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1.Chinese is a language with many _______ differences. People living in different areas often speak different dialects.
(A) sociable
(B) legendary
(C) regional
(D) superior

2.A menu serves to _____ customers about the varieties and prices of the dishes offered by the restaurant.
(A) appeal
(B) convey
(C) inform
(D) demand

3.Mary and Jane often fight over which radio station to listen to. Their _______ arises mainly from their different tastes in music.
(A) venture
(B) consent
(C) dispute
(D) temptation

4.The baby polar bear is being _____ studied by the scientists. Every move he makes is carefully observed and documented.
(A) prosperously
(B) intensively
(C) honorably
(D) originally

5.At twelve, Catherine has won several first prizes in international art competitions. Her talent and skills are _____ for her age.
(A) comparable
(B) exceptional
(C) indifferent
(D) unconvincing

6.After his superb performance, the musician received a big round of _____ from the appreciative audience.
(A) vacuum
(B) overflow
(C) applause
(D) spotlight

7.The water company inspects the pipelines and _____ the water supply regularly to ensure the safety of our drinking water.
(A) exhibits
(B) monitors
(C) interprets
(D) converts

8.This year’s East Asia Summit meetings will focus on critical _____ such as energy conservation, food shortages, and global warming.
(A) issues
(B) remarks
(C) conducts
(D) faculties

9.Having fully recognized Mei-ling’s academic ability, Mr. Lin strongly _____ her for admission to the university.
(A) assured
(B) promoted
(C) estimated
(D) recommended

10.The weatherman has warned about drastic temperature change in the next few days, and suggested that we check the weather on a daily basis and dress _____.
(A) necessarily
(B) significantly
(C) specifically
(D) accordingly