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99 年 - 99年大專程度義務役預備軍官預備士官考試試題 英文#16722 

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1.1. Sorry, I can’t repay you this week. I’m completely________.

2.2. Bill decided to follow in his father’s ________ and become a doctor. Now they work at the same hospital.

3.3. John and Mary announced their engagement to their coworkers, _______ their relationship that had been a secret for months.

4.4. The child begged his mother to buy him ice cream until she finally ________ to his whining and bought him some.

5.5. Even though Kent was performing for his _______, he still felt nervous. He didn’t want his friends to laugh at him.

6.6. We bought our office supplies at the _______store.

7.7. I tried to ________ him from following such a course.

8.8. The doctor told Amy that her health problems were just ________. She is not actually sick.

9.9. Frank’s allergy to peanuts is very severe, even getting close to peanut butter can ________ a bad reaction if he’s not careful.

10.10. Pepper is Judy’s favorite ________. She adds it to everything she eats.

11.11. Helen believes a lot of ________ and she thinks it’s bad luck to break a mirror or walk under a ladder.

12.12. Andy told an ________ lie when his girlfriend asked where he had been.

13.13. People say that Michael Jackson has an _______ talent for music and dancing.

14.14. The police ran down the street in _______ of the robber.

15.15. The single mother had to work two jobs to make ______ meet. Only having one job didn’t give her enough money to pay her bills.

16.16. In order to ________ its business and meet the growing needs of the market, the company started to import various products from Europe.
(D)condence II. Grammar: Questions 17-28. Choose the correct answer to each question.

17.17. I couldn’t help _______ when I heard the joke.
(B)to laugh

18.18. He wore a coat ______ he might not catch cold.
(A)provided that
(B)on condition that
(C)in order that
(D)as well as

19.19. Had we known that you were here, we __________ you to dinner.
(A)had invited
(C)would have invited
(D)would invite

20.20. Flying a plane is far more difficult than ______ a bike.
(C)to ride

21.21. I can sell you some bananas but only ______.
(B)a few
(D)a little

22.22. Due to the singer’s illness, the concert has been ______ until next month.
(A)set aside
(B)carried out
(C)put off
(D)brought up

23.23. Who do you ______ for a promotion?
(A)consider to be the best candidate
(B)consider be the best candidate
(C)be considered the best candidate
(D)the best candidate is considered

24.24. No _______ had the telephone rung than the boy rushed to answer it.

25.25. ________ is helping to break new ground in drug research.
(A)Computers are being used more if
(B)An increase in the use of the computer if
(C)Computers are being used more
(D)The increasing use of the computer

26.26. I don’t know that man _______ to ask him for help.
(A)good enough
(B)cools enough
(C)well enough
(D)stupid enough

27.27. Which of the following tag question is wrong?
(A)Adam phoned while I was out, didn’t he?
(B)I don’t think you want me to come here, do you?
(C)Let us go, shall we?
(D)These are good books, aren’t they?

28.28. Which of the following sentence is correct?
(A)The car started after he check the battery.
(B)He after checking the battery the car started.
(C)The battery after checking he the car started.
(D)After checking the battery, he started the car.

III. Reading Comprehension: 
Questions 29-34 
        Fish contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have been shown to help prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of strokes. Researchers suggest that these benefits of eating fish far outweigh the risks of getting sick from contaminated fish. 
         Ongoing studies find that omega-3 fatty acids work magic on the brain too. Pregnant? Go out and eat fish! One study tracked a group of expectant women who ate more than 340 grams of fish per week. It turns out they gave birth to children who, years later, scored really high on IQ tests. 
        How can you add fish to your diet? One way to begin is by replacing meat with fish in one meal a week. Instead of frying, which retains more fat, try broiling your fish in an oven or grilling it outdoors. And don’t be afraid to spice up your fish. Garlic, herbs and other spices can add wonderful flavors to fish. 
        For lighter meals, keep a few cans of tuna or other fish on hand at all times. They’re great for making tasty sandwiches or fish burgers. If you get hungry in the middle of the morning or afternoon, try tuna on crackers. It’s hard to find a better snack. And parents, be sure to introduce fish to your 
children. It’s important for them to get used to eating it at a young age. 

【題組】29. What does the writer discuss in this passage?
(A)chemicals in popular weight
(B)the best way to lose weight
(C)famous fast food restaurants
(D)reasons for having fish

30.【題組】30. What does the writer point out about the women in the study group?
(A)They cooked for their husbands.
(B)They were going to have babies.
(C)They grew their own vegetables.
(D)They lived with elderly parents.

31.【題組】31. What do the researchers suggest on eating fish?
(A)Eating fish is less beneficial than eating contaminated fish.
(B)Eating fish is more beneficial than eating contaminated fish.
(C)The risk of eating fish is less beneficial than getting sick from contaminated fish.
(D)You may still get sick from eating contaminated fish.

32.【題組】32. What does the author imply about omega-3 fatty acids?
(A)They can make kids smarter.
(B)They are found in most foods.
(C)They last for just a few days.
(D)They create significant risks.

33.【題組】33. Why, according to the author, is grilling better than frying?
(A)It’s fancier.
(B)It’s quicker.
(C)It’s cheaper.
(D)It’s healthier.

34.【題組】34. When does the author suggest to eat tuna on crackers if you are hungry?
(A)at lunch time
(B)during a party
(C)between meals
(D)after midnight

Questions 35-40 
        Tea is central to Asian civilization. Chinese tea creates atmosphere of poetry. Whether a large tin pot of farmers or a small Kung-fu teapot of a businessman, we always drink tea by pouring it out of a pot. A pot of tea is inherently social: several family members, a group of workers on the farm, or a bunch of friends in a bull session. In short, there is always a small tight-knit group around a teapot. We treasure it as a symbol of happiness in our traditional value, whenever we drink together with from same pot. 
        In the year of 1600, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, agents of the East India Co. discovered Chinese put some leaves into boiling water and drank the “tea”. They therefore learned how to drink tea. But since Westerners began drinking tea, they changed its social significance by inventing the tea bag. It made the process simpler, and saved tea leaves, if the group was smaller. Basically, the tea bag is a product for individual. What’s good for a pot of tea to a widow who lost her husband? Isn’t a bag of tea enough for a professor who enters his lab like he enters his castle? 
        It is not necessarily a less tasteful drink, which is brewed from the tea bag; it can still be used in social functions. But no matter how many bags we consume, we have a cup of tea in our hand by taking care of ourselves. The old Chinese saying: ”Such as drinking iced water in the winter, only you yourselves know if it is cold or warm,” may be changed to “Such as drinking tea of bag, only you yourselves know it is strong or weak.” Is simpler or individualism not good? We can definitely bear it, of course, but still lament something that might be disappearing forever. 

【題組】35. How many years have Chinese been drinking tea?
(A)less than 410 years
(B)exactly 410 years
(C)about 410 years
(D)more than 410 years

36.【題組】36. Chinese drink together with from same teapot because
(A)it is a symbol of happiness.
(B)it saves money.
(C)it is fabulous.
(D)it encourages independence.

37.【題組】37. If a “bull session” can be defined as an informal discursive group of people, which of the following scenarios fits the definition:
(A)Representatives in the House arguing with each other over tax cut bill
(B)board members discussing commission scheme of next year
(C)college students getting together after mid term examination with a beer in hand
(D)military cadets practicing parade in the exercise field

38.【題組】38. Who in the following would have appreciated more about “drinking iced water in the winter” than others?
(A)a poor man who stroke it rich recently
(B)a beautiful girl who is loved by many admirers
(C)a powerful politician who was defeated in the election and found he was abandoned by his supporters
(D)a smart gambler who won another bet on the sport lottery

39.【題組】39. Which in the following statement is CORRECT according to the passage:
(A)Chinese began drinking tea from 1600 by inventing the tea bag.
(B)Westerners began drinking tea from 1600 by inventing the tea bag.
(C)Westerners began drinking tea from 1600 by following the Chinese practice of using teapot.
(D)Chinese began drinking tea from 1600 by following the Westerners practice of using tea bag.

40.【題組】40. What would be the word to describe our lamenting something that might be disappearing forever?