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1.101. The university alumni include a _______ group of engineers, architects, technicians, business executives, and others holding key positions throughout Taiwan.
(A) distinct
(B) distinguish
(C) distinguished
(D) distinctively

2.102. Prior to joining our company, Dr. Shwartz was an ______ professor of economics for more than a decade.
(A) winning-award
(B) win-award
(C) award-winning
(D) award-winner

3.103. Ms. Kitagawa spoke quite excitedly while she _______her sales presentation.
(A) took
(B) was taking
(C) has taken
(D) had taken

4.104. The faculty and staff get their paychecks automatically _____ in their bank accounts.
(A) deposited
(B) depositing
(C) are deposited
(D) deposit

5.105. The client has ______ a lawyer to act for her while she is abroad.
(A) authority
(B) authorized
(C) authorization
(D) author

6.106. To respect the rights of non- smoking persons and in accordance with state regulations, smoking is _______in all public buildings.
(A) prohibited
(B) proposed
(C) propelled
(D) prospected

7.107. Using the computer to distribute unwanted messages or ______other users may result in disciplinary actions.
(A) disturbing
(B) to disturb
(C) by disturbing
(D) disturbance

8.108. Housing reservations are made ____ a first come, first served basis in the sequence in which completed application forms are received.
(A) on
(B) with
(C) for
(D) above

9.109. The great deciduous forest in New England presents a display of colorful fall foliage, which is unequaled ______ in the world.
(A) nowhere
(B) wherever
(C) anywhere
(D) where

10.110. ________ there has been a strong competition, the new company has made great profits.
(A) Instead
(B) Nonetheless
(C) Because
(D) Although

11.111. It’s the policy of the company to maintain a work environment free of sexual harassment, ______equal employment opportunities.
(A) it impedes
(B) impedes
(C) which impeding
(D) which impedes

12.112. The ______ regarding whether Cape Cod looks like a flexed arm or a fishhook, has never been settled.
(A) dispute
(B) disputing
(C) disputable
(D) disputant

13.113. An increase in the cost of raw materials –____50% so far – will inevitably lead to price increase for our customers.
(A) up to
(B) equal to
(C) go to
(D) run into

14.114. All students may drive motor vehicles on campus; _____, parking is by permit only.
(A) but
(B) while
(C) thus
(D) however

15.115. The electricity company is not liable for damage caused by natural disasters _______ its control.
(A) beyond
(B) above
(C) outside
(D) around

16.116. On international shipments, all duties and taxes are paid by the ________.
(A) recipient
(B) receiving
(C) receipt
(D) receptive

17.117. Because of the _____ weather conditions, Taiwan has an advantage in the production of fruits and the promotion of touring business.
(A) favorite
(B) favor
(C) favorable
(D) favorably

18.118. The _______ concerning the working hours between labors and employers will be held at the International Trade Center.
(A) negotiations
(B) dedications
(C) propositions
(D) appreciation

19.119. .In order to make more money, Mr. Clinton decided to ____ a second job.
(A) take off
(B) take out
(C) take from
(D) take on

20.120. The company has to list its assets ____ liabilities at the stockholders meeting held annually in late June.
(A) but
(B) nor
(C) or
(D) and

21.121. Anyone who is interested in the position needs to ____ his or her resume to the personnel director prior to the application deadline.
(A) request
(B) adopt
(C) submit
(D) substantiate

22.122. _____ has the interest of time deposit been much lower and subject to change.
(A) Negatively
(B) Rarely
(C) Consequently
(D) Regularly

23.123. Have the secretary _____ my office before she leaves today.
(A) stop over
(B) stop for
(C) stop by
(D) stop to

24.124. Regulations must be examined and discussed _____ before they are announced.
(A) thoroughness
(B) thorough
(C) thoroughly
(D) more thorough

25.125. Engineers must be both _______ and creative and must exercise leadership to accomplish goals.
(A) analytical
(B) analyze
(C) analyst
(D) analysis

26.126. The purchaser suggested that the equipment ______ by next Monday morning.
(A) delivered
(B) delivering
(C) be delivered
(D) was delivered

27.127. The benefits packages offered by the Central Insurance Co. is impressive, ____ it is promoted only from within the company.
(A) for example
(B) when
(C) but
(D) nevertheless

28.128. ______the superior quality of our designs and craftsmanship, we cordially invite you to our special exhibition at the King Hotel.
(A) Full appreciation
(B) To fully appreciate
(C) To full appreciating
(D) Fully appreciate

29.129. Ten years ago, there _____ a severe shortage of computer specialists.
(A) was
(B) were
(C) has been
(D) have been

30.130. The need for in-service training programs ________ as a result of advances in global competition, consumer expectations, and the opening of huge new markets.
(A) is creasing
(B) are increased
(C) have increased
(D) increased

31.131.The 200-page, fully-illustrated _____ contains full details of our complete range of products.
(A) leaflet
(B) brochure
(C) catalogue
(D) booklet.

32.132 We would appreciate it if you would _______ these goods to be dispatched together with the same terms as the original order.
(A) confine
(B) confirm
(C) coincide
(D) conduct

33.133. The Bank of England ______in 1694 by a group of wealthy merchants and landowners for the purpose of raising a loan for King William III.
(A) was founded
(B) was found
(C) found
(D) has been founded

34.134. When considering if an applicant is suitable for a job, we will compare his or her previous experience and professional training with the _______of the job.
(A) requests
(B) reforms
(C) restrictions
(D) requirements

35.135. A smile, a gesture with the hand or a meaningful standing position ____ a neglected area of the salesman’s skills.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) was
(D) to be

36.136. After having _____ the matter, we discovered some confusion in the numbering of two different orders, which were collected for dispatch to Canada.
(A) looked up
(B) looked into
(C) looked over
(D) looked for .

37.137. The firm decided to take further action to make the unpaid invoice of $90,000 payable, which has caused ______financial difficulties.
(A) considerate
(B) considering
(C) considerable
(D) considerably

38.138. Mr. Lopes has ______ learned to send emails and to copy diskettes.
(A) yet
(B) soon
(C) ever
(D) already

39.139. Many conference attendees were late because the hotel was located farther than anyone __________.
(A) anticipated
(B) have anticipated
(C) was anticipated
(D) had anticipated

40.140. It was predicted that an _______ depreciating Taiwan dollars would stimulate exporting business in Taiwan.
(A) increased
(B) increasing
(C) increase
(D) increasingly

41.141. Good prospects for the position should be well-motivated persons with an initiating and flexible attitude to a variety of job.

(A)Good prospects
(B) well-motivated
(C)an initiating

42.142. Because of the satisfaction of our customers is our prime concern, we are contacting all the owners of this year’s March to alert them to improvements in the design of one of the car’s features
(A)Because of 
(B)to alert them
(C)in the design

43.143. Ms. Howard who spent several years at our offices in Zurich, she shared with us her ideas about contemporary patterns in trade.
(A)who spent
(D)in trade

44.144. The number of aeronautical engineers required meeting air transportation needs is rapidly increasing.
(A)The number
(B) required meeting
(C)air transportation
(D)is rapidly increasing

45.145. The credit cards issued by Jade Bank will bring you benefits that provides greater financial flexibility.
(A)issued by
(B)bring you

46.146. When she liaising with committees and senior management, Ms. Lee is able to work under pressure and organize and to communicate effectively.
(A)liaising with
(B)under pressure
(C)communicate effectively

47.147. As a young man, Alexander Graham Bell had dedicated his life to help deaf people, trying to make extra money by working out how to improve the telegraph.
(A)to help
(B)make extra money
(C)working out
(D)to improve

48.148. Commercial cycles have been placed the scrutiny of statisticians so that recurring patterns not obvious at first sight might be disclosed.
(A) have been placed
(B)so that
(D)at first sight

49.149. Fish have a well-developed sense of hearing, and the ability of transmitting sounds.
(D)of transmitting

50.150. Few blankets made by native Taiwanese would have survived to the present were it not due to enthusiastic collectors at the turn of the century.
(B)were it not
(C)due to

51.151. With the increase of automation, the problems of unemployment will become more serious unless more people would be given the training necessary for white collar positions.
(B)more serious
(D)would be given

52.152. Unlimited liability means that if a business gets into debt and eventually fails, then all the private wealth of the owner can be used to pay those people the business owns money to.
(A)gets into debt
(B)the private wealth

53.153. More than two people who contribute an amount of money for investment through a partnership will share the profit upon agree proportions. .
(A)an amount of

54.154. During the spring runoff, streams and rivers run full and waterfalls are with their most colorful.
(B)run full

55.155. The association holds meetings and sponsors a widely variety of activities and services for all the medical graduates in Taiwan.
(B)a widely variety

56.156. Counseling in resume writing, interviewing and job search strategies are offered.

57.157. The staff of professional librarians, in duty during all scheduled hours, are skilled in locating information.
(A) in duty
(B)scheduled hours
(D)in locating

58.158. Continue education and professional development are vital components in career growth.
(B) are 

59.159. Roadside stands offer local honey and a unbelievable range of shapes and sizes of fat pumpkins.

60.160. Total amount of the membership dues collected at the annual conference was more than $40,000.
(A)Total amount
(D)more than