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99 年 - 99金門國中英文#7379 

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1.1. The chef teaches people how to eat well on a tight _____ at a five-star restaurant.
(A) budget
(B) crutch
(C) march
(D) saucer
2.2. You have to be very careful not to be deceived by the sleight of men and by their _____ craftiness.
(A) cunning
(B) fertile
(C) plural
(D) virtual
3.3. The once _____ economy now lies in ruins.
(A) hoarse
(B) naïve
(C) robust
(D) toxic
4.4. The church is a _____ of symbolism inviting believers’ spiritual discovery and reflection.
(A) hypocrisy
(B) pestilence
(C) sanctuary
(D) validity
5.5. What is the best way to alter your work schedule to _____ personal projects?
(A) accommodate
(B) commemorate
(C) intimidate
(D) subordinate
6.6. Philosophers take up the complex problem,_____on it and produce great works.
(A) sober
(B) kindle
(C) convert
(D) brood
7.7. Science and religion are generally regarded as being _____exclusive.
(A) cruelly
(B) mutually
(C) furiously
(D) relatively
8.8. As a public figure, you should not be so _____ to personal criticism.
(A) adequate
(B) allergic
(C) schematic
(D) sensitive
9.9. Stephen _____out of the training field with a sprained ankle.
(A) limped
(B) curbed
(C) grazed
(D) preyed
10.10. A workplace has to be free from recognized potential _____ likely to cause death or serious physical harm.
(A) blizzards
(B) hazards
(C) buzzards
(D) lizards

Eating out is certainly an excellent example of experiential consumption. Appreciating good food and drink has always been one way of standing out from the ___11__ . An essential part of that is the ability to discuss the enjoyment of __12___ food and the object to which it relates. The experience of dining has acquired an aesthetic nature now that food is very much meant to gratify the eye as well. In the __13___ sense, food portions at their best are like abstract art—at least in the aesthetics of new __14___ . Likewise, given that music or movies resemble dining in that they are one-off acts of consumption, we also have to wonder where the familiar __15___ now runs in their cases too.


(A) hotel
(B) crowd
(C) school
(D) herd

(A) looking
(B) touching
(C) smelling
(D) tasting
(A) visual
(B) oral
(C) sixth
(D) common
(A) painting
(B) cuisine
(C) sculpture
(D) music
(A) latitude
(B) continent
(C) skyscraper
(D) borderline
16.The way you handle yourself at the dinner table can have profound implications on how well you impress your foreign hosts. Sheep’s eyes and fried scorpions may not be your cup of tea, but be as __16___ as you can about accepting and trying seemingly strange foods with which you may not be familiar. Respect others’ __17___ restrictions as well (don’t ask for a cheeseburger in a kosher home, for example, or __18___ your Hindu hosts to give you steak tartar). Realize, too, that your capacity for drinking alcohol may be __19___ to your hosts. Some countries don’t want to see you drinking at all; others judge your capacity as a business person by whether you can drink them under the table. If you really can’t drink or you’re a recovering alcoholic, offer a __20___ excuse for your reluctance to imbibe. (Hepatitis is a good choice.)
(A) cautious
(B) precious
(C) spacious
(D) gracious
(A) calorie
(B) dietary
(C) health
(D) weight
(A) respect
(B) inspect
(C) expect
(D) suspect
(A) irrelevant
(B) important
(C) interesting
(D) ignorant
(A) medical
(B) legal
(C) religious
(D) mental