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1.1. Alcohol and driving don’t mix. In many places, _____ driving is the major cause of traffic accidents.
(A) serious
(B) mature
(C) drunk
(D) regular

2.2. After receiving a heart ______, the patient had a greater chance of survival.
(A) transportation
(B) transformation
(C) transplant
(D) transfer

3.3. George’s performance in school has become worse and worse since he became ______ to online games.
(A) addicted
(B) adjusted
(C) destroyed
(D) damaged

4.4. The police detective asked the witness to ______ how the robbery had happened.
(A) display
(B) concern
(C) guide
(D) describe

5.5. Giving free ______ and discounts are common marketing devices to increase sales.
(A) responses
(B) samples
(C) contents
(D) functions

6.6. It is reported that 88% of women who suffer domestic ______ do not leave their spouses because they have nowhere to go.
(A) poison
(B) violence
(C) outbreak
(D) equipment

7.7. During the earthquake, a number of buildings ______ and hundreds of people were hurt.
(A) collapsed
(B) defended
(C) rescued
(D) knocked

8.8. To succeed in almost any career, a _____ attitude is necessary.
(A) mysterious
(B) complicated
(C) private
(D) professional

9.9. Fingerprints are _____; no people have the same.
(A) effective
(B) unique
(C) thoughtful
(D) creative

10.10.The hostage was _____ as soon as his family paid the ransom.
(A) criticized
(B) promoted
(C) released
(D) advised

11.11.If we don’t _____, we’ll miss the beginning of the concert.
(A) hold on
(B) hand in
(C) put away
(D) hurry up

12.12.Jason had to _____ a three-page application form for a credit card.
(A) depend on
(B) belong to
(C) fill in
(D) result from

13.13.The flight attendant asked the passenger to _____ his cigarette and fasten his seat belt.
(A) put out
(B) set out
(C) turn out
(D) break out

14.14.The problem was tough for the engineers. They were trying to ______ a solution.
(A) come up with
(B) get rid of
(C) give in to
(D) run out of

15.15.Take the cellphone with you, so that you can call us ______ an emergency.
(A) in need of
(B) in spite of
(C) on behalf of
(D) in case of

16.The Great Wall of China is known to be over 1900 kilometers long, _____16_____ it by far the longest wall in the world. If it were laid out in a straight line, it _____17_____ 6500 kilometers—as it has many bends and curves. The building of the wall _____18_____ begun in the third century B.C. by the Emperor Shih Huangti. The reason it was built was to keep the Huns out of Central Asia. Over the centuries, it _____19_____ added to, rebuilt and repaired. Not only _____20_____ one of the greatest creations of mankind, but it is also the only man-made structure visible from space.
(A) and makes
(B) to make
(C) making
(D) that makes

(A) reaches
(B) will reach
(C) reached
(D) would reach

(A) says to have
(B) said to be
(C) is said to be
(D) is said to have

(A) has been
(B) is
(C) was
(D) has

(A) is it
(B) does it
(C) it is
(D) it used to be

21.21.Tastes differ. Some people like music, _____ love sports, and _____ enjoy reading.
(A) some…other
(B) others…still others
(C) another…the other
(D) others…the others

22.22.Maria is _____ patient and caring that she is regarded as the best nurse in this hospital.
(A) very
(B) enough
(C) too
(D) so

23.23. _____ a great honor it is to be invited to the opening ceremony!
(A) What
(B) How
(C) Such
(D) As

24.24.It _____ me a whole day to clean up my apartment.
(A) spent
(B) cost
(C) took
(D) wasted

25.25._____ making David change his mind.
(A) I was difficult
(B) It was difficult for me
(C) I had difficulty
(D) I found it difficult

26.26._____ that all men are created equal.
(A) What I believe
(B) It believes
(C) My belief
(D) It is my belief