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99 年 - 99中科實中(1-20)&94竹山高中(21-30)#1448 

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1.Google long has been an ______ of a single Web, one that's free of government censorship and barriers to information access.
(A) consensus
(B) deficit
(C) advocate
(D) riot

2.An obsession with drugs is a(n) _____ disease. It creeps up on you in a secret manner. You don’t realize what has happened until it’s too late.
(A) copious
(B) insidious
(C) parsimonious
(D) acrimonious

3.An environmental group, backed by six Democratic senators, filed suit against the Bush administration to ______ it to adhere to tougher standards on arsenic in drinking water.
(A) jaywalk
(B) abhor
(C) recoil
(D) compel

4.The 50-year-old man was charged with aiding and _____ the London transit bombings on July 7, 2005 that left 52 people dead.
(A) abetting
(B) absolving
(C) abashing
(D) allaying

5.In the first quarter of 2008, over two million sheep were _____ to prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease.
(A) expounded
(B) libeled
(C) scurried
(D) culled

6.Although earning a large amount of money from writing articles, Tim is living “very ______” as a student.
(A) perpetually
(B) frugally
(C) versatilely
(D) expeditiously

7.It was a(n) _____ for the army soldiers when they heard the rescue helicopters. Their tension and fear of death was relieved.
(A) catharsis
(B) premonition
(C) subterfuge
(D) appraisal

8.I was expecting an interesting interview, but it turned out to be a disappointment. The host only asked a few _____ questions about the weather.
(A) banal
(B) taciturn
(C) maudlin
(D) supercilious

9.The fire was caused by an operator error during a cutting process near _____materials.
(A) discreet
(B) combustible
(C) preliminary
(D) unanimous

10.The budget for the film had become a _____, staggering even the director, who was not sure the movie would ultimately be a blockbuster.
(A) prowess
(B) platitude
(C) whim
(D) behemoth

11.The paramedics _____ secured the patient on the stretcher before they loaded him into the ambulance. This helped keep the patient safe during the transportation to the hospital.
(A) dismissively
(B) nonchalantly
(C) gingerly
(D) airily

12.A ______ of charities is hoping the black grouse will soon be spreading its wings after the success of a project to save the endangered birds
(A) turmoil
(B) delinquency
(C) coalition
(D) pervert

13.Julia got an awful feeling as she realized that she was going to be ______ late for each of this morning’s appointments.
(A) successively
(B) virtuously
(C) wholesomely
(D) coarsely

14.Any guarantee from the government could not _____ the local residents’ chronic insecurity of living near the nuclear power plant.
(A) rescind
(B) exalt
(C) assuage
(D) wave

15.Ten Minutes from Home is about how a New Jersey family struggles to come together after being shattered by tragedy. The _____ and heartrending account of the protagonist’s life resonates among readers with a similar experience.
(A) recalcitrant
(B) ephemeral
(C) poignant
(D) inexorable

16.Hearing and sight are normal at birth, but both ______ at a rate that varies from person to person.
(A) adhere
(B) offset
(C) deteriorate
(D) subdue

17.Experts called the retirement age _____ because it bears no relation to people's ability.
(A) obstinate
(B) arbitrary
(C) voluminous
(D) consecutive

18.The aim of a central map of underground ______ services is to coordinate road works to stop duplication and avoid damage to other services.
(A) compunction
(B) adversary
(C) subterfuge
(D) utility

19.The police ______ 46 people, including players and coaches, in connection with a nation-wide match-fixing scandal.
(A) abolish
(B) salvage
(C) alleviate
(D) detain

20. I discovered my car had been towed away and I’d have to ___ $100 if I wanted it back.
(A) tamper with
(B) fork out
(C) rave about
(D) meddle in

21.Children ________ changes easily; what's more, they learn new things quickly.
(A) confine to
(B) adapt to
(C) occupy in
(D) engage in

22.Could you add some more wood _____ the fire?
(A) into
(B) for
(C) to
(D) with

23.That she says sounds ________ a true story.
(A) to be
(B) likely
(C) like
(D) alike

24.Don't be afraid ________ making mistakes when you write a composition.
(A) to
(B) in
(C) at
(D) of

25.I closed my eyes and __________ a wish.
(A) made
(B) took
(C) did
(D) felt

26.________ of the garbage is buried under the ground in landfills.
(A) Each
(B) Much
(C) Several
(D) Many

27.One can is for putting in newspapers, another for plastic bottles, and ________ for old clothes.
(A) the others
(B) still others
(C) still other
(D) still another

28. It looks like I ________ the wrong bus. I think I had better get off immediately.
(A) taking
(B) have taken
(C) take
(D) am taking

29.Do you know __________?
(A) when does the bus go to the zoo
(B) is there a market around here
(C) which train should I take to I-lan
(D) how to get to the train station

30. Airplanes make it ________ for us to travel from country to country in a very short time.
(A) perhaps
(B) possible
(C) possibility
(D) impossibl