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Incomplete Sentences填空#7768 

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1.Mr. Hutch decided to stay on the safe _____ by not going for the novel design.
(A) area
(B) line
(C) side
(D) way

2.The government's spokesman released a warning on the nuclear _____ of the neighboring country.
(A) brinksmanship
(B) craftsmanship
(C) gamesmanship
(D) grantsmanship

3.Ms. Peterson watched the candlelights _____ in the wind and worried that they would caused a fire.
(A) blinking
(B) flickering
(C) twinkling
(D) winking

4.All the necessary equipment was brought into the event site _____ a hitch.
(A) for
(B) like
(C) through
(D) without

5.The victims of the food poisoning decided to go for a criminal _____ against the restaurant chain.
(A) elocution
(B) execution
(C) persecution
(D) prosecution

6.Biotechnologist John Tanaka is among the _____ at the international laboratory.
(A) authority
(B) elite
(C) expert
(D) genius

7.The Japanese restaurant has been very popular not only because they serve great meals but also because eating sushi is in _____ in the country.
(A) fine
(B) manner
(C) shape
(D) style

8.Ms. Nojima told the project team that through efficient teamwork, the whole should become more than the _____ of its parts.
(A) all
(B) set
(C) sum
(D) total

9.The oil company succeeded in developing industrial fuel which would _____ the air much less than the existing counterparts.
(A) abominate
(B) contaminate
(C) denominate
(D) eliminate

10.There have been demands _____ as chairman of the board, but he won't accept them.
(A) for Mr. Amano of resigning
(B) Mr. Amano to resign
(C) that Mr. Amano resign
(D) that Mr. Amano resigns

11.The CEO announced that he would name Mr. Akimoto _____ of the new construction project.
(A) a chief
(B) as chief
(C) as the chief
(D) chief

12.Although the plan was _____ made, Brenda was not able to carry out the project efficiently.
(A) closely
(B) finely
(C) minutely
(D) trivially

13.Although he had a strong aversion _____ fish, Mark ate Ms. Hart's cooking just to be polite.
(A) in
(B) on
(C) to
(D) with

14.The typhoon hit the small grocery store like _____, and they had to close it for months for repairs.
(A) blocks
(B) bricks
(C) chunks
(D) pieces