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98 年 - 98學年第一次國民中學學 英語科題本#18931 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.重新載圖1.Look at the picture. Johnny has thirteen dollars. What can he buy?
(A) A notebook.
(B) A pen.
(C) An eraser.
(D) A card.

2.重新載圖2.The tea house is in the mountain. We can drink tea and enjoy the scenery there _____ the same time.
(A) at
(B) on
(C) in
(D) for

3.3.The water in this river is very _____. You can even see fish in it.
(A) dirty
(B) dry
(C) clean
(D) cold

4.4.Fred likes rice very much. He eats four _____ of rice every day.
(A) cups
(B) glasses
(C) bowls
(D) bottles

5.5.Mr. Wang doesn’t have his _____ house. He lives with his parents.
(A) own
(B) ready
(C) any
(D) near

6.6.Mr. Lin has two sons. They _____ get good grades at school.
(A) too
(B) else
(C) both
(D) all

7.重新載圖7.Nancy is our class leader. Everybody in our class _____her very much.
(A) likes
(B) like
(C) is liking
(D) are liking

8.8.Tom is late for school! He has to _____ and catch the bus.
(A) jump
(B) run
(C) jog
(D) walk

9.9. Jim: Excuse me. I have to call the police. Who _____ a cellphone? Tim: I do.
(A) has
(B) have
(C) does
(D) do

10.重新載圖10.Mike: What’s your favorite _____? Tina: Well, I like tennis the most.
(A) movie
(B) sport
(C) season
(D) city

11.重新載圖11. Brian: John is a member of the baseball club. Helen: I can’t _____ it. He doesn’t play baseball well enough.
(A) hide
(B) catch
(C) hear
(D) believe

12.12.Kevin: How many students are _____ in your class? Julie: Thirty─sixteen boys and fourteen girls.
(A) they
(B) there
(C) these
(D) their

13.13. Lisa: _____ do you have PE classes? Mary: On Tuesdays and Thursdays.
(A) How much
(B) How many
(C) What day
(D) What time

14.14. Johnny: This question is difficult. I can’t answer it. Andy: Why don’t you _____ Peter for help? He is very smart. Maybe he can help you.
(A) bring
(B) teach
(C) like
(D) ask

15.15.Amy: Where is your brother? Ben: I don’t know. I am looking for him, _____.
(A) too
(B) either
(C) else
(D) also

16.16. Jack: Hi, David. We are playing basketball. Come and join us! David: Sorry, I _____. I have to go home now.
(A) am not
(B) can’t
(C) don’t
(D) wasn’t

17.17. Jack: Look! Those students are so old. Cindy: They _____ students. They’re teachers at this school.
(A) do
(B) are
(C) don’t
(D) aren’t

18.18. Eric: What time do you have dinner every day? Jimmy: _____
(A) Beef noodles.
(B) At six.
(C) Seven hours.
(D) With my parents.

19.19. Jenny: Who’s that woman in front of the classroom? Peter: I have no _____. Maybe she is one of the teachers.
(A) wife
(B) name
(C) idea
(D) problem

20.20.Linda: Oh, no! I have a lot of homework today. Amy: Take it _____. Today is Friday. Why don’t you do it tomorrow?
(A) busy
(B) fine
(C) OK
(D) easy

21.重新載圖第二部分:下列十個題組,共有25題(題號21~45),請依據選文或所附圖表資料,選出一個正確或最佳的答案。 (21~23) Miss Li:Jenny, what is three plus five? Please  21.  me the answer. Jenny:Sorry, I don’t know. Miss Li:OK. Your dad gives you three dollars, and your mom gives you five dollars. How much do you have now? Jenny:Thirteen dollars. Miss Li:Thirteen? OK. Try this. Your dad gives you three flowers, and your mom gives you five flowers. How many flowers do you have? Jenny:Eight. Miss Li:Good. Let’s 22. again. Your dad gives you three dollars, and your mom gives you five dollars. Now you have… Jenny:Thirteen dollars. Miss Li:No! It’s eight dollars! Jenny:But I already 23. five dollars in my pocket.

(A) tells
(B) tell
(C) telling
(D) to tell

(A) trying
(B) tries
(C) try
(D) to try

(A) have
(B) has
(C) having
(D) to have

24.(24~26) Kelly:Why do you bring a basketball with you? We don’t 24. today. Cindy:I know. But I like basketball very much. I always play basketball with Tina after school. Hey, maybe you 25. . Kelly:No, thanks. I’m not very good at basketball. I like badminton. In fact, I’m a member of the badminton club. Cindy:Really? I also like badminton. It’s interesting! Kelly:That’s great. Our club 26. . You can come with me next time. Cindy:Sure. No problem.
(A) study hard
(B) get good grades
(C) go to school
(D) have PE class

(A) can help us
(B) can join us
(C) are good at basketball
(D) are also excellent

(A) was small before
(B) wants new members
(C) needs a coach
(D) has a good idea (27~29)


【題組】27. Who might go to the movie club?
(A) Jason.
(B) Dennis.
(C) Mandy.
(D) Susan.

28.【題組】28. When can students go to the chess club?
(A) Between 17:00~19:00 every Monday.
(B) Between 17:00~19:00 every Wednesday.
(C) Between 17:00~19:00 every Thursday.
(D) Between 17:00~19:00 every Friday.

29.【題組】29. Which is NOT true?
(A) Jason is free on Tuesdays.
(B) Dennis can go to the basketball club on Fridays.
(C) Mandy loves basketball.
(D) The guitar club meets in the music classroom.


【題組】30. What DOESN’T Gina’s dad do?
(A) He doesn’t help Gina with her homework.
(B) He doesn’t play badminton with Gina.
(C) He doesn’t ride a bike with Gina.
(D) He doesn’t buy gifts for Gina very often.

31.重新載圖【題組】31. Which is NOT true about the dialogue?
(A) Gina does many things with her dad.
(B) Julie has a beautiful watch.
(C) Gina’s dad bought the watch in America.
(D) Julie’s dad is a businessman.

【題組】32. Which class has science and English in the afternoon?
(A) Class 701.
(B) Class 702.
(C) Class 703.
(D) Class 704.

33.【題組】33. Which class has music in the morning and art in the afternoon?
(A) Class 701.
(B) Class 702.
(C) Class 703.
(D) Class 704.

34.重新載圖【題組】34. Look at the picture. 
 John goes from his classroom to the library. He passes the English classroom and the science classroom on the way to the library. Which is the library?  
(A) A.
(B) B.
(C) C.
(D) D.

【題組】35. Why CAN’T Jack go to the baseball game?
(A) He can watch the game on TV.
(B) The game is not exciting.
(C) Mike needs the ticket.
(D) He has to do housework.

36.重新載圖【題組】36. Which is NOT true about the dialogue?
(A) The baseball game is at five o’clock.
(B) Jack will give Mike an MRT ticket.
(C) There are always many cars and buses on the street at four in the afternoon.
(D) Mike will go to the stadium by MRT.

【題組】37. What does Lisa do in Taiwan?  
(A) She’s a foreign student.
(B) She’s an engineer.
(C) She’s a teacher.
(D) She’s a cook.

38.【題組】38. What does here mean?
(A) On Mount Ali.
(B) In Chiayi.
(C) In Taiwan.
(D) At home.

39.【題組】39. Which is NOT true about Lisa?
(A) She will see the sunrise on Sunday.
(B) Her parents live in Taiwan.
(C) She will go to Mount Ali with her friends.
(D) She doesn’t work on weekends.

【題組】40. What does the writer do?
(A) He is a student.
(B) He is a doctor.
(C) He is a teacher.
(D) He is a singer.

41.【題組】41. Which is NOT true about the reading?
(A) The writer was short, and Michael was tall.
(B) Ms. Chen was Michael’s teacher before.
(C) Michael works in Taipei now.
(D) The writer lives in Kaohsiung now.


【題組】42. What does It in Emily’s note mean?  
(A) The school.
(B) The green tea.
(C) The orange juice.
(D) The tea house.

43.【題組】43. Which is NOT true about the tea house?
(A) QQ Tea House is near KH Junior High School.
(B) QQ Tea House is only open in the morning and in the afternoon.
(C) We can enjoy light music at QQ Tea House.
(D) QQ Tea House is a clean and quiet place.


【題組】44. What CAN’T we see in the fruit salad?
(A) Tomatoes.
(B) Strawberries.
(C) Yogurt.
(D) Lettuce.

45.重新載圖【題組】45. Which is true about the poster?
(A) There is no meat in the fruit salad.
(B) Jim eats the egg salad because he likes fruit.
(C) Kelly has forty dollars. She can buy a fruit salad.
(D) We can enjoy the salad at the Green Garden on Mondays.