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99 年 - 99彰化藝術高中#1721 

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1.In a weak economy, it seems that you have to make do with whatever job you can get. However, what you should do is find your _____, set your goal, and commit yourself to it.
(A) palette
(B) niche
(C) hyperbole
(D) juxtaposition
2.When the armistice was finally signed after a process of tedious negotiation and mutual compromise, there was great _____.
(A) jubilation
(B) justification
(C) remorse
(D) euphemism
3.Ecological groups claim that the authorities concerned are doing nothing to _____ the problem of mangrove deforestation.
(A) peddle
(B) tack
(C) pickle
(D) tackle
4.After the record‐tying losing streak, the win is undoubtedly a great _____ booster.
(A) morality
(B) locomotive
(C) morale
(D) intuition
5.I was ____ when Justine Henin announced her retirement since she was still young and dominantly competitive on the court.
(A) denigrated
(B) equivocal
(C) flabbergasted
(D) gregarious
6.President Barrack Obama, _____ by his wife and daughters, gave his victory speech at his election party in Chicago.
(A) flanked
(B) fluctuated
(C) reiterated
(D) sequestered
7.In many states, lesbians and gay men are now _____ to become foster parents whether they are single or have partners.
(A) eccentric
(B) intact
(C) legislative
(D) eligible
8.Last year, we witnessed one of the most drastic plunges in consumer confidence, with people feeling pinched in their _____ and insecure about their futures.
(A) patents
(B) pocketbooks
(C) residues
(D) spectaculars
9.Many scientists support the theory that global warming is causing devastating floods, severe droughts, _____ temperatures, and many other extreme weather conditions.
(A) anomalous
(B) anonymous
(C) unassailable
(D) unanimous
10.My new colleagues all greeted me _____ and my boss was generous. I love this company.
(A) austerely
(B) brashly
(C) cordially
(D) coyly
11.After Mary told on George, he _____. They had never talked since then.
(A) had a premature birth
(B) made the differentiation between them
(C) diminished his resolution
(D) gave her a wide berth
12.I didn’t plan the trip in advance. Actually, I came to Australia _____ . It was never on my itinerary.
(A) in a tangle
(B) on the spur of the moment
(C) with one accord
(D) in captivity
13.Mr. Lin was _____ when he learned that his daughter was kidnapped.
(A) behind his back
(B) out of his mouth
(C) beside himself
(D) on the nose
14.When the professor asked who Gordon Brown was, only one student could ____ the right answer.
(A) occur to
(B) come up with
(C) keep in mind
(D) carry out
15.Everyone was enthusiastic about the graduation trip when John _____ our plan by saying that the weather report predicted a typhoon approaching.
(A) slept on
(B) paid through the nose
(C) made himself scarce
(D) put a damper on
16.Which of the following sentences is incorrect?
(A) The economy has been bogged down for a few years, the government trying in vain to fix the problem.
(B) Death penalty, dating back to thousands of years ago, has been abolished in many countries.
(C) It is hard for children of this age to discriminate between good and evil.
(D) The professor regretted in anticipation not having had made plans to deal with unforeseeable situations.
17.Which of the following sentences is incorrect?
(A) You have to read the captions under the illustration so as to realize what it is about.
(B) The autistic child actually has an exceptional talent in art and is awarded a grant to develop his ability.
(C) The scholar has the excluding right to use the laboratory.
(D) The civil rights leader called for a boycott against the government to protest racial discrimination.
18.Which of the following sentences is incorrect?
(A) Equally astonishing are the six bell‐shaped pyramids of bones in the four corners of the ossuary.
(B) Since 2005, teams of scientists have conducted research in the Weddell Sea, an area of high iceberg concentration which located on the southeastern side of the Antarctic peninsula.
(C) Scientists have found that the area is rich in nutrients, such as iron and nitrate, all of which are necessary for phytoplankton to grow in seawater.
(D) In the fourth and final installment of this hit animated film franchise, we may find that gone are the days when Shrek’s name struck fear in the hearts of villagers.
19.Which of the following sentences is incorrect?
(A) Originated in Southeast Asia, bananas are one of the world’s healthiest fruits whose nutritional benefits contribute to the multitude of health benefits from eating bananas.
(B) Using the image, the shopper can virtually try on any clothes available in the store’s online catalogue.
(C) Having been constantly exposed to noises on the construction site, the worker’s hearing deteriorates rapidly.
(D) The quake in Chile registered 8.8, as much as 800 times stronger than that in Haiti, the death toll less than a thousand so far.
20.Which of the following sentences is incorrect?
(A) An opponent of the death penalty, the justice minister is accused of not following through with the laws of Taiwan.
(B) So long as they came each year, the life‐giving floods providing the pharaohs with a surge of water which allowed them to grow their crops and feed their people.
(C) With a few good selling points up his sleeve, the salesman hoped to close the deal with the client as soon as possible.
(D) One study on barefoot running at an Australian university looked at populations of people where, often due to economic conditions, there were shod runners and barefoot runners.