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97 年 - 97 學年度南區各縣市國民小學暨附設幼稚園教師聯合甄選(英文)#627 

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1.1. The _____ campaign for the earthquake victims gathered donations amounting to millions of dollars.
(A) raising-fund
(B) raised-fund
(C) fund-raising
(D) fund-raised

2.2. The fireworks ____ the sky over the city port amid a range of celebrating activities.
(A) highlighted
(B) illuminated
(C) inspired
(D) magnified

3.3. Mr. Obama, Democrat of Illinois, is likely to _____ on a summertime tour intended to focus on his life story.
(A) embark
(B) conduct
(C) engage
(D) operate

4.4. The pearl, a most beautiful gem, is _____ from a useless annoyance to an oyster.
(A) transmitted
(B) converted
(C) reformed
(D) incarnated

5.5. Kevin would like to have his major in biochemistry. He finds it’s ____.
(B) heartening
(C) alarming

6.6. The police raided night clubs at the downtown, detaining those who were ____ of taking drugs.
(A) rejected
(B) accepted
(C) suspected
(D) injected

7.7. The president said that a systemized communication channel between Taiwan and China has been ____.
(A) manipulated
(B) consecrated
(C) established
(D) represented

8.8. That shop provides \"customers\" with a one-year guarantee on all the products.
(B) dealers
(C) purchasers
(D) clerks

9.9. Daniel would "stop at nothing" to get what he wants.
(A)do anything
(B) finish nothing
(C) work hard
(D) stop going

10.10. The actor chatted \"casually\" with the reporters before meeting with the press.
(B) informally
(C) quietly
(D) reluctantly

11.11. I’ve never liked Mark, but I can’t \"turn my back on him\" when he’s in trouble.
(A) show sympathy with someone
(B) show anger
(C) refuse help when it is needed
(D) run away

12.12. It took Ronnie several days to ____ all the problems caused by the computer malfunction at his company.
(A) turn over
(B) take apart
(C) sort out
(D) bring forward

13.13. The second part of the movie seemed ______ easier and more interesting to understand than the first.
(A) more
(B) some
(C) only
(D) somewhat

14.14. The reason why quarrels arise is because our desires ____ with those of others.
(A) conflict
(B) confront
(C) confine
(D) concord

15.15. If education is the ____ of civilization, we are passing it on to our young generation.
(A) stage
(B) formation
(C) culture
(D) transmission

16.16. The wholesale destruction of wild life has ____ the balance of Nature.
(A) upset
(B) urged
(C) expelled
(D) stimulated

17.17.____ the library policy, the reading room is open for anyone who has a relevant research need.
(A) Due to
(B) In accordance with
(C) In relation with
(D) Since that

18.18. The police ____ the search of the murderer to a few blocks.
(A) played out
(B) narrowed down
(C) pulled in
(D) dealt in

19.19. William Faulkner’s novel, “A Light in August,” _______ events in the American south, has impressed the readers for years.
(A) depicts
(B) depicts it
(C) which depicts
(D) which it depicts

20.20. The local police said that many tourists have ____ been cheated by the vendors while visiting this famous resort.
(A) reportedly
(B) nationally
(C) suddenly
(D) forgetfully

21.21. When the orange trees are ______ there is a sweet fragrance in the air.
(A) blowing
(B) blossoming
(C) withering
(D) biting

22.22. If Hans bumped into Sally at the mall yesterday, he
(A)didn’t expect to see her.
(B)had an appointment with her.
(C)tried to knock her down.
(D)didn’t recognize her.

23.23. If your teacher has told you it is out of the question for you to turn in your term paper late, you
(A)must turn in your paper on time.
(B)have extra time to work on your paper.
(C)don’t have any more questions to ask your teacher.
(D)don’t have to turn in your paper.

24.24. After many hours with her tennis coach, Yolanda finally got the hang of serving. Yolanda
(A)learned how to serve.
(B)hung up her tennis racket.
(C)still didn’t know how to serve.
(D)didn’t like to serve.

25.25. If the special edition of a book is hard to come by, it
(A)can be found in almost any bookstore.
(B)is a hardcover edition.
(C)is difficult to find.
(D)is cheap to get.

26.26. If Julie earns just enough money to make ends meet, she
(A)earns more than she needs.
(B)doesn’t earn enough to live on.
(C)earns a fortune.
(D)earns just enough to pay her bills.