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99 年 - 99教育部委託國立高中職教師聯合甄選 英文#1963 

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1.There are some popular televised singing competitions in Taiwan. Every week, the contestants are graded, and the one that performs the worst will be _____.
(A) accepted
(B) eliminated
(C) conserved
(D) congratulated

2.May I have three hundred U.S. dollars in small _____?
(A) accounts
(B) balances
(C) numbers
(D) denominations

3.The professor finally issued an _____ to Tim: retake the examination or fail in the course.
(A) ultimatum
(B) antidote
(C) antithesis
(D) anecdote

4.Bats and owls are _____ creatures, for they can hardly be seen during the day.
(A) nomadic
(B) nocturnal
(C) flagrant
(D) omnivorous

5.Retarded children are most _____ to physical abuses in a family.
(A) serious
(B) desirable
(C) vulnerable
(D) wanted

6.As most people do not have enough money to pay for a house, they try to secure a _____ from a bank.
(A) depreciation
(B) corporation
(C) mortgage
(D) sympathy

7.Ms. Tsai was nominated as the candidate for the election. That’s because she is the _____ of the crop in the party she belongs to.
(A) cream
(B) crust
(C) creep
(D) cratch

8.I told the foreigner that the _____ president of our nation is Ma Ying-ju.
(A) former
(B) previous
(C) modern
(D) incumbent

9.We should _____ such minor problems in the bud before they get out of control.
(A) nag
(B) nip
(C) nail
(D) neglect

10.As we all know, economic prosperity and job creation always go _____.
(A) hand in hand
(B) by the book
(C) head over heels
(D) on their own

11.The American government has decided to provide financial assistance to _____ the automobile industry. Car makers are relieved at the news.
(A) get rid of
(B) bail out
(C) cash in on
(D) drive out

12.The cost of such a great mansion is _____ above my means.
(A) the way
(B) ways
(C) a way
(D) way

13. It is high time that we _____ those old-fashioned clothes and shoes to the street people.
(A) give
(B) must give
(C) have given
(D) gave

14._____ that you are inexperienced, you have done a good job.
(A) But
(B) Given
(C) Granted
(D) Provided

15.As often happens, with unemployment _____ rising crime and violence.
(A) come
(B) comes
(C) to come
(D) came

16.That guy robbed banks, raped women, and killed innocent people. He was _____ a beast.
(A) no more than
(B) little more than
(C) nothing less than
(D) as strong as

17.Myths are stories, the products of fertile imagination, sometimes simple, often containing profound truths. They are not meant to be taken too literally. Details may sometimes appear childish, but most myths express a culture’s most serious beliefs about human beings, eternity, and God. The main idea of this passage is that myths
(A) are created primarily to entertain young children.
(B) are purposely written for the reader.
(C) provide the reader with a means of escape from reality.
(D) illustrate the values that are considered important to a society.

18.Australia has many strange beasts, one of the oddest of which is the koala. Perfectly adapted to one specific tree, the eucalyptus, this living teddy bear does not need anything else, not even a drink! The moisture in the leaves is just right for the koala, making it the only land animal that doesn’t need water to supplement its food. The passage indicates that the koala
(A) is a member of the bear family that does not need moisture to live.
(B) gets all of its nourishment from the eucalyptus tree.
(C) adapts itself to any surroundings.
(D) is the only animal that does not need food to live.

19.It is early summer. August’s long-awaited vacation time still seems ages away, but by the same token, its torpor-producing heat and mildew-generating humidity have not yet arrived. Instead, these cool, end-of-June days practically insist on getting the picnic season under the way immediately. But, also, there is a difficulty: alfresco dining has a bad name among us. Tenth-rate hot dogs, carbonized chicken parts, and beef a-la-charcoal are principally what come to mind when we hear the words “outdoor food”. The passage suggests that the author believes that
(A) picnicking in August is long-awaited.
(B) August is better than June for a picnic.
(C) there are some negative aspects to eating outside.
(D) picnicking is better alfresco.

20.The ultimate source of energy for all plants and animals is sunlight. But the sun’s energy can be harnessed by plants, through photosynthesis, and stored in molecules of carbohydrates. When animals eat these enzymes, large amounts of energy become available. Animals immediately convert this energy into molecules of high-energy ATP (adenosine triphosphate) — the universal currency of energy in living things. Excluding only the very first stages in carbohydrate breakdown, which are called glycolysis, the entire complicated process of energy transfer to ATP takes place within the mitochondria. Glycolysis refers to
(A) the initial stages of carbohydrate breakdown.
(B) the process of plants producing oxygen and carbohydrates.
(C) the production of ATP.
(D) the production of body heat which occurs in the mitochondria.