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99 年 - 99 正修科技大學_中等學校教師教育學程甄選試題:英文#102858 

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1.1. I let the meat cook too long, so it was _______ black.
(A) burned
(B) kept
(C) prepared
(D) tasted

2.2. The little boy jumped up and down happily when he saw a bee _______ into the house.
(A) flown
(B) to fly
(C) flying
(D) has flown

3.3. This restaurant sells the best steak in Kaohsiung; you can’t find _______ steak in the city.
(A) delicious
(B) more delicious
(C) the most delicious
(D) deliciously

4.4. The poor family have only _______ bread for today. Nothing is left for them to eat tomorrow.
(A) enough
(B) few
(C) much
(D) other

5.5. My mother told me last night _______ we’re going to the Food Festival this weekend. My sister and I felt very excited
(A) whether
(B) where
(C) what
(D) that

6.6. You’ll need the store _______ to show proof of purchase if you want to return any items you bought.
(A) credit
(B) guide
(C) license
(D) receipt

7.7. The scientist _______ his speech to make it easier for children to understand the threat of global warming
(A) estimated
(B) documented
(C) abolished
(D) modified

8.8. This science class is very _______ ; I have to spend at least three hours every day doing the experiments and assignments.
(A) confidential
(B) logical
(C) demanding
(D) resistant

9.9. Mr. Wang is a very _______ writer; he publishes at least twenty novels every year.
(A) moderate
(B) temporary
(C) productive
(D) reluctant

10.10. Johnson stayed up late last night, so he drank a lot of coffee this morning to keep himself _______ in class.
(A) acceptable
(B) amazed
(C) accurate
(D) awake

11.11. Peter has been scolded by his boss for over twenty minutes now. _______ , she is not happy about his being late again.
(A) Expressively
(B) Apparently
(C) Immediately
(D) Originally

12.第二部分:下列 12~15 題,請依據選文,選出一個正確或最佳的答案(10%)。
        On the island of New Zealand, there is a grasshopper-like species of insect that is found nowhere else on earth. New Zealanders have given it the nickname weta, which is a native Maori word meaning “god of bad looks."It’s easy to see why anyone would call this insect a bad-looking bug. Most people feel disgusted at the sight of these bulky, slow-moving creatures.
        Wetas are nocturnal creatures; they come out of their caves and holes only after dark. A giant weta can grow to over three inches long and weigh as much as 1.5 ounces. Giant wetas can hop up to two feet at a time. Some of them live in trees, and others live in caves. They are very long-lived for insects, and some adult wetas can live as long as two years. Just like their cousins grasshoppers and crickets, wetas are able to“sing"by rubbing their leg parts together, or against their lower bodies.
         Most people probably don’t feel sympathy for these endangered creatures, but they do need protecting. The slow and clumsy wetas have been around on the island since the times of the dinosaurs, and have evolved and survived in an environment where they had no enemies until rats came to the island with European immigrants. Since rats love to hunt and eat wetas, the rat population on the island has grown into a real problem for many of the native species that are unaccustomed to its presence, and poses a serious threat to the native weta population.

【題組】12. From which of the following is the passage LEAST likely to be taken?
(A) A science magazine.
(B) A travel guide.
(C) A biology textbook.
(D) A business journal.

13.【題組】13. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) Wetas are unpleasant to the eye.
(B) The weta is a newly discovered insect species.
(C) The Maoris nicknamed themselves“Wetas."
(D) The Europeans brought wetas to New Zealand.

14.【題組】14. Which of the following descriptions of wetas is accurate?
(A) They are quick in movement
(B) They are very active in the daytime.
(C) They are decreasing in number.
(D) They have a short lifespan for insects.

15.【題組】15. Which of the following is the most appropriate interpretation of“its"in the last paragraph?
(A) The rat’s.
(B) The weta’s.
(C) The island’s.
(D) The dinosaur’s



9. 靜香整理藥品櫃,發現有三罐白色粉末狀的藥品標籤已脫 落,清單上有氧化鈣、氯化鈉、碳酸鈉三種藥品尚未整理, 於是她做了兩種測試:一、當...

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99 年 - 99 正修科技大學_中等學校教師教育學程甄選試題:英文#102858-阿摩線上測驗

99 年 - 99 正修科技大學_中等學校教師教育學程甄選試題:英文#102858