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99 年 - 99台南縣大灣高中英文科#1975 

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1.The (touchstone) of the filmmaker’s belief was film’s power to reveal situations and relationships by reproducing them within a representation of “real” space.
(A) essence
(B) epitome
(C) gauge
(D) justification

2.The bird of paradise can be found on New Guinea and the (adjacent) islands.
(A) neighboring
(B) surrounding
(C) tropical
(D) unpopulated

3.Mosquitoes usually lay eggs, singly or in batches, on top of (stagnant) water.
(A) redundant
(B) lavish
(C) motionless
(D) colorless

4.When caged, raccoons are apt to be (slothful) and bored.
(A) fatigued
(B) indolent
(C) fretful
(D) skittish

5.Instrumental in securing the passage of child welfare legislation, British social reformer Thomas John Barnardo was a pioneer in the care of (destitute) children.
(A) retarded
(B) needy
(C) handicapped
(D) stray

6.Global stock markets took another battering and remained _____, partly because of fears about euro-zone debt and increased tensions between North and South Korea.
(A) aqueous
(B) bashful
(C) circumspect
(D) volatile

7.Financial reform in America moved closer. The Senate voted for a(n )_____ that got rid of an upfront $50 billion levy on banks to cover the cost of liquidations, requiring instead that they pay the bill afterwards.
(A) amendment
(B) contrivance
(C) equilibrium
(D) repertory

8.The International Energy Agency warned that the steady climb in oil prices could _____ economic recovery. The price of oil recently touched an 18-month high of $87 a barrel.
(A) beseech
(B) incite
(C) ratify
(D) hamper

9.Being a person with little to say, John presented his views clearly and then _____into silence.
(A) relented
(B) relapsed
(C) withdrew
(D) thwarted

10.You’ve heard of Earl Roberts, the oil _____, haven’t you? His company supplies practically all of the oil sold in this part of the country.
(A) tyrant
(B) tycoon
(C) hubbub
(D) gadfly

11.The idea is a good one, Paul, but it is _____ with the subject under discussion now.
(A) incongruous
(B) impudent
(C) inconspicuous
(D) immutable

12.Both sides are determined to get what they want, and there seems to be no possibility of _____.
(A) discrimination
(B) antagonism
(C) compromise
(D) redundancy

13.We are just claiming the rights that _____ belong to us; the right to education and the right to work.
(A) deciduously
(B) proportionately
(C) intentionally
(D) legitimately

14.Essentially, a theory is an abstract, symbolic representation of _____ reality.
(A) what it is received as
(B) that is being deceived
(C) what is conceived to be
(D) what perceives of

15.Freezing preserves meat because _____, slows down the rate of enzyme action, and lowers the speed of spoilage.
(A) the growth of microorganisms is prevented
(B) preventing microorganisms from growing
(C) microorganisms are prevented from growing
(D) it prevents the growth of microorganisms

16.He knows many celebrities in the movie industry and he _____ these connections to promote his own cosmetics business.
(A) figures out
(B) glosses over
(C) hooks up
(D) capitalizes on

17.Americans are eating _____ vegetables per person today as they did in 1910.
(A) double as many
(B) what are twice as many
(C) twice as more
(D) more than three times the sum of

18.The principle of natural selection is often _____ “ the survival of the fittest,” a somewhat misleading phrase borrowed from the English philosopher, Herbert Spencer.
(A) summed up as
(B) contrasted to
(C) compared with
(D) described to be

19.A Jack of all trades is master of none.

20.Give him an inch and he’ll take a yard.

21.Death is the great leveler.

22.Advice when most needed is least heeded.

23.One man with courage makes a majority.

24.A covetous man is ever in want.

25.The bull must be taken by the horns.

26.The end must justify the means.

27.The leopard cannot change his spots.

28.Calamities always come of a moment’s intolerance.