B) to earn
(C) earning
(D) earned

(A) are to be heated
(B) been heated
(C) are heated
(D) heated

(A) such that
(B) in spite of
(C) not only
(D) so that

33. Have you ever said sorry even though you were not in the wrong? Sometimes people have to apologize in situations where they are not personally 33 fault. This is very common in the workplace 34 employees often have to handle customers’ complaints. In 35 complaints, the employee can save face or preserve the reputation of his or her company by making apologies. If the employee gets angry or denies 36 , both the employer and the employee can lose face. The concept of 37 is extremely important in Asian cultures. It includes making apologies, rules about accepting responsibility, showing modesty, and using 38 language forms in social interaction. If a person 39 these rules, he or she can lose face, and in turn lose the respect of 40 . This is quite a serious matter, especially where business is concerned.
(A) for
(B) on
(C) at
(D) by

(A) how
(B) what
(C) why
(D) where

(A) going after
(B) dealing with
(C) breaking up with
(D) chasing after

(A) impossibility
(B) responsibility
(C) opportunity
(D) personality

(A) saving face
(B) making complaints
(C) ignoring protests
(D) finding fault

(A) proper
(B) rude
(C) incomplete
(D) offensive

(A) follows
(B) passes
(C) breaks
(D) teaches

(A) the other
(B) other
(C) another
(D) others

41. How diversified are you when it comes to choosing friends? I asked myself this question recently and found out that I really enjoy making and being with various kinds of friends. I am happy that I have friends who have children. I also enjoy the company of friends who do not have “human” kids but rather “pet” kids such as dogs, cats, and pigs. Most importantly, I have the best kind of friends: the understanding kind. You know this type of friends. They are the ones who, once you pick up the phone to call and say hello, actually are glad to hear from you and do not hint at being upset that they have not heard from you in a while. They are the kind of friends whom you can always turn to in times of need or trouble. These folks are invaluable and I truly appreciate their support. To sum up, I love the diversity of my friendships. Different friends may bring you different experiences. They all add up to a wonderful part of your life.
【題組】41. This passage is mainly about _______________.
(A) making phone calls to friends
(B) conversations between friends
(C) the best kind of friends at school
(D) enjoying different kinds of friendship

42.【題組】42. The last three sentences of the passage suggest that the diversity of friendships _______________.
(A) enriches our lives
(B) confuses us
(C) takes up too much of our time
(D) makes it difficult to choose a pet

43.【題組】43. According to the passage, friends of the “understanding kind” _______________.
(A) do not have kids
(B) encourage you all the way
(C) make complaints all the time
(D) do not listen to you

44.【題組】44. In line 9, the word “diversity” most likely means _______________.
(A) variety
(B) similarity
(C) possibility
(D) hospitality

45.【題組】45. According to the passage, people with “pet” kids _______________.
(A) do not like friends
(B) are not happy
(C) enjoy the company of animals
(D) are too busy to answer the phone

46. Nowadays millions of people watch their weight because they realize it is not healthy in most cases to be too fat. So they “count calories.” This means they find out how many calories different foods produce and try to keep the calories down. But after all, what is a calorie? The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius ( 1 o C ) is called one gram calorie. Different foods provide different amounts of calories. One gram of protein, for instance, contains four calories, and one gram of fat contains nine calories. The human body turns consumed calories into the energy it needs. It does not care where it gets its calories as long as it gets enough to keep functioning. How many calories does the body need? It is estimated that an average adult needs somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 calories per day, depending on the work the person does. What happens if a person takes in more calories than he or she needs? Well, the food is not burned off to produce the energy the body needs but is transformed into fat instead! That is the reason why many people are now “counting calories.”
【題組】46. The above passage MOST likely appears in a _______________.
(A) personal diary
(B) travel guide
(C) weather report
(D) health magazine

47.【題組】47. In line 7, the word “It” refers to _______________.
(A) work
(B) energy
(C) food
(D) the body

48.【題組】48. According to the above passage, the amount of calories the body requires depends mainly on _______________.
(A) where we live
(B) our gender
(C) our job
(D) how we cook

49.【題組】49. According to the above passage, which of the following is TRUE?
(A) One gram of fat contains more calories than one gram of protein does.
(B) Extra calories are immediately turned into the energy we need.
(C) People are counting calories because they want to raise water temperatures.
(D) The amount of calories we take in does not influence our weight.

50.【題組】50. In line 12, the word “transformed” is closest in meaning to _______________.
(A) carefully introduced
(B) completely changed
(C) immediately thrown
(D) repeatedly searched