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1.31 Many people fled the city after a high ______ disease broke out.
(A) contaminated
(B) contagious
(C) copulated
(D) cretaceous

2.32 Samuel Beckett is best known for his _____ reprised 1953 play Waiting for Godot, about two men expecting someone who never arrives.
(A) ceremoniously
(B) centennially
(C) perennially
(D) prematurely

3.33 As a man of ____ habits, Brian usually works in the night.
(A) nocturnal
(B) nightmare
(C) nightingale
(D) nominal

4.34 New evidence has _____ that reading comic books enhances learning.
(A) brought a light
(B) enlightened
(C) a light
(D) come to light

5.35 Credit titles in a motion picture ______ contributions of those who participated in it.
(A) acknowledge
(B) alleviate
(C) delegate
(D) improvise

6.36 European governments are starting to recognize that it is no longer _______ to continue providing wholly free higher education and many are considering charging fees.
(A) charitable
(B) feasible
(C) notorious
(D) unanimous

7.37 Popular music appeals ______ the majority of young people.
(A) for
(B) at
(C) by
(D) to

8.38 The owner of the shop said that his business could never ______ without the Internet.
(A) have succeeded
(B) succeed
(C) a success
(D) as successful

9.        The theory of cognitive dissonance is based on the premise that people have a need for order and consistency in their lives and that a state of tension is created when beliefs or behaviors conflict with one another. A state of dissonance occurs when there is a psychological    39    between two or more beliefs or behaviors. It often occurs when a consumer must make a choice between two products, both of which usually possess both good and bad qualities. By choosing one product and    40    , the person gets the bad qualities of the chosen product and loses out on the good qualities of the unchosen one. This    41    creates an unpleasant, dissonant state that the person is motivated to reduce. People tend to     42    themselves, after the fact, that the choice they made was the smart one by finding additional reasons to support the alternative they chose, or perhaps by “discovering”    43    with the option they did not choose. Thus the arising conflict is resolved through cognitive dissonance reduction, a process whereby people are motivated to eliminate unpleasant tension
(A) maintenance
(B) inconsistency
(C) predicament
(D) inevitability

(A) not the other
(B) the other
(C) not another
(D) another

(A) belief
(B) loss
(C) reduction
(D) quality

(A) believe
(B) condemn
(C) promise
(D) convince

(A) secrets
(B) benefits
(C) flaws
(D) functions

14.44 No hour is too early or too late to call Jefferson Plumbing Company.
(A) If you call at an early hour, Jefferson Plumbing Company will never be late.
(B) Jefferson Plumbing Company accepts calls at any hour of the day.
(C) Jefferson Plumbing Company does not answer calls that are too early or too late.
(D) Whether you call early or late, Jefferson Plumbing Company will come in an hour.

15.45 Fashion experts may preach the aesthetic qualities stilettos have on an outfit, but podiatric experts believe quite the contrary.
(A) High-heel shoes may be good for women’s feet, but doctors think there may be some health risks with the trend.
(B) Magazine editors say that stilettos are in style, but fashion designers have already moved on.
(C) Foot specialists don’t agree with stylists who say stilettos can make many different styles of clothing look better.
(D) Footware designers don’t agree with clothing designers that stilettos are in style.

        Israeli scientists have germinated a date seed nearly 2,000 years old.       
        The seed was taken from an excavation at Masada, the cliff fortress where, in A.D. 73, 960 Jewish zealots died by  their own hand rather than surrendered to the Romans. The point is to find out what was so exceptional about the date palm of Judea, praised in the Bible for its shade, food, beauty and medicinal qualities, but long ago destroyed by the crusaders. 
        Dr. Sallon, who runs a project on medicinal plants of the Middle East, said the date palm in ancient times symbolized the tree of life. But Sallon’s co-worker, Dr. Solowey, who is growing the seed in quarantine, said plants grown from ancient seeds “usually keel over and die soon.” 
        Three date seeds from the Masada dig were found in a storeroom and are presumably from dates eaten by the defenders, Dr. Sallon said. 
        Dr. Solowey planted the date seeds at the end of January. “It wasn’t a project with a high priority,” she said. “I had no idea if the food in the seed was still good. But about six weeks later, one of these came up.” 
        Radiocarbon dating showed the seed to be 1990 years old, plus or minus 50 years. So it dates from 35 B.C. to A.D. 65, shortly before the Roman siege. 
        Dates need to grow 30 years to reach maturity and can live as long as 200 years. It is the female date that is considered holy and that bears fruit. “If it’s a male, it will just be a curiosity,” Dr. Solowey said. 

【題組】46 The date seed was probably left by _____.
(A) the Jewish zealots who died in A.D. 73
(B) the Romans who killed the Jewish in A.D. 73
(C) the Jewish who surrendered to the Romans in A.D. 73
(D) the crusaders who conquered the people at Masada in A.D. 73

17.【題組】47 According to the passage, the major purpose of planting the date seed is _____.
(A) to find out how long the date tree can live
(B) to reconstruct the history of the Middle East
(C) to discover the peculiarity of the date palm in Judea
(D) to extract its medicinal elements to cure rare diseases

18.【題組】48 Which of the following is a synonym of “excavation” in the 2nd paragraph?
(A) Dig
(B) Cliff
(C) Desert
(D) Fortress

19.【題組】49 Which of the following statements is correct?
(A) Growing the seeds is the most important part of Dr. Solowey’s project.
(B) The date palm had been considered extinct before the seeds were found.
(C) Dr. Solowey is very curious about what they can do with a male date palm.
(D) The date seeds were planted with other medicinal plants of the Middle East.

20.【題組】50 What is the best title for this passage?
(A) A Holy Date Seed
(B) A 2000-Year-Old Palm
(C) A Seed in Quarantine
(D) A Seed Sprouts after 2,000 Years