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1.People should not eat a wild mushroom unless they are very sure that it is harmless and ________
(A) tangible
(B) visible
(C) edible
(D) audible

2.A replacement jetliner was set to ________ 203 passengers from a Jetstar flight landing safely in Guam after a fire broke out in the plane's cockpit.
(A) retrieve
(B) reflect
(C) revive
(D) revolve

3.Israel and Palestine will still be at the top of the political __________ . In addition, they will also be the subjects of discussion in daily newspapers.
(A) formula
(B) seminar
(C) propaganda
(D) agenda

4.Chrysler and Italian automaker Fiat officially signed a strategic alliance __________ by the U.S. government, one day after the Supreme Court cleared the path for the deal.
(A) scrambled
(B) undergone
(C) upgraded
(D) brokered

5.General Motors opened the largest automotive battery laboratory in the United States, a move the struggling company believes will _______ the development of electric vehicles.
(A) harass
(B) deteriorate
(C) hasten
(D) pierce

6.Suu Kyi's lawyers will _______ the country's Supreme Court to reinstate two defense witnesses. Prosecutors have allowed only one witness to take the stand.
(A) petition
(B) initiate
(C) exclaim
(D) reconcile

7.The project is a joint ________ between the government and a consortium of local investors.
(A) virtue
(B) voucher
(C) vulture
(D) venture

8.The small town is the cheapest place for _______ workers, who don’t have many job opportunities in their own country.
(A) expiratory
(B) expatriate
(C) explicit
(D) exquisite

9.Shops were ________ and burned down by a pack of bandits.
(A) loosened
(B) loopholed
(C) loped
(D) looted

10.In my opinion, it’s important not to ________ in this kind of political dispute.
(A) put down
(B) take sides
(C) give off
(D) tell apart

11.North Korea believes no matter how hard the hostile forces may try all sorts of isolation and blockade, the country, which is proud of its nuclear power, will not ________ them.
(A) patch up
(B) flinch from
(C) plow into
(D) resort to

12.Mercifully, the man survived the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon and he survived again when a roadside bomb _______ in Iraq killing four fellow Marines.
(A) fetched up
(B) leaped up
(C) went off
(D) set forth

13.A gaseous hydrogen leak on the space shuttle Endeavour forced NASA to cancel Saturday's planned launch. The leak is similar to _______ that happened during the first launch attempt of space shuttle Discovery in March.
(A) the moment
(B) the reason
(C) the way
(D) the one

14.By the time the police officers arrived on scene, the superintendent ________ the angry man to the ground.
(A) would be wrestled
(B) had wrestled
(C) has wrestled
(D) will be wrestled

15.A Supreme Court judge serves in his position, ______ he is appointed by the president, for an unspecified length of term.
(A) of which
(B) in which
(C) on which
(D) to which

16.Christopher was diagnosed as _____. He has odd obsessions, is terrified of loud noises and doesn’t play with other children.
(A) arduous
(B) autistic
(C) apathetic
(D) antagonistic

17.Whenever she spots the man she secretly adores, she _____ a look of indifference, as is very usual to girls.
(A) feigns
(B) assuages
(C) lures
(D) prods

18.This island is a colony; however, in most matters, it is _____ and receives no orders from the mother country.
(A) analogous
(B) amphibious
(C) autonomous
(D) audacious

19.The reporter constantly _____ the manager with telephone calls until he promised to give the interview.
(A) pestered
(B) rendered
(C) pledged
(D) exempted

20.The act of removing a woman’s veil in public is condemned as _____ in Saudi Arabia.
(A) relentless
(B) auspicious
(C) sporadic
(D) blasphemous

21.His grandfather’s illness was _____ by the sudden change of temperature early this morning.
(A) aggravated
(B) assimilated
(C) accelerated
(D) allocated

22.At several points in his discussion, David, in effect, _____ evidence when it does not support his argument, tailoring it to his needs.
(A) addresses
(B) suppresses
(C) substitutes
(D) alter

23.The deposits of phosphorus produce a vague _____ that attracts animals after dark.
(A) excavation
(B) illumination
(C) idealization
(D) vibration

24.Last year the ___ cost of food was a shock to most governments: the price of wheat and corn tripled and the price of rice climbed five-fold.
(A) skyrocketing
(B) exhilarating
(C) imprecating
(D) excruciating

25.Despite the ___ of websites like Facebook and Twitter, which encourage people to share privacy, technology’s most powerful allure may be how it empowers anonymous users to delve into taboo topics.
(A) embarrassment
(B) preservation
(C) galvanization
(D) proliferation

26.Nowadays, even museums are using cellphone technology: mobile phones are _____ replacements for clunky audio-tour headsets.
(A) streamlined
(B) stipulated
(C) speculative
(D) stimulative

27.Obama’s America is facing some worrisome questions: whether to encourage the globe’s best and brightest to ____ to our shores, or to save American jobs for American workers.
(A) float
(B) flock
(C) fluctuate
(D) fulgurate

28.The Pakistani terrorists claimed responsibility for a complex bomb attack on the city of Lahore, saying that it was ____ for an army offensive against them.
(A) assassination
(B) controversy
(C) retaliation
(D) deterioration

29.A nonprofit organization started recruiting people with a wide range of _____ to staff their office.
(A) addictions
(B) attributes
(C) variables
(D) vexations

30.The Maya were an agricultural people who had to contend with a _____ climate in the extremely diverse geographical environments.
(A) capricious
(B) colossus
(C) conspicuous
(D) contagious

31.The _____ agreement had never been written down but was understood and upheld by the governments of both countries.
(A) implicit
(B) illegal
(C) tacit
(D) validated

32.Not long ago, a beast plunged into the woods, from whence it emerged regularly to tear clothes hanging out to dry, and _____ vegetable gardens.
(A) disperse
(B) embezzle
(C) stumble
(D) trample

33.This company employed many slothful employees, who always had _____ approaches to their work.
(A) discontented
(B) impressible
(C) independent
(D) unproductive