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1.1. Scientists are not able to make accurate ____ of earthquakes, so it is impossible for people to take precautions.
(A) intentions
(B) responses
(C) predictions
(D) options

2.2. The young girl started to panic when she ____ a man approaching her in the dark.
(A) perceived
(B) revised
(C) imitated
(D) revealed

3.3. For safety’s sake, it is essential to remain in our seats and ____ our seat belts before an airplane takes off.
(A) fascinate
(B) conserve
(C) contrast
(D) fasten

4.4. Due to food shortages, there will be a great number of ____ suffering from starvation in many poor countries.
(A) victims
(B) critics
(C) pilots
(D) amateurs

5.5. Watching TV is interesting, but it takes patience to watch TV ____, which advertise all kinds of things.
(A) portraits
(B) spectacles
(C) commercials
(D) procedures

6.6. Fond of country life, he lives on a farm and raises many ____ animals such as chicken, ducks, and pigs.
(A) fundamental
(B) domestic
(C) biological
(D) delicate

7.7. When I choose new shoes or clothes, I _____ decide what to buy rather than think about it logically.
(A) temporarily
(B) anonymously
(C) relatively
(D) intuitively

8.8. The government made great efforts to ____ the stock market, but the market continued to fall.
(A) simplify
(B) suspend
(C) stimulate
(D) eliminate

9.9. He is thought to be a(n) ____ because he tends to think unlucky things are very likely to happen to him.
(A) optimist
(B) pessimist
(C) professional
(D) architect

10.10. I have never seen such a ____ person as my aunt; she entertains her friends at home almost every weekend.
(A) hospitable
(B) persuasive
(C) dignified
(D) hostile

11.11. A demanding boss expects his employees to do everything ____ to make sure that the job will be done well.
(A) cautiously
(B) reluctantly
(C) moderately
(D) elegantly

12.12. She was determined to pass the GRE exam and continued preparing very hard for it ____ several failures.
(A) on the basis of
(B) by means of
(C) in spite of
(D) in charge of

13.13. As a charity worker, my neighbor ____ serving his team members as well as other people in need.
(A) was addicted to
(B) resorted to
(C) appealed to
(D) was dedicated to

14.14. With only a part-time job, the young man was paid quite little and could only ____.
(A) be exposed to it
(B) live from hand to mouth
(C) look down on it
(D) make reservations beforehand

15.15. She always puts her pet dog on her lap when watching TV or using the computer. Obviously, she is attached to her pet ____.
(A) on a row
(B) to a great extent
(C) on the spot
(D) at any cost

16.16. With such a big family ______ on the man, it would be a disaster if he loses his job.
(A) rely
(B) to rely
(C) relied
(D) relying

17.17. To cut down on the garbage, it is essential that all household trash _____ and put into trash bags.
(A) must be classified
(B) be classified
(C) is classified
(D) should classify

18.18. I’m going to the garage. My car needs ____ because it broke down the day before yesterday.
(A) repairing
(B) to be repairing
(C) to repairing
(D) to repair

19.19. There is no one ____ cares about himself or herself; in other words, all of us are concerned about ourselves.
(A) that
(B) who
(C) but
(D) as

20.20. Since he was born, his parents ____ very good care of him and denied him nothing.
(A) took
(B) have taken
(C) had been taken
(D) are taking

21.21. The reason why she is so irritated is ____ her daughter messed up the garden several times.
(A) because
(B) as
(C) that
(D) what

22.22. I have a rich colleague ____ new house is located in the most expensive district of Taipei.
(A) who
(B) that
(C) whose
(D) which

23.23. Nine out of ten times, he will not appear, but ____, we would still give him a hearty welcome.
(A) if he should show up
(B) if he had showed up
(C) if he showing up
(D) could he show up

24.24. We ____ be too careful when we are abroad because it’s hard to predict what may happen to us.
(A) should
(B) may
(C) mustn’t
(D) can’t

25.25. Hardly had the teacher entered the classroom ____ all the students became very quiet.
(A) than
(B) when
(C) that
(D) after