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99 年 - 99年南區國中教甄英文#5060 

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1.1. It is difficult to _____ UFO sightings, although independent witnesses simultaneously see many.
(A) abduct
(B) verify
(C) prompt
(D) culminate

2.2. Despite my close familiarity with the wolf family, deeply ingrained _____ and fear gripped me when I realized that I was with at least two wolves in the den.
(A) prejudices
(B) vouchers
(C) resemblance
(D) leniency

3.3. Alice wanted the name brand purse so _____ that she didn’t mind upsetting her parents and maxing out her credit card.
(A) grudgingly
(B) desperately
(C) resiliently
(D) exuberantly

4.4. When the soccer player was called for a foul, he _____ waved his arms and shouted at the referee in disbelief, so he ended up getting a yellow card.
(A) animatedly
(B) covertly
(C) discreetly
(D) lavishly

5.5. Spam, the unsolicited mass commercial email, is often associated with advertisements for _____ websites, drugs or surgery that can enhance the sex life.
(A) infeasible
(B) legitimate
(C) scrumptious
(D) pornographic

6.6. The _______ from our professor is quite important to our research.
(A) critic
(B) critical
(C) critique
(D) criticize

7.7. The current _______ for becoming an English teacher is very demanding.
(A) qualification
(B) acquisition
(C) livelihood
(D) operation

8.8. When we go to a conference, we usually can learn __________ knowledge or skills on a certain topic.
(A) state of the artist
(B) state of art
(C) state of arts
(D) state of the art

9.9. Every employee must be _______; otherwise, the opponents can get the latest development from the company easily.
(A) friendly
(B) trustworthy
(C) worthwhile
(D) questionable

10.10. It _______ me that my mother’s birthday is on the same day with my little daughter’s, so we can celebrate their birthdays together.
(A) happen to
(B) came about
(C) thought
(D) occurred to

11.11. The watch that my boyfriend gave me for Valentine’s Day is a(n) ______ timepiece of Switzerland.
(A) genuine
(B) character
(C) optimistic
(D) expertise

12.12. By the garden over there ________ an apple tree that was planted by my grandfather twenty years ago.
(A) stands
(B) has
(C) standing
(D) it stands

13.13. ________ any difficulty, please come to us and find a solution together.
(A) In facing with
(B) Facing with
(C) Faced with
(D) In face of

14.14. Pregnant women are ______ to maternity leave in our country.
(A) encouraged
(B) endorsed
(C) entitled
(D) served

15.15. A hemihydrate is a hydrate containing ____ a molecule of water to every one of the compound forming the hydrate.
(A) double
(B) multiple
(C) triple
(D) half

16.16. In the past, ____ was often necessary to provide a large army.
(A) subscription
(B) prescription
(C) transcription
(D) conscription

17.17. George feels relieved now because the lump proves to be ____ rather than malignant.
(A) beneficial
(B) benevolent
(C) benign
(D) beneficent

18.18. I was a rebel when I was young. Hence, I never ____ to my parents’ opinions.
(A) conferred
(B) inferred
(C) preferred
(D) deferred

19.19. Since my professor ____ on the syntactic structures of conditional sentences, I have been able to use them in my daily life.
(A) expounded
(B) compounded
(C) pounded
(D) expended

20.20. ____, he is now becoming more interested in American football.
(A)He was once an avid soccer fan
(B) He once an avid soccer fan
(C) Once was he an avid soccer fan
(D) Once an avid soccer fan

21.21 A short time before she died, the old woman ____ a will, leaving her entire estate to her beloved dog.
(A) has written
(B) had written
(C) was writing
(D) had been writing

22.22. The geographic position of North America, ____ in the early days of the European settlement.
(A) laying between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, isolating it
(B) lying between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, isolated it
(C) isolated it as it laid between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans
(D) isolating it between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans as it was lied

23.23. The spellings of many Old English words have been preserved in the living language, ____ their pronunciations have changed.
(A) and
(B) owing to
(C) notwithstanding
(D) although

24.24. Weathering ____ the action whereby surface rock is disintegrated or decomposed.
(A) is
(B) being
(C) it is
(D) is that

25.25. When any two English words that differ in meaning but are identical in every way except for one sound segment at the same place in the string, they are referred to as ‘______.’
(A) allophonic pairs
(B) identical pairs
(C) lexical pairs
(D) minimal pairs