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1.101. A free gift will be provided with every purchase of NT 500 or more for a _____ period of time.
(A) limit
(B) limited
(C) limiting
(D) limitation

2.102. The Youth Club has arranged for card members to receive one thousand dollars of _____ life insurance.
(A) compliant
(B) complimentary
(C) comprehensible
(D) compromise

3.103. Any person who is _____ in applying the position of professional secretary should send his or her resume and three references to the personnel director.
(A) interesting
(B) interest
(C) interested
(D) interestingly

4.104. Mr. Lee was very concerned _____ the upcoming board of directors meeting.
(A) to
(B) about
(C) at
(D) on

5.105. There is no ______ made on weekends because the hotel is almost occupied.
(A) delay
(B) violation
(C) appointments
(D) reservations

6.106. Employees are ____ that due to new government regulations, there is no smoking in the working places.
(A) reminded
(B) respected
(C) reacted
(D) remembered.

7.107. On international shipments, all duties and taxes are paid by the ________.
(A) recipient
(B) receiving
(C) receipt
(D) receptive

8.108. Because of the _____ weather conditions, Hawaii has an advantage in the production of fruits and the promotion of touring business.
(A) favorite
(B) favor
(C) favorable
(D) favorably

9.109. I has been predicted that an _______ depreciating Taiwan dollars will stimulate exporting business in Taiwan.
(A) increased
(B) increasing
(C) increase
(D) increasingly

10.110. Please present the VIP card, when ______ charges to your room account or making a reservation for sporting facilities.
(A) signature
(B) singing
(C) signed
(D) sign

11.111. The firm is not liable for the damage resulting from some conditions ____ its control
(A) beyond
(B) above
(C) more than
(D) over

12.112. Initial _____ concerning the merge of the two banks will be held next Monday at the International Trade Center.
(A) negotiations
(B) dedications
(C) propositions
(D) announcements.

13.113. The corporation, which underwent a major restructuring a couple years ago, ______ steadily for three years.
(A) grew
(B) had grown
(C)has been growing
(D) to grow

14.114. ______ have the marketing competitions been more complicated and subject to change.
(A) Mostly
(B) Negatively
(C) Totally
(D) Rarely.

15.115. All full-time employees are _____ to participate in the health plan, which takes effect on the first day of this month.
(A) eligible
(B) elevated
(C) elicited
(D) elected

16.116. _______ terms of quality and service, the Excellence company surpasses the competition.
(A) In
(B) From
(C) By
(D) With

17.117. The construction of the Rapid Transit System will help the city ________.
(A) diversify
(B) clarify
(C) verified
(D) modified

18.118. As the airplane is taking off, passengers should return their seat backs to full upright and _______their seat belts.
(A) lock
(B) fastened
(C) fasten
(D) secure

19.119. Making appropriate arrangement for audiovisual equipment in advance is _______ recommended for all seminars.
(B) strikingly
(C) stringently
(D) strongly

20.120. Be alert –use your eyes, ears, and intuitions when negotiating, and establish good ______ with the other negotiating team..
(A) affection
(C) rapport
(D) friendship

21.121. Interviewees are given the company brochure to read ____ they are waiting for their interviews.
(A) during
(B) while
(C) nevertheless
(D) whereas

22.122. Stocks usually benefit ____ the January effect, which causes the price of these stocks to rise between November and January.
(A) of
(B) in
(C) for
(D) from

23.123. While working in the trade exhibition, every one is required to wear his or her identification badge at all times so that he or she is _______ as a company employee.
(A) recognize
(B) recognizing
(C) recognizable
(D) recognizably

24.124. Currently, there is an excellent ______ for our society to boost its economic development.
(A) popularity
(B) regularity
(C) opportunity
(D) liability

25.125. It is required to ______ all relevant data to the association ten days prior to the beginning of the conference.
(A) emerge
(B) substantiate
(C) adapt
(D) submit

26.126. It is ______ that Ms. Jin wishes to handle all transactions by herself but it might be better if several people shared the responsibility.
(A) admire
(B) admiring
(D) admired

27.127. Passengers are reminded to allow for ____ travel time to the airport during the A rush hours.
(A) addition
(B) additive
(C) additional
(D) adding

28.128. ____ higher cost this year, attendance at the management training seminar remains above average.
(A) Even though
(B) Nevertheless
(C) Despite
(D) Because of

29.129. Any unsatisfied item must be returned within 30 days and ____ by the original receipt from this store.
(A) altered
(B) adjusted
(C) accompanied
(D) aggregated

30.130. The committee members have approached the proposal with a good deal of ______ because some of the ideas put forward are very controversial.
(A) cautious
(B) caution
(C) cautioned
(D) cautiously

31.131. The salesperson has been negotiating the price and come to his best offer; ________, his client is still not satisfied and tired to bring down the price.
(A) however
(B) although
(C) therefore
(D) whereas

32.132. During this fiscal year, the Twin Head Co. was _______and its production raised from 700 cars a month to 1000 cars a month.
(A) widened
(B) strengthened
(C) amplified
(D) enlarged

33.133. The company is recruiting a regional manager with a starting salary of NT$ 40.000 plus bonus, a prestige car ____ other fringe benefits.
(A) or
(B) and
(C) but
(D) nor

34.134. His credit card was canceled because his monthly payment is several months _________.
(A) due
(B) overdue.
(C) update
(D) out of date

35.135. Northwest Flight 887 from Detroit to Taipei with an intermediate stop in Japan will ________ in 20 minutes.
(A) depart
(B) abandon
(C) hasten
(D) advent

36.136. In addition to its favorable location, the hotel has many _______, including a large indoor swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool, and exercise rooms in a wonderfully exotic décor.
(A) amenities
(C) appendices
(D) approaches

37.137 An auction for the estate of Dunhill Area has been _____ Saturday, June 20, at 12:00 noon.
(A) caught up with
(B) called for
(C) planned for
(D) set for

38.138. In order to modernize the communications system, our system will be upgraded to handle ten extensions lines, with a built-in answering machine, conference calls and _______features.
(A) dialing-speed
(B) dial-speed
(C) speed-dialing
(D) speed-dial.

39.139. About 500 _______technicians are on strike because more than 8,000 assembly-line workers were laid off.
(A) maintenance
(B) maintained
(C) maintaining
(D) sustaining.

40.140. To add to your account, send a check or money ____ to Smith Funds along with the additional investments form.
(A) paid
(B) pay
(C) payable
(D) payment

41.141. (chose wrong)When boarding an airplane, passengers must present their boarding passes to the designate agent at the airport gate.
(B)boarding passes

42.142. (chose wrong)If you need to find a list of books available through the library system, consultation the computer terminal near the reference room on the second floor
(A)a list of
(D)on the second floor

43.143. (chose wrong)Special care has been made to see if the merchandise has been packed according to the customers’ instruction.
(A)been made
(C)according to

44.144. (chose wrong)The national panel of experts exported that the related authority should continue to investigate the safety standards on a regular base.
(A)the related authority
(B)to investigate
(C)safety standards 

45.145. (chose wrong)For each workshop, participator must register and pay prior to the data which the conference begins. .
(C)prior to

46.146. (chose wrong)Except we receive a definite commitment by the end of the month, we will be forced to reconsider our original proposal.
(B)a definite commitment

47.147.(chose wrong) The Hilton Hotel has a courtesy bus which runs every one hour both to from the airport.
(B)which runs
(C)every one hour
(D)to from

48.148. (chose wrong)One project, proposed by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, it calls for building a new terminal that can process at least eight million passengers a year.
(B)it calls for
(D)eight million

49.149. (chose wrong)According to the company policy, all computer disks, which refer to any computer-data medium, must be scanned immediately upon enter to the building.
(A)refer to
(C)scanned immediately
(D)upon enter

50.150.(chose wrong) After an account at Ford’s Mutual Funds has been established, one may purchase additional share by electronic transfer.
(A)an account
(C)additional share
(D)electronic transfer

51.151. (chose wrong)There are many aspects of the position which are very appealing to me; but I believer it is in our mutual best interest that I decline your kind offer.
(A)appealing to
(C)it is

52.152.(chose wrong) The consulting company suggests relocating our headquarter at the suburbs to obtain more spacious space.
(C)to obtain
(D)spacious space

53.153. (chose wrong)In the event for any changes need to be made in the product, please inform our office immediately.

54.154. (chose wrong)We appreciate your interest in our programs and look forward to hear from you soon.
(B)your interest
(C)hear from

55.155. (chose wrong)All the transactions in this bank was handled quickly and efficiently by well-trained tellers.
(B)was handled

56.156. (chose wrong)It is recommended that you follow the format show in the sample when preparing an advertisement to be displayed in the magazines.
(A)It is recommended
(C)an advertisement

57.157. (chose wrong)Vivid International has decided to expand its loan to make up with a decline in investment returns.
(B)make up with

58.158. (chose wrong)Ms. Chen wrote to the director to complain about the poor services she received during she stay at the hotel.
(A)wrote to
(B)complain about
(C)she received
(D)she stay

59.159. (chose wrong)The Howard family were taken surprise when they were told the building they were living in has a severe structural flaw.
(C)were living in
(D)structural flaw

60.160. (chose wrong)Mandy’s Café was forced to closed because its inadequate ventilation, improper food storage, and operating without a health department permit.
(A)to closed