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1.101. The assistant to the personnel director who is responsible for scheduling all the interviews, insisted that her boss was ________for the next three weeks and she could not put me in.
(A) tied up
(B) called on
(C) unengaged
(D) overindulged

2.102. Substantial penalties will be _____ whenever a customer withdraws a time deposit from his or her account prior to the maturity date.
(A) asked
(B) changed
(C) charged
(D) fired

3.103. When entering the facility, disks authorized by a pass, must be declared and _______ for viruses.
(A) scanning for
(B) scanned for
(C) with scanning
(D) to scan

4.104. Two assistants are assigned to _____ attendants’ identification when they arrive at the conference.
(A) remark
(B) check
(C) notify
(D) ensure

5.105. The director suggested that the envelopes _______ by courier so that the film can be developed as soon as possible.
(A) were sent
(B) be sent
(C) will be sent
(D) are sent

6.106. For a sound cooperative relationship between these two firms, a satisfactory agreement must be both _______ and signed.
(A) reached
(B) altered
(C) handled
(D) engaged

7.107. Over the past two years, the success of the new manufacturing process _____ the number of requests for the product.
(A) doubled
(B) is doubling
(C) doubles
(D) has doubled.

8.108. It’s essential that the research project be conducted ______ the parameters of time and a limited budget.
(A) among
(B) between
(C) within
(D) upon

9.109. The employees of this firm complained that increases in worker productivity were not adequately rewarded by significant increases in __________
(A) complacency
(B) compilation
(C) commodities
(D) compensation

10.110. Passengers are required to ____ their flight numbers at least 24 hours in advance.
(A) confirm
(B) concur
(C) conduct
(D) concord

11.111. Please _____the investment guidelines for each Fund in the appropriate prospectus when opening a new account by exchanging from one Funds account to an identically registered account.
(A) unveil
(B) validate
(C) vary
(D) verify

12.112. The government study released said that business should implement widespread use of mathematical formulas to scramble electronic data and _____ the theft of computer data, wireless communications, and other electronic information.
(A) curbing
(B) to curb
(C) the curb of
(D) curbed with

13.113. The Center of Computer Technology is holding a “hands-on” exhibit, ____ for people to experience computer science at work and at home.
(A) design
(B) to design
(C) designing
(D) designed

14.114. An energetic, motivated regional manager with experience in supervising staff and dealing with the public is needed for a nation-wide chain of stores _________ the masses.
(A) catering for
(B) catered with
(C) cater for
(D) to cater with

15.115. The small workshop rooms are equipped with a lectern, an overhead projector, and a video recorder____. the charge of $300 per day.
(A) with
(B) on
(C) for
(D) at

16.116. Researchers predicted that government finance will remain _____ during the period of the nation-wide Ten Construction.
(A) stable
(B) authoritative
(C) summarized

17.117. ______too much sodium is known to contribute to hypertension, which is a factor in half the deaths in the United States each year.
(A) Consume
(B) Consuming
(C) Consumption
(D) Consumed

18.118. It’s estimated that a country _______higher educational standards for women has a much lower infant mortality rate as well as fertility rate.
(A) it sets
(B) which set
(C) to set
(D) which sets

19.119. If blood _______from the stomach right after a meal, digestion of food will be hampered.
(A)has been transferred
(B)were transferred
(C) will be transferred
(D) is transferred

20.120. Ms. Smith of Peace Employment Consultants has left her answering machine ________ for people who might phone to enquire about various jobs.
(A) turning out
(B) switched on
(C) switch out
(D) turned on

21.121. Were the ice of Greenland and Antarctic to melt, the sea level ---- at least 100 feet.
(A) would have risen
(B)would rise
(C) will have risen
(D) had risen

22.122. One of the most striking buildings in the city is the new Lloyd’s building, opened in 1986, which is thought to ________ an oil refinery.
(A) assemble
(B) resemble
(C) compose
(D) represent

23.123. For as little as NT$ 660 per month plus a deposit of NT$ 1,999, you can have a phone ______ in your car, which keeps you in touch with your customers, clients or office.
(A) install
(B) installed
(C) installing
(D) installment

24.124. If the investors _____ more aware of current trends, they could have avoided bankruptcy.
(A) were
(B) are
(C) have been
(D) had been

25.125. _______ the stockbrokers said that the market was healthy, they eliminated a great amount of investment into the stock market.
(A) Despite
(B) Because
(C) Although
(D) However

26.126. After a careful evaluation and a long discussion, the agent _____ the contract to us.
(A) has awarded
(B) awarding
(C) awards
(D) awarded

27.127. The ____ full-color pamphlet is designed to introduce you to our complete range of products, including such collectors’ pieces as “The Old Kentucky Rocking Chair.”
(A) enclosed
(B) enveloped
(C) enriched
(D) entailed

28.128. The sole proprietorship, the simplest form of business organization is one in which one person provides the capital, has complete control of the business, and ____ all the profits.
(A) keep
(B) keeping
(C) kept
(D) keeps

29.129. Shares can be ______only with the agreement of other shareholders and cannot be offered for sale to the general public.
(A) transferred
(B) transformed
(C) transmitted
(D) transfused

30.130. Medium-sized companies in manufacturing and retailing do not usually become very large because they must obtain capital for expansion either from their profits or ________a bank.
(A) borrow from
(B) by borrowing from
(C) leans to
(D) by leaning to

31.131. "The City of London" refers to a small part of London, _____there is a concentration of banks, insurance companies and financial markets.
(A) where
(B) which
(C) with which
(D) when

32.132. We thank for your letter of 20 January 2003, in which you _____ about our Autocomm car phone.
(A) demand
(B) inquired
(C) request
(D) enquired

33.133. The promotional film provides an informative introduction to our product but we would like to suggest that one of our representatives ______ you to demonstrate the exceptional quality of our product.
(A) visits
(B) visiting
(C) visit
(D) to visit

34.134. Because of current fluctuations in the price of our raw materials, it’s hard for us to give a precise ____________for your order.
(A) discount
(B) quotation
(C) special order
(D) estimate.

35.135. An explorer will only _____ business in the way of open account trading with long-standing and trustworthy customers.
(A) carry
(B) make
(C) spend
(D) do

36.136. The banking, insurance, investment, and shipping services _____ important sources of invisible earnings for the country.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) to be
(D) had been

37.137. A dramatic change was made recently by Barry McGuuigan, ex-featherweight champion of the world, who is _____boxing to present programmes on BBC television.
(A) giving up
(B) giving off
(C) giving over
(D) giving in

38.138. Documentary Credits are normally ____ which means that they cannot be changed or cancelled without the agreement of all parties.
(B) irretrievable
(C) irrevocable
(D) irreducible

39.139. We will be grateful if you could arrange the simultaneous shipment of our order in accordance _____ the original terms as we agreed.
(A) to
(B) with
(C) with
(D) upon

40.140. We are terribly sorry that you goods arrived late. The ____ was caused by mechanical problems with our new machines.
(A) cancellation
(B) delay
(C) extension
(D) confirmation

41.141. By starting out with a negotiation with your working team about how the time can be the most effective used, you can avoid conflicts later on.
(A)By starting out
(B)the time
(C)the most effective
(D)later on

42.142. Madison Inn was chosen for the annual company convention because of its large airy conference rooms which it can be easily partitioned off for small workshops.
(A)chosen for
(B)because of
(C)which it
(D)partitioned off

43.143. Capitalism is an economic and political system in which property business and industry are owed by private individuals but not by the state.
(A)an economic
(B)in which
(C)are owed
(D)but not

44.144. Innovation refers to the process of generation, acceptance, and implement of new ideas, products, or services.
(A)refers to
(D)or services

45.【已刪除】145. The popularity of jogging appears to have decreased since the past couple of years.

46.146. When forming and shaping working responsibilities, the only criterion managers and companies have to go by are employees’ ability in the working task.
(B)go by 
(D)working task

47.147. As a result of continuing expansion, City Bank is seeking the staff who have related experience and are able to cope with a wide variety of duty in a busy environment.
(A)As a result of
(B)who have
(C)cope with

48.148. Mr. Huang was offered a job as a junior accounts clerk required by an established well company to assist in a busy accounts office because of his previous experience with microcomputers.
(A)accounts clerk 
(B)an established well
(C)assist in

49.149. While living in the hotel, transportation, boutiques, bistros, and much more are at your fingertips without your even have to step outside the hotel.
(A)and much more
(B)at your fingertips
(C)have to
(D)step outside

50.150. The employees were told that the new safety inspection schedule would take effect on the end of the year.
(A)The employees
(B)safety inspection
(C)take effect
(D)on the end

51.151. Last week the Minister of Trade has announced more taxes on many crops grown for overseas markets.
(A)has announced
(D)overseas markets

52.152. A total of ten thousand dollars were spent on radio advertising, despite recent requests for budget-cutting policies.

53.153, According to the official press release, the government has imposed several new financial projects for the coming year.
(A)press release
(B)has imposed
(C)financial projects

54.154. In 1984, the world population rose to over 4.7 billion, up almost 85 million from an estimate made the year ago.
(B)up almost
(C)an estimate

55.155. The staff will be reimbursed for business travel expenses incurred while an assignment away from the normal work location.
(A)reimbursed for
(C)away from

56.156. If the air-traffic controller’s strike was to occur, could the seminar be postponed? Please call me at your earliest convenience.
(A)was to
(C)be postponed
(D) at

57.157.Simply bring your Sky Hawk to the nearest March dealer, allow twenty-four hours for installation, and we will have new retractors install for you at no charge.
(B)the nearest
(D)at no charge.

58.158. The investigation committee recommended that export controls on encryption technologies were progressively relaxed but not eliminated.
(A)export controls
(D)not eliminated

59.159. A chief information officer, who is responsible to all information system activities, including system analysis, management reporting, and computer functions, is immediately needed.
(A)responsible to
(B)system analysis
(D)immediately needed

60.160. Successful economists must have the ability of understanding the effect of world events on national economies.
(B)of understanding
(C)the effect
(D)on national economies