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99 年 - 99北市國中英語試題#1870 

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1.41.This report shows that even for American college graduates who are able to find work, there is little guarantee that they will earn a wage _____ with their skills or adequate to pay back their debts.
(A) contingent
(B) contiguous
(C) commensurate
(D) corroborative

2.42. From skeletons excavated at a German site, scientists _____ clues to a lethal prehistoric encounter from Europe’s Corded Ware culture.
(A) glean
(B) collate
(C) demur
(D) gravitate

3.43. It is reported that London hospitals and health trusts collected more than £13 million in one year. Experts warn the _____ fees of up to £3 an hour are deterring sick patients from attending hospital appointments.
(A) obdurate
(B) dolorous
(C) callous
(D) exorbitant

4.44. Apple has unveiled a redesign of its popular iPhone handset. The _____ gadget has a stainless steel case, two cameras, improved display and is 24% thinner than the most recent version.
(A) revamped
(B) spliced
(C) obviated
(D) gestated

5.45. In an age of iPads, high-speed Internet service, A.T.M.’s and self-service check-in at airports, consumers expect instant _____. Not only are they accustomed to researching and buying products on their own by touching screens and pressing buttons; they often prefer it.
(A) gratification
(B) hegemony
(C) exigency
(D) humdrum

6.46. A Taiwanese official says the island has asked China to _____ a passenger held on the mainland after he told cabin crew on a flight from Taipei to Shanghai that his luggage contained explosives.
(A) expropriate
(B) extrapolate
(C) extradite
(D) extenuate

7.47. The researchers hope that this conservation project can be used as _____ for more investment in coastal management and more focus on the conservation of coral reefs.
(A) accolade
(B) felicity
(C) suavity
(D) leverage

8.48. This study shows that despite having instructors’ provided notes in hand at each lecture, virtually every medical student took _____ notes during lectures.
(A) voluminous
(B) incandescent
(C) recondite
(D) meddlesome

9.49. Theaters have raised the surcharge for thick-framed disposable glasses, from the typical $3 to, in some places, as much as $5 or $7.5 per ticket, a _____ that has hardly deterred moviegoers.
(A) pension
(B) premium
(C) prerogative
(D) prestige

10.50. For many women with early-stage breast cancer, treatment may become less _____, researchers say.
(A) litigious
(B) boisterous
(C) arduous
(D) rapacious

11.51. The 2010 World Cup mascot is a leopard named Zakumi; Za ______ South Africa, while kumi translates as “ten”.
(A) stands over
(B) stands for
(C) stands up
(D) stands by

12.52. Just because you notice a change in someone’s behavior in the workplace doesn’t mean that you, without any insider knowledge, are qualified to ______ what is causing it.
(A) determine
(B) discriminate
(C) dissolve
(D) dedicate

13.53. A curfew in Bangkok and 23 provinces was ______ for another three nights, raising questions of whether authorities feared more unrest in the deeply polarized country.
(A) resumed
(B) safeguarded
(C) extended
(D) patrolled

14.54. The ______ of the Amur tiger in Russia is especially vexing because the animal had been considered such a conservation success story.
(A) increase
(B) decline
(C) reserve
(D) capture

15.55. Every year, some 230,000 students take the ______ difficult exam for a spot in one of the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology, but only 5,000 pass.
(A) relatively
(B) notoriously
(C) increasingly
(D) initially

16.56. Sleeping fewer than seven hours a night ______ with a greater risk of weight gain and obesity, and the risk increased for every hour of lost sleep.
(A) condemned
(B) conceived
(C) corresponded
(D) constituted

17.57. Privacy advocates are troubled by the array of video cameras, motion detectors and other sensors ______ the shopping aisles.
(A) monitor
(B) monitoring
(C) monitored
(D) to monitor

18.58. Pop star Elton John performed in Morocco, living up to his promise of a “memorable” concert in a country ______ main Islamic party had called for a ban on the openly gay singer.
(A) what
(B) which
(C) where
(D) whose

19.59. The number of mobile subscriptions in the world ______ expected to pass five billion this year, according to the International Telecommunication Union.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) will be
(D) were

20.60. Leonardo da Vinci channeled his creativity through painting and sculptures ______ demonstrating his scientific aptitude through achievements in architecture and engineering.
(A) and
(B) though
(C) but
(D) while

21.61. If Al Gore ______ president of the U.S. in 2000, American politics would be quite different today.
(A) became
(B) should become
(C) had become
(D) were to become

22.62. Taiwan Power Co. is building solar stations and wind turbines as the government aims to have renewable energy ______ carbon emissions.
(A) helping to cut
(B) help to cut
(C) to help cut
(D) to help cutting

23.63. Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior, staged a protest in front of the Foxconn office in Hong Kong, urging consumers ______ iPhones.
(A) not buying
(B) buying not
(C) not to buy
(D) to buy not

24.64. The White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity released 70 recommendations on ______ the U.S. could reduce its obesity numbers from the current rate of 20% to 5% by 2030.
(A) that
(B) when
(C) what
(D) how

25.65. Broken down by race, about 40 percent of U.S.-born Asians now marry whites---a figure ______ since 1980.
(A) changing
(B) changed
(C) unchanging
(D) unchanged

26.(66-70: EFL methodology) 66. Which of the following methods insists that its fundamental purpose of learning a foreign language be to read literature written in it?
(A) The Silent Way.
(B) The Direct Method.
(C) The Audio-Lingual Method.
(D) The Grammar-Translation Method.

27.67. Which of the following methods believes that if students are relaxed and confident, they will not need to try hard to learn the language? In other words, their psychological barriers need to be removed.
(A) The Silent Way.
(B) Desuggestopedia.
(C) Total Physical Response.
(D) Community Language Learning.

28.68. In the statement: Second language learners tend to go through a systematic or quasi-systematic developmental process as they progress to full competence in the target language, what does the process refer to?
(A) Automaticity.
(B) Interlanguage.
(C) Language ego.
(D) Motivation.

29.69. Which of the following terms is best explained by that “readers bring information, knowledge, emotion, experience, and culture to the printed text”?
(A) Data-driven operations.
(B) Field-independent styles.
(C) Schema theory.
(D) Top-down processing.

30.70. Which of the following terms is best defined as the degree to which the test actually measures what it is intended to measure?
(A) Practicality.
(B) Reliability.
(C) Stability.
(D) Validity.