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1.101. The advertising agent, putting up with a low salary for three years, tried to convince his boss that he was worth a ______.
(A) rise
(B) raise
(C) arouse
(D) lift

2.102. Simply let me know ahead of time when you plan to visit us so that I can arrange to have someone ______ then.
(A) capable
(B) effective
(C) available
(D) open

3.103. This whole stretch of road was under the work of resurface ______ heavy traffic has ruined it.
(A) thus
(B) because
(C) while
(D) consequently

4.104. The Crafts Co. decided to offer a bonus to its employees to express its appreciation for their loyalty to the company ______a rough period.
(A) in
(B) for
(C) at
(D) while

5.105. No matter how long it _____to finish a quarterly report, it must be done properly.
(A) taking
(B) take
(C) takes
(D) has taken

6.106. A $50 fee is ______each housing application, but payment of this fee does not guarantee a reservation.
(A) charged for
(B) required to
(C) reminded of
(D) recalled with

7.107. The buyer will need a Bill of Lading (B/L) to collect the goods when they arrive ____their destination.
(A) on
(B) at
(C) for
(D) with

8.108. Many clients have requested that we _____ the products in accordance with the conditions listed on the order.
(A) packed
(B) pack
(C) packing
(D) have packed

9.109 These day-long events, known as quilting bees, were welcome times for getting together with friends and ________community news.
(A) catch on
(B) catching at
(C) caught up with
(D) catching on

10.110. Because of both the opening of new huge new market and major shifts in the workforce, it has become necessary _______ education, training, and experience of employees in the workplace.
(A) supplementing
(B) to supplement
(C) supplement
(D) that supplements

11.111. The Governor of the National Bank is appointed by the President _____the advice of the board of the Economic Promotion Committee.
(A) on
(B) with
(C) by
(D) for

12.112. Mr. Long has just opened a new business and is in the process of ______his first advertising campaign.
(A) launching
(B) demonstrating
(C) generating
(D) performing

13.113. The secretary had found the typographical errors before the messenger ______ the proposal.
(A) delivered
(B) had delivered
(C) has delivered
(D) is delivering

14.114. Massachusetts ranks only 45th in size among the 50 states, but it offers visitors a host of ______ things to see and do.
(A) invited
(B) inviting
(C) invitation
(D) being invited.

15.115. By Friday, seventy-five applicants with a master degree had submitted ____ the teaching position in the university.
(A) at
(B) on
(C) for
(D) by

16.116. An executive _______ innovative ideas from his or her staff.
(A) can sometimes learn
(B) learning sometimes can
(C) sometimes can lean
(D) sometimes can learning

17.117. Professor Lin needs a person to _____ him with the conference display.
(A) assume
(B) assign
(C) assent
(D) assist

18.118. _______you can buy the same brand of soap, toothpaste and sugar-free carbonated drink in all 50 states, the United States reveals major regional differences.
(A) How
(B)In spite of
(C) Because

19.119. If this package is sent by overnight delivery, it _____ New York by noon tomorrow.
(A) reaches
(B) will reach
(C) is reached
(D) has reached

20.120. This is to answer your letter of _______ on the Police Force’s policies and procedures concerning undercover detectives.
(A) require
(B) inquire
(C) inquiry
(D) request

21.121. Dean of the Business Department had students _____ the overhead projector to the conference center.
(A) moved
(B) to move
(C) moving
(D) move

22.122. The _______ rates changed dramatically.
(A) money
(B) currency
(C) bill
(D) coins

23.123. It’s necessary for Ms. Smith to ____ the criteria for recruiting new staff by tonight.
(A) final
(B) finalize
(C) finally
(D) finality

24.124. The variety of insurance benefits _____ very broad under the newly announced policy.
(A) are
(B) is
(C) have been
(D) to be

25.125. Ms Duck was responsible for collecting and ____ the data for the negotiation.
(A) organize
(B) organizing
(C) organization
(D) organized

26.126. The conference site was located in a quiet community; unfortunately, it was much farther than we __________.
(A) have expected
(B) expected
(C) had expected
(D) was expected.

27.127. I suggested ______ in more exhibitions to make our product well-known to the public.
(A) participate
(B) to participate
(C) participating
(D) participated.

28.128. The host has no idea how much food to prepare for guests who ______the wedding banquet.
(A) are attending
(B) attending
(C) attended
(D) they will attend

29.129. Mr. Welsy ______ his schedule by himself.
(A) always arranges
(B) arranges always
(C) has arranged always
(D) always to arrange

30.130. _____all the sales representatives, Mr. Teller has been the most energetic and intelligent.
(A) For
(B) As
(C) Of
(D) With

31.131. Mr. Lee is a man with sound financial situation; ________ he never borrows money or asks for loans from the bank.
(A) in spite of
(B) in fact
(C) on the other hand
(D) while

32.132. An terrible earthquake occurred _____ the doctors were conducting a medical operation.
(A) so
(B) while
(C) because
(D) nevertheless

33.133. Roma’s historic places, architectural highlights, and overall charm are ________by a rich cultural heritage.
(A) complementing
(B) complemented
(C) to be complemented
(D) complement

34.134. Since Peter enrolled in the EMBA program, he has _____ a knowledgeable trainee.
(A) looked into
(B) brought about
(C) turned into
(D) broken into

35.135. While the presentation _______, the technician handled the computer displays.
(A) was being made
(B) has been made
(C) was making
(D) made

36.136. The products need to be tested for their safety _____ durability.
(A) but
(B) as well as
(C) or
(D) yet

37.137. Ms. Wu was hardworking and competent; ____ she had no trouble being recommended.
(A) namely
(B) nevertheless
(C) moreover
(D) thus

38.138. The words, FRAGILE – Handle with Care, are ______on all sides of the cases, which are individually numbered from 1 to 10.
(A) stenciled
(B) stenciling
(C) steered
(D) stressed

39.139. If we ____ more aware of the trends, we could have avoided such a great loss.
(A) are
(B) were
(C) have been
(D) had been

40.140. People who buy lottery tickets either try to win a big fortune ___ intend to do some charities for the poor and the disable.
(A) and
(B) neither
(C) or
(D) yet

41.141. The business profit is distributed to the shareholders in 
proportion to the number of shares they owe.
     B                         C                              D

42.142. The City Library is automated with a sophisticated on-
line catalog and book  check-out system, which it provides 
                                          B                                      C
access to numerous conveniences for the  users.                                                             D

43.143. The students generally arrive the campus with a full
measure of ability and  self-initiative, which refers a prope
                                               B                          C
r combination of motivation and self-reliance.  

44.144. Of all the seasons, fall in New England clearly has the
         A                                                               B
  more flamboyant  character and dramatic appeal.
     C                                                          D

45.145. Great care should be made before investing a large
                    A                     B                                     C 
 sum in such a franchisebusiness as Kentucky Fried

46.146. All the worthwhile and precious things in life is only
                          A                                                     B            
  obtained through  continuous and exacting effort
          C                                                      D

47.147. The project, which was supposed to increase the
 company’s revenues, it has  already brought about 
                                       B          C
financial gain.

48.148. If you are interested in visiting our headquarters, an
 officer in public relations will make you on a tour of th
                               B                   C                   D
e Identification and Emergency Departments.  

49.149. The goods which they were packed in wooden crates
         A                              B
 were dispatched from  Copenhagen on 1st April.
                     C                                    D

50.150. The present trend is for all banks to offer a wide range
                              A                                  B
 of financial service to all   types of customers
                        C                                       D

51.151. The residents of the earthquake-stricken area need to
         A                                                   B
 organize itself and make  their complaints officially know
                  C                                                           D

52.152. Sales they were estimated at more than $5 billion last
                       A                         B 
 quarter, nearly double the  first-quarterly figures. 
                 C                                    D

53.153. Electronic engineers have had no trouble to find high-
                                               A                             B
level, high paying   positions, which require professional t                      C                                      D
raining and experience.

54.154. The president’s speaking remarks always come across
                                         A                                        B 
much more powerfully than his published reports.
     C                    D

55.155. Louisa has active involved in a professional business
                                   A               B
 organization and landed two new major projects for
                                  C                     D
 her company.

56.156. Registrants are contacted via electronic mail regarded
                                                  A                                B
all pertinent job search activities
          C                              D

57.157. New England is rightly noted for its picturesque
 country inns, friendly guest   houses, and pleasant bed a
                                      B                                 C
nd breakfast establish

58.158. The secretary wants to know where Mr. Wang will be
                                                            A                             B
 staying in case her needs to  call him during his trip.
                                  C                                   D

59.159. The manager is concerned because there has been not
                                       A                                               B 
response from his client about the changes made in the
                                          C                            D

60.160. The interviewees decided to give the applicants
 opportunities to show what they knew about the publish
ing business. 

(A)to give