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1.1. In a car accident, you are more likely to escape injury if you are wearing a seatbelt, which prevents you from being thrown out of the car.
(A) avoid
(B) prepare
(C) damage
(D) indicate 的

2.2. Some bus drivers might feel sleepy while driving, which can endanger passengers on the bus.
(A) climbers
(B) travelers
(C) retailers
(D) founders 的

3.3. Tom tried to persuade Annie to go on a date with him, but she wouldn’t go.
(A) supply
(B) convince
(C) defeat
(D) expose 的

4.4. Sally’s mother became very distressed when Sally said she was quitting school, and would work full-time in a restaurant.
(A) silent
(B) unhappy
(C) obvious
(D) guilty 的

5.5. Andrew is now working at a factory, but his dream is to possess a business run by himself.
(A) allow
(B) hit
(C) depend
(D) own 的

6.6. You might fail in pursuit of your goals, but the lessons you learn from each failure will help you to eventually succeed.
(A) easily
(B) readily
(C) finally
(D) simply 的

7.7. As airplane pilots fly for many long hours, they are ____________ for the safety of hundreds of people on board.
(A) understandable
(B) changeable
(C) believable
(D) responsible 的

8.8. Based on their study results, scientists have found that there is a close ____________ between stressful jobs and increased illness.
(A) reflection
(B) connection
(C) attention
(D) medication 的

9.9. A producer for a popular television show is always looking for people with unusual ____________ to perform on the show.
(A) reasons
(B) courts
(C) platforms
(D) talents 的

10.10.More and more students ____________ that with a good knowledge of English, they will have more opportunities to find a good job.
(A) delay
(B) launch
(C) realize
(D) bother

11.11.Some students might be expelled from schools for ____________ their computers, such as illegal downloads.
(A) improving
(B) entering
(C) remaining
(D) misusing 的

12.12.Doctors point out that stress, ____________, and lack of friends can have a negative influence on sick people.
(A) fitness
(B) kindness
(C) goodness
(D) loneliness

13.13.David is now the best student in high school. It’s ____________ that he will get a scholarship to the state university.
(A) available
(B) various
(C) certain
(D) doubtful

14.14.The weather changes so ____________ that no one can accurately predict what it will be like the next day.
(A) properly
(B) skeptically
(C) rationally
(D) constantly

15.15.If you want to eat in that popular restaurant on weekend, you’d better make a reservation in ____________.
(A) advance
(B) address
(C) amount
(D) account

16.16.Cashier: Your total is NT $ 699. Customer: _______________ Cashier: Yes, Ma’am. Then that’s NT $ 599. Customer: Do you take credit card? Cashier: Sure.
(A) I don’t have cash.
(B) Do you need a bag?
(C) I have these coupons.
(D) May I use the shopping cart?

17.17.Bill: Jean, I’m sorry. I can’t come over today. I have a sore throat. Jean: Oh, no! Your voice sounds funny. When did you get sick? Bill: _______________ Jean: I’m sorry to hear that.
(A) Just this morning.
(B) I guess I have a fever.
(C) I’ll go to the doctor later.
(D) I don’t think it’s funny. 的

18.18.Boy: Mom, can we ride on the roller coaster? Mother: Of course, we can. Boy: Can we go on the Ferris wheel, too? Mother: _______________ Boy: What? Mom, that’s for babies!
(A) You can go alone if you really want to.
(B) Sure. But let’s try the merry-go-round first.
(C) I am afraid that we don’t have time for that.
(D) Sorry. It is under construction.

19.19.Manager: _______________ Kelly: Pretty much, sir, but I am wondering if there is a dress code. Manager: Yes, the company wants all the employees to look their best and represent the company well.
(A) Is everything clear so far?
(B) The dress looks great on you.
(C) Do you have any questions?
(D) Welcome to the Sales Department.

20.20.Roger: I am off to the post office. Rich: Can you mail this airmail for me? Roger: Sure. _______________ Rich: Yes, you can simply throw it into the mailbox.
(A) You can fax it to me.
(B) Why don’t you mail it yourself?
(C) Have you stamped it?
(D) I’m also going to the bank.

21.21.Mother: You look tired. Why don’t you go to bed earlier today? Jimmy: I can’t. I have an English test tomorrow. Mother: _______________ Jimmy: I haven’t finished reviewing yet. I don’t want to take any chances.
(A) Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.
(B) You should study earlier.
(C) How about a cup of coffee?
(D) Is that the only test tomorrow? 的

22.22.Teacher: Peter, I think we need to talk. Peter: Yes, Ma’am. Teacher: _______________ Peter: I forgot to bring it to school.
(A) What’s wrong with you?
(B) Are you feeling alright?
(C) You didn’t come to class yesterday.
(D) You didn’t turn in your assignment today.

23.23.Jim: Are we going to have a vacation this summer? Molly: Where do you like to go? Jim: _______________ Molly: Sounds great!
(A) I have no idea. What do you think?
(B) It seems that weather will be good.
(C) Let’s go somewhere near the beach.
(D) It depends on how much money we have.

24.24.Helen: Do you want me to bring you something for lunch? Nancy: _______________ Helen: No problem, whatever you ask for.
(A) No bother. I am not hungry at all.
(B) A hamburger, small coffee, and an apple pie.
(C) Where are you going to eat?
(D) Are you going alone or with friends?

25.25.Milly: I have a reservation for two at 6:30. Host: _______________ Milly: It’s Milly Chang. Host: Thank you. Please follow me.
(A) Where are you from?
(B) May I have your name?
(C) Can you wait for a minute?
(D) May I take your order?

26.▲ 下篇短文共有 5 個空格,為第 26 – 30 題,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格 的答案。 Opinions are strongly divided about the type of clothing which is appropriate for worship. According to some religious leaders, people who come to pray should wear clothing that shows respect and 26 for their religion. They shouldn’t be wearing clothes that are for jogging, shopping, or attending a ball game. On the other hand, there are many religious leaders who don’t care about such 27 issues. They believe that religion, 28 is a spiritual matter, isn’t concerned with clothing. They welcome everyone who attends religious services. Most people think that the issue actually goes 29 clothing. More formal clothing usually accompanies an atmosphere which is more traditional and 30 . Informal clothing, however, is more acceptable in religious services that are more contemporary and informal.
(A) limitation
(B) admiration
(C) restriction
(D) comparison 的

(A) healthy
(B) diligent
(C) sincere
(D) material 的

(A) who
(B) what
(C) which
(D) why 的

(A) beyond
(B) along
(C) against
(D) between 的

(A) playful
(B) naughty
(C) serious
(D) casual

31.▲ 下篇短文共有 5 個空格,為第 31 – 35 題,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格 的答案。 Vincent Willem van Gogh ( 30 March, 1853 – 29 July, 1890 ) was a Dutch Post- Impressionist painter whose work had a far-reaching influence on 20th century art. Little 31 during his lifetime, his fame grew in the years after his death. Today, he is widely regarded as one of history’s greatest painters and an important 32 to the foundations of modern art. Van Gogh did not begin painting 33 his late twenties, and most of his best- known works were produced during his final two years. He produced more than 2,000 artworks, 34 of around 900 paintings and 1,100 drawings and sketches. He was little known during his lifetime; however, his work was a strong influence on the Modernist art 35 , and today many of his pieces — including his numerous self portraits, landscapes, portraits and sunflowers — are among the world’s most recognizable and expensive works of art.
(A) appreciate
(B) appreciates
(C) appreciated
(D) appreciating

(A) generator
(B) contributor
(C) distributor
(D) tractor

(A) until
(B) with
(C) than
(D) rather

(A) covering
(B) containing
(C) composing
(D) consisting 的

(A) that followed
(B) be followed
(C) follows
(D) followed

36.▲ 下篇短文共有5個空格,為第36 – 40題,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格的 答案。 The tiger may be more ancient and distinct than we thought. Tigers are less closely related to lions, leopards and jaguars 36 these other big cats are to each other, according to a new study. The genetic analysis also reveals that the tiger began evolving 3.2 million years ago, and its closest living 37 is the equally endangered snow leopard. 38 the popularity and endangered status of tigers, much remains to be discovered about them, including how they evolved. It has long been known that the five species of big cat — the tiger, lion, leopard, jaguar and snow leopard — and the two species of clouded leopard are more closely related to each other than to other smaller cats. But it has been difficult to pin 39 the exact relationships between them. So to find out more, scientists 40 an analysis of the DNA of all these species.
(A) than
(B) while
(C) before
(D) since

(A) demand
(B) battery
(C) method
(D) relative

(A) Both
(B) Despite
(C) Without
(D) From

(A) to
(B) on
(C) down
(D) under

(A) conducted
(B) mistreated
(C) ridiculed
(D) neglected

41.▲ 閱讀下文,回答第41 – 43題 One summer afternoon when I went to visit grandmother, she was busy with her pottery. She was sitting on the floor on her green shawl, with her property all around her. In her hand was a small bowl, which she was polishing. I sat beside grandmother to watch her smooth and polish the pottery. To smooth out the rough edges, she used a pad used for cleaning pots. Then dampening the pottery, she rubbed it with a small, smooth stone until it shone. Her hands at times would move swiftly and then slow down. While working, she sometimes hummed a song to herself. As I was sitting beside grandmother, she didn’t even glance at me for a long time because she was concerning on her pottery. After completing the pottery, she glanced up at me over her eyeglasses and asked, “When did you come?” I said, “I came a long time ago.” Then we both laughed and sat there on the floor chatting for a few minutes.
【題組】41.What was the grandmother doing when the author visited her?
(A) She was rubbing a shawl.
(B) She was writing a song.
(C) She was washing her eyeglasses.
(D) She was polishing her pottery.

42.【題組】42.What would the grandmother do while she was working?
(A) She sometimes hummed a song.
(B) She always laughed loudly.
(C) She waved her hand all the time.
(D) She chatted most of the time.

43.【題組】43.Why did the author and the grandmother laugh?
(A) The grandmother made beautiful pottery.
(B) They both loved singing a song to themselves.
(C) The author brought the grandmother some pottery.
(D) The grandmother didn’t notice the author was there.

44.▲ 閱讀下文,回答第44 – 47題 Cacao beans ( from which chocolate is made ) were brought to Spain from Central America in the 16th century. The Indians of Central America had been making hot chocolate drinks for many years. They made their hot chocolate with water, not milk, and it was dark brown, spicy and bitter. At first, the Spanish people were not impressed with this strange drink. However, someone came up with the idea of adding sugar. As a result, drinking hot chocolate became popular in Spain, and quickly spread to England, France, Italy and beyond. Because cacao beans had to be shipped such a long distance, chocolate was an expensive drink and only the rich could afford it. The ordinary people generally drank beer, cheap wine or water. They probably wondered how this special chocolate drink tasted. As drinking chocolate became popular, chocolate houses grew up in England. Rich men spent hours in them, drinking chocolate while they played cards for money, read the newspapers and shared the latest gossip. Rich ladies did not generally go to the chocolate houses, but enjoyed their hot chocolate at home, usually for breakfast.
【題組】44.What is the best title for this passage?
(A) What Did Rich People Do in Europe?
(B) Why Did People Drink Hot Chocolate?
(C) Where Did Hot Chocolate Come from?
(D) How Did the Indians Grow Cacao Beans?

45.【題組】45.What did the Spanish people like to add to their hot chocolate?
(A) Butter.
(B) Eggs.
(C) Wine.
(D) Sugar.

46.【題組】46.According to the passage, why was chocolate so expensive?
(A) Because growing cacao beans took a lot of time.
(B) Because shipping cacao beans cost a lot of money.
(C) Because drinking chocolate was affordable for everyone.
(D) Because going to chocolate houses became popular in Europe.

47.【題組】47.According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) Only the wealthy could afford hot chocolate.
(B) Rich ladies enjoyed their hot chocolate in cafes.
(C) Sometimes beer was added to the hot chocolate.
(D) Chocolate houses became popular all over Europe.

48. ▲ 閱讀下文,回答第48 – 50題 Last year, when Daniel decided to buy a bicycle, it was a serious matter to him. He intended to buy a good one, but knew that it would be expensive. After looking at different types of bicycles in many bike shops, he decided to buy a mountain bike. However, that was not all. He also had to get many accessories for it. Since he couldn’t afford to buy them all at once, he bought a helmet and gloves first. Then, he purchased tools, bags to hang on the bike, special bike shoes and light. After that, he found that all of the accessories were actually more expensive than the bike. With this bike, he started to train himself to be a bike racer, which might take a lot of time and stamina. This was going to be a very difficult process and could be extremely exhausting at first. However, in order to be a competitive racer, it was necessary. He had to ride an average of 200 – 300 miles each week. In addition, he had to be very cautious about what he ate and drank. Whenever he ate or drank something unhealthy, such as candy or coffee, he was slowed down and his training was disrupted. What was even more challenging for Daniel was that he also had to work full-time to support himself.
【題組】48.According to the passage, what did Daniel buy first?
(A) A helmet and gloves.
(B) A mountain bike.
(C) Bags to hang on the bike.
(D) Bike shoes and light.

49.【題組】49.Which of the following is the closest in meaning to the word “stamina” in the second paragraph?
(A) muscle
(B) obstacle
(C) energy
(D) breath

50.【題組】50.According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) Eating candy and drinking coffee was helpful to Daniel.
(B) Daniel received training and worked full-time at the same time.
(C) Daniel had to ride 200 to 300 miles each week.
(D) After buying a bike, Daniel trained himself to be a bike racer.