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1.1.One of Ms. Smith's ________ is to take care of the disadvantaged.
(A) readjustment
(B) responsibility
(C) irresponsibility
(D) adjustment

2.2. After years of_,flights commenced this summer between Java Airport and Stanley Island,about 270 kilometers from Casey Station.
(A) deception
(B) recognition
(C) perception
(D) preparation

3.3.The board concluded that all policies and strategies must be discussed with all ________ personnel and staff.
(A) aboriginal
(C) industrious

4.4.Taiwan's enterprises should be ________ to establish themselves at home, network throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and position themselves globally.
(A) encouraged
(C) blamed

5.5.The ________ is the highest administrative organ of the government of Republic of China.
(A) Examination Yuan
(B)Judicial Yuan
(C) Executive Yuan
(D)Control Yuan

6.6.To promote the upgrading of industry and to encourage exports, the government has ________ measures which include tax rebates for exports and reductions or exemptions of other taxes.
(A) admired
(C) exposed

7.7.Helen is managing director of Recruiting Services. She is ________ developing a proven way to attract the best talent.
(A) committed to
(B)separated from
(C) removed from
(D)detached from

8.8.After the President's inauguration ceremony, new ministers ________ office on May 20, 2008.
(A) presumed
(C) assumed

9.9.Dr. Chen ________ a speech in which he commemorated the Institute's achievements.

10.10.Rampant ________ threatens many countries' economic performance. It is pervasive in some of their most vital sectors.
(C) fidelity

11.11.The amendment was designed to ________ small business capital formation by providing added investment flexibility to business development companies.
(A) hinder
(C) facilitate

12.12.The young dancer made her very successful ________ last night.
(A) appearance
(C) announcement

13.13.The horrible earthquake has left our house in ________.
(C) shambles

14.14.Although the new investment plan looks lucrative, as an official from the Bureau of Economic Affairs, one still has to exam all possibilities of it being a ________ and jeopardizing national interests.
(A) sleuth
(C) shame

15.15.It is easy to become ________ and feel good about oneself.
(A) complacent
(C) contentious

16.16. I ________ any comments to the press.
(A) defused
(C) deflected

17.17.The billionaire is famed for his ________ to find gold and become rich overnight.
(A) settlement
(C) serendipity

18.18.In a newspaper, the space ____for news usually depends on the amount of advertising that is sold.
(A) anticipated
(C) averted

19.19.Recently, I suffered serious insomnia so my family doctor prescribed some medicine to help________ sleep.
(A) fall
(C) induce

20.20.My boss is a typical Gemini and changes his mind about every 2 minutes─sometimes it is really________ to be his subordinate.
(A) frustrating
(C) fortunate

21.21.________ you have any further question, please feel free to ask.
(A) If
(C) After

22.22.If Jane cannot finish the thesis on time, ________ present it on the symposium.
(A) she is able to
(B)unless she is able to
(C) she is going to
(D)she won't be able to

23.23.A nationwide strike tomorrow against the government's plans to overhaul the pension system_________ some trains, flights and access to airports.
(A) disrupt to
(B)to be disrupted
(C) disrupted
(D)will disrupt

24.24.________ their conclusions, the researchers matched the list of the most consumed foods with a list of black-hearted products and found an alarming degree of overlapping.
(A) To be reached
(B)To be reaching
(C) To reach
(D)The reach of

25.25.Although the Williams are very strong,
(A) but they did not win every match.
(B)they did not win every match.
(C) though they did not win every match
(D)so they win every match.

26.26.Mr. Lee, Teng - hui , ________ from 1988 to 2000, was the President of the Republic of China.
(A) who served
(B)who serving
(C) be serving

27.27.Tom and Linda ________ to buy a new lamp.
(A) went to downtown yesterday
(B)went downtown during yesterday
(C) went downtown yesterday
(D)went to downtown during yesterday

28.28.World leaders ________ concerted efforts to combat transnational threats, including terrorism.
(A) called out
(B)called in
(C) called at
(D)called for

29.29.It has been raining for four hours. _______forever.
(A) Either we go now or we remain here
(B)Neither we go now or we remain here
(C) Either we go now nor we remain here
(D)We are nither here nor there

30.30.It is just______ time. It will happen, but not today.
(A)a little of
(B)a lot of
(C) a matter of
(D)a few

31.31.__________saving some money for your mortgage, I think you'd better not buy that fancy dress.
(B)In addition to
(C) Away from
(D)In terms of

32.32.________ Taiwan's 23 million people, the former President Chen sent a letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations to request me admission of Taiwan as a member to the United Nations.
(A) On behalf of
(B)In the face of
(C) To be fond of
(D)In favor of

33.33.You can't always say "Yes," to people. You have to _____ ; sometime and somewhere
(A) drop a line
(B)draw a line
(C) drive a line
(D)dread a line

34.34.The new secretary is proficient ______________ English and French.
(A) in

35.35.We must be ______________guard against our competitor's new market release.
(A) in
(C) at

36.36.We are all ____________about your acquisition proposition.
(C) hearts

37.37.The new administration's economic policies will ________ soon,
(A) come to an end
(B)come into force
(C) come into play
(D)come into words

38.38.We have scored____________goals than our rivals.
(A) fewer

39.39.What happened? You look _____________you have been in the rain.
(A) as
(B)as if
(C)such as
(D)like if

40.40.Almost every tourist will visit_____________ Buckingham Palace when in London.
(A)leave blank

passage one
The people of Taiwan have been proud of Taiwan's development experience, as the key to success has required the combined efforts of the entire nation. However, only rarely does one hear about me major role international assistance has played in Taiwan's economic construction and development. From the 1950s to 1980s, Taiwan received large amounts of money from donations and assistance from international organizations, as well as the United States and other wealthy nations. The total amount exceeded US$2.4 billion, not including US military assistance for safeguarding Taiwan. Most people remember the old days, when they consumed flour, drank milk and wore pants made from flour sacks, all of which came from me United States. However, they may not realize that many major infrastructures, including highways, electric railways, the Shih Men Dam and drinking water systems, were completed with preferential loans provided by international organizations and foreign countries. Even the eradication of malaria depended on assistance from the World Health Organization. Taiwan now has the ability to reciprocate as a result of the foreign aid it received in the past. In order to "give back to the international community and fulfill our responsibility as a member of the international community," Taiwan provides foreign aid to and shares our development experiences with friendly nations and diplomatic allies. This not only consolidates Taiwan's relations with them, but also lets us fulfill our obligations to the international community.

【題組】41.According to this paragraph, Taiwan
(A) did not receive any foreign aids in the past years.
(B) is still receiving foreign aids.
(C) only received foreign aids from me United States.
(D) received foreign aids from the United States and other international organizations

42.【題組】42.The total amount Taiwan received from international community are over
(A) 2400 million US dollars.
(B)24000 thousand US dollars.
(C) 480000 million NT dollars.
(D)no reliable numbers.

43.【題組】43.Why preferential loan program is helpful to build up Taiwan's infrastructures?
(A) Because we don't need to pay back to the lenders.
(B) Because the interest rate is lower than the market rate.
(C) Because we can spend it as we wish.
(D) Because the Legislative Yuan cannot supervise its use.

44.【題組】44.Which international organization is specialized in the eradication of diseases?
(A) World Trade Organization
(B)International Labor Organization
(C) World Health Organization
(D)International Monetary Fund

45.【題組】45.Taiwan now provides foreign aid to its diplomatic allies, because
(A) Taiwan is forced to do so by international laws.
(B) Taiwan has legal obligations to them.
(C) this policy serves Taiwan's overall national interests-
(D) this policy can control inflation.

Passage two
A global "population explosion" brought to the postwar world a multitude of social problems. Symptoms of underlying social tensions were such disquieting contemporary phenomena as youth in revolt and upsurging crime. The postwar years in America were marked by a curious mix of idealism and materialism. One striking example was the concurrent rise in both church membership and secularization. Despite a record of unexampled physical growth, America found itself facing a host of danger signals, including depletion of natural resources, health hazards, a creaking governmental structure, and an overburdened educational system. America's submerged minorities had achieved genuine progress, but the goal of a fully integrated society had not been attained. High on the agenda of unfinished business stood the incongruity of affluence for the majority of Americans while large minorities remained in poverty. Once a revolutionary force in a world of conservatism, America had become a conservative force in a world of revolution. Yet America remained the world's last and perhaps still the best hope for freedom.

【題組】 46.According to the article, what main factor brought to the post World War II world a multitude of social problems?
(A) poverty
(B)population explosion
(C) loss of lives
(D)increased orphanage

47.【題組】47.Which in the following is not a post-war danger signal in America?
(A) growing number of church goers .
(B)health hazards
(C) depletion of natural resources
(D)an overburdened educational system

48.【題組】48.According to your understanding, which group of people should not be counted as America's minority groups?
(A) women
(C) Asian-Americans

49.【題組】49.Crime rate in post-war America has ________.
(A) become less organized
(C) climbed
(D)remained about the same

50.【題組】50.Despite all the negative aspects he saw in post-war America,the article thinks America is______

(A)the best hope for rich and fame 

(B) the best hope for freedom

(C)the worst hope for freedom
(D)the last hope for survival

51.寫作 危機與轉機