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97 年 - 97年度台南縣國民小學暨幼稚園代理教師甄選筆試試題英語代理試卷(第一部分:英語) 問答題#7567 

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1.Many scientists claim that global warming is highly related to carbon dioxide. By _____31_____ ones’ carbon footprint—a measure of the impact our daily activities have on the Earth, we can be aware _____32_____ an approximation of carbon dioxide we give off everyday. The unit of carbon footprint could be a kilogram or a ton of carbon dioxide. A carbon footprint is derived _____33_____ summing up the primary footprint and the secondary footprint. The primary footprint _____34_____ our direct emissions of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels, such as domestic energy consumption and transportation. To compare with the primary footprint, we could have less control on the secondary footprint. The secondary footprint is _____35_____ with the products we use. Everything we consume produces more or less carbon dioxide during its manufacturing and delivering. The more we buy, the more emissions we cause.
(A) calculation
(B) to calculate
(C) calculate
(D) calculating

(A) in
(B) of
(C) on
(D) about

(A) in
(B) of
(C) from
(D) against

(A) refers to
(B) infers to
(C) defers to
(D) drives to

(A) clashed
(B) reckoned
(C) defined
(D) associated

6.Approximate 50 percent of the US honey bee colonies have been wiped out from 1971 to 2007. The _____36_____ of honey bees could be a catastrophe of human beings. Massive food shortages would happen _____37_____ bees play a crucial role in pollinating flowering plants. The reasons of the depopulation of bees are still unsolved; _____38_____ , there are some assumptions. First, beekeepers blamed a pesticide called Fipronil for the killer of bees, even though the bee experts haven’t proved it. Another deadly reason could be a new disease. _____39_____ , it is supposed that the radiation from cellphones may jam the signals from bees' navigation systems. This interference may prevent bees _____40_____ finding their way back to the hives and make those homeless bees to die in the wilds. The whole plot seems to be incredible; nonetheless, it cautions that the changes could lead to a disaster.
【題組】 36
(A) existence
(B) disappearance
(C) subsistence
(D) disablement

(A) because
(B) in case of
(C) even though
(D) unless

(A) as long as
(B) however
(C) while
(D) with regard to

(A) Accordingly
(B) Nonetheless
(C) Otherwise
(D) Additionally

(A) from
(B) through
(C) on
(D) beside

11.The award-winning Australian film Rabbit-Proof Fence, released in 2002, deals with a controversial issue of the “Stolen Generations” from late in the nineteenth century to the late 1960s. The film depicts a true story of three mixed descent girls, Molly, Gracie and Daisy, from an aboriginal settlement at Jigalong, in the far north of Western Australia. In 1931, they _____41_____ from their mothers’ arms and transported 2,400 kilometers to the Moore River Native Settlement—an official government camp which was established to train the aborigines to _____42_____ the white society. _____43_____ the assimilation policy, many aboriginal girls were forever separated from their own flesh and blood. _____44_____ bravery and determination Molly led her younger sister and cousin to escape from the camp and went in search of the rabbit-proof fence _____45_____ guided them home. It was a perilous journey over 1,500 miles. Rabbit-Proof Fence portrays the grief and anxiety the assimilation policy imposed on many aboriginal families.
(A) were forcibly snatched
(B) were willingly pinched
(C) were irresistibly stroked
(D) were reluctantly beaten

(A) conflict with
(B) oppose against
(C) integrate into
(D) menace to

(A) In spite of
(B) On account of
(C) Regardless of
(D) In behave of

(A) With
(B) Between
(C) On
(D) Among

(A) whom
(B) when
(C) who
(D) that

16.Johnson, seven, was a bully. He deliberately made other children angry by teasing them in the playground, spoilt their games, and often beat them. He was tall and strong, and every kid was scared of him. Johnson’s misbehavior could be mainly _____46_____ two reasons. First, Johnson was almost _____47_____ . He was far behind his graded reading level. He could hardly recognize the alphabet, and consequently he could not learn to read. He always felt humiliated and frustrated during the reading class. The way for him to compensate his shortcomings was by showing his physical strength to his peers. Besides, Johnson’s behavior at school often made his father _____48_____ to beat him. To make matters worse, his mother thought Johnson _____49_____ physical punishment when her husband was annoyed _____50_____ him. The punishment from his parents just reinforced Johnson’s idea that violence was acceptable.
【題組】 46
(A) applied to
(B) subscribed to
(C) attributed to
(D) contributed to

(A) illative
(B) illegible
(C) illiterate
(D) illusory

(A) cross his fingers
(B) lose his temper
(C) blow his own horn
(D) bounce a check

(A) deserved
(B) appraised
(C) strode
(D) ambled

(A) off
(B) of
(C) in
(D) with