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98 年 - 98 正修科技大學_中等學校教師教育學程甄選試題:英文#102865 

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1.1. Albert usually brings a______ with him when he takes a trip, so that he can write down what he sees on the road.

2.2. Jean is crazy the color purple. The walls of her house are all______ purple.

3.3. I walked to school every day______ my dad bought me a bike last month. It’s really fun and convenient to go to school by bike.

4.4. Deborah put some sugar and cream in her coffee to make it______ better.
(D)to taste

5.5. Betty_____ TV when her little brother fell off the chair.
(B)was watching
(C)has watched
(D)is going to watch

6.6. Allen:______ you have twenty minutes right now? I need to talk to you.
Bruce: Sure! Come on in.

7.7. Kay: What do you do in your free time? Amy: I go swimming a lot. Almost every day. Kay: Wow! That’s a good______. It keeps you healthy.

8.8. Daisy: I went to Taitung to visit my uncle there.
Grace: Really?_______ were you there?
Daisy: For two weeks.
(A)How long
(B)How often
(C)How soon
(D)What time

9.9. Studying in a foreign country______ me a lot of money. That’s why I had to sell my apartment.

10.10.You should think______ before taking the job; don’t do it just for fun.

11.11.Alice learned from the TV news_____ Nora Jones was coming to Taiwan the next day.

12.12.The weather is going to be really_____, so I don’t think you should take a heavy coat on your trip.
(A)clear but windy
(B)cold but dry
(C)cool and wet
(D)hot and sunny

13.13.Tommy is looking for the watch his uncle_____ him on his birthday.
(C)to give
(D)has given

14.14.Kathy:______ your French class, Jerry?
Jerry: I couldn’t understand a word the first month, but it’s getting better now.
(A) How’s
(C)When is
(D)Which is

15.15.Lucy: Do you think Sally and Martin should get married?
Rose: Why not? They love each other, _______ ?
(A) will they
(B)won’t they
(C)do they
(D)don’t they

16.【已刪除】16.Amy: Would you like some coffee?
Bill: No, thanks. I _______ drink coffee. Coffee hurts my stomach.

17.17.Sam: Sorry, I’m late.
Ben: Here you are! I waited for you for one hour and ______ you wouldn’t come.

18.18.My sister was very _____ with me because I broke her new pencil box.
(A) popular

19.19.I was not home when the ______ brought the package, so I’ll have to get it myself at the post office.
(A) bus driver
(B)mail carrier
(C)police officer

20.20. Mrs. Smith the movie very much. She has seen it three times.
(A) liked
(C)has liked
(D)will like

21.21.Ted was still very weak when he left the hospital. But after a week’s ____, he felt much better and went back to work.
(A) rest

22.22.Betty goes jogging every day in the park, and Allen______ , too.
(A) is

23.23._____ Joe looks strong, in fact he gets sick easily.
(A) Because

24.24.Now we have to take a taxi home because_____ are no buses after eleven o’clock.
(A) here

25.25.If the weather is fine this weekend, my family_____ to the beach for two days.
(C)have gone
(D)will go



70.對於自然生態,我們每一個人都是「使用者」而不是「擁有者」,更不是「主宰者」,當我們享受便 利的生活時,也不能忘記保留自然生態給下一代...

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98 年 - 98 正修科技大學_中等學校教師教育學程甄選試題:英文#102865-阿摩線上測驗

98 年 - 98 正修科技大學_中等學校教師教育學程甄選試題:英文#102865