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1.101. When the contracts are ready, have them _____ to the purchasers.
(A) send
(B) sent
(C) be sent
(D) been sent

2.102. The variety of insurance benefits ____ very broad under this policy.
(A) are
(B) is
(C) be
(D) has been

3.103. _____ the figures had been checked twice, the supervisor found a mistake.
(A) Unless
(B) However
(C) Since
(D) Even though

4.104. Television has been around in the Untied States for half a century, and it is still a controversial topic, which ______strong and contradictory opinions.
(A) rises
(B) arouses
(C) arises
(D) rose

5.105. Instead of working out in the office, brainworkers can now “telecommute” from home________ physically commute to the office.
(A) as well as
(B) rather than
(C) but
(D) better than

6.106. Mr. Delta was responsible for collecting and _____ the related data for the proposal.
(A) organization
(B) organized
(C) organize
(D) organizing

7.107. A four-month investigation made it clear that America today is well into the kind of troubling world ______the most basic principles of privacy are under attack.
(A) when
(B) which
(C) in which
(D) wherever

8.108. The surgeon general’s report ______that smokers create health risks for nearby nonsmokers has encouraged companies to promote smoke-free work environments.
(A) asserting
(B) asserts
(C) asserted
(D) has asserted

9.109. More and more companies that have imposed ______on smoking are attempting to help their employees kick the habit.
(A) restrictions
(B) retention
(C) restoration
(D) reward

10.110. The Central Bank exercises general authority and _____over the banking and financial system in Taiwan.
(A) supervises
(B) supervising
(C) supervision
(D) superbly

11.111. You may rely on us to _______the instruction in the Documentary Credit in full.
(A) carry through
(B) carry on
(C) carry out
(D) carry away.

12.112. We have already contacted our forwarding agent to make arrangements for the ________of the goods, and we assure that we can meet your delivery deadline of 31st June.
(A) transportation
(B) transformation
(C) translate
(D) transition

13.113. When insurance is taken out, a proposal form is completed, which gives details of ______, for how long and the nature of the risk.
(A) what it is insured
(B) what is insured
(C) that it is insured
(D) which is insured.

14.114. It is ______to seek advice from an insurance broker about the many different policies available from insurance companies.
(A) advisable
(B) advised
(C) advice
(D) advising

15.115. ______ for the perfect location and assessing the needs of their company, the members of the executive committee took a long time before making their decision.
(A) Look
(B) Looking
(C) Looked
(D) Because look

16.116. To prevent errors caused by using the new coding system, we should ______ before beginning to write codes.
(A) find it over
(B) take it over
(C) look it over
(D) look it up

17.117. Please pack the boxes in wooden cases, five boxes per case which must have fireproof ____ waterproof linings.
(A) with
(B) so
(C) and
(D) but

18.118. Many employees in this company cannot use computers; _____ in-service training is required.
(A) on the whole
(B) besides
(C) consequently
(D) and

19.119. If there _____ better communication, the couple would not divorce.
(A) was
(B) is
(C) will be
(D) were

20.120. _____ you do not receive the original invoice, we will enclose a copy with this letter.
(A) While
(B) Whether
(C) In case
(D) As long as

21.121. Money can be considered as a ______and it is traded in the foreign exchange market.
(A) facility
(B) commodity
(C) loan
(D) credit

22.122. In order to avoid making mistakes, the manage has his colleagues _____ the statistics.
(A) checked
(B) to check
(C) check
(D) who check

23.123. Your _____of the thirtieth of May has come to our attention, and we wish to acknowledge your receipt immediately.
(A) request
(B) requirement
(C) demand
(D) denial

24.124. The prices of shares change from day to day ______supply and demand and the rise or fall of the market.
(A) according upon
(B) in accordance with
(C) match with
(D) are based on

25.125. The habit of traveling long distances to work _______for the past decades due to the availability of mass-produced reasonably-priced cars.
(A) is
(B) was
(C) has grown
(D) had been

26.126. Quilting requires a _______investment of time, which is why prices are often high.
(A) considerate
(B) considering
(C) considerable
(D) considered

27.127.______a country’s food become rich, the diseases of poverty (malnutrition, infectious disease) are replaced by the those of civilization (arteriosclerosis, obesity)
(A) Whereas
(B) As
(C) Even though
(D) Unless

28.128. With this change in people’s working habits _______ the new problem of filling their free hours with recreational activities.
(A) come
(B) comes
(C) have come
(D) coming

29.129. Many people _____debt because they overuse their credit cards, and they are charged at 12 to 20 percent interest on the money they borrow on their cards.
(A) get over
(B) get through
(C) go into
(D) get off

30.130. Dr. McClinton was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for medicine alone and the third woman _____any unshared Nobel science prize.
(A) to win
(B) winning
(C) who wins
(D) she won

31.131. The National Recycling Coalition recently _____Congress to pass tax incentives that would encourage development of new applications for waste materials.
(A) calls up
(B) call over
(C) call for
(D) called on

32.132. A trusting friend can call us back to earth and remind us _____ the universality of failure and sufferings.
(A) from
(B) of
(C) on
(D) with

33.133. If the earth ______ warmer each year, so called greenhouse effect, the earth would become a dead planet like Venus
(A) will get
(B) would get
(C) gets
(D) were to get

34.134. The increased carbon dioxide is probably not a threat to health, _____ it profoundly affects the way the earth is heated by the sun.
(A) nevertheless
(B) thus
(C) and
(D) but

35.135. It has recently been proved_________ lasers can be used to perform bloodless, painless surgery.
(A) where
(B) until
(C) while

36.136. Our department did not reach its monthly quota ____ we worked a lot of overtime.
(A) because of
(B) despite
(C) although
(D) but

37.137. The report ____ the process of solving the mechanical problems is on the shelf.
(A) explained
(B) explains
(C) who explaining
(D) that explains

38.138. The person submitting the complaint must include a detailed description of ___________.
(A) what occurred
(B) it occurred
(C) something occurred
(D) which was occurred

39.139. A Facsimile machine is a machine ________of a document via the international telephone network.
(A) which it transmits an image
(B) transmitted an image
(C) that transmits an image
(D) what transmits an image

40.140. (choose the wrong answer)Along the Connecticut River, Hartford is an attractive, thriving mixture of the old but new

41.141. (choose the wrong answer)The rapid advances in technology make a branch network less important as it used to be as a base for offering services to the public.

(C)used to
(D) as a base

42.142. (choose the wrong answer)Progress must be careful controlled so that the company will not grow too fast.
(C)so that
(D)too fast

43.143. (choose the wrong answer)The traveling guide advises us to visit Italy in winter, where the prices are lower.
(B)to visit
(C) where

44.144.(choose the wrong answer) If you have just recently purchased a car, or run a new company, you might consider to take advantage of the low interest rates of the City bank.
(A)just recently purchased
(C)to take
(D) interest rates

45.145. (choose the wrong answer)The products requiring should be described in detail in order to expedite the shipment.
(C)in detail
(D) to expedite

46.146. (choose the wrong answer)After being asked his advice, Mr. Harmoui recommended to have the proposal proofread by a lawyer.
(C)to have

47.147. (choose the wrong answer)Some people view gambling as a harmless form of fun that makes life more interesting; the other think of it as an evil enterprise that takes money from the poor.
(A)that makes
(B)the other
(D)the poor

48.148. (choose the wrong answer)With one in two marriages ending in divorce, it is an increase in single-parent homes.

49.149.(choose the wrong answer) The commodities market is a telephone market, taking place in the dealing rooms of major banks, where currencies are bought and sell all over the world.
(A)commodities marker
(B)taking place

50.150(choose the wrong answer) Because the pace of technological change and the intensity of competition, it is likely that the number of firms dealing in shares will become fewer and larger.
(B)the intensity
(C)it is likely
(D) dealing in shares

51.151.(choose the wrong answer) The position will be offered to the person who have better qualifications than the other candidates. 
(A)offered to
(B)who have

52.152. (choose the wrong answer)Attempts to invade privacy is illegal and violate standards of conduct.
(A)to invade

53.153.(choose the wrong answer) We look forward to hearing that your order has arrived safely and to do business with you in the future.
(C)to do

54.154.(choose the wrong answer) Considering by many to be the birthplace of American democracy, Boston attracts visitors from all over the world.
(B)to be

55.155. (choose the wrong answer)The passengers, which were frustrated by the delays, were crowded in front of the ticket counter to change their flights.
(A)which were
(C)in front of
(D)their flights

56.156.(choose the wrong answer)The boss was very angry because the letter that the secretary taped it had many careless mistakes.

57.157. (choose the wrong answer)Last month the interest rate that we paid on our bank loan raised from 12% to 15%.

58.158. (choose the wrong answer)Both the shipping charges or the handling charges are included in the price.

59.159. (choose the wrong answer)The development of steam-powered machinery in the eighteenth century resulted from the rapid growth of factories.
(C)resulted from

60.160. (choose the wrong answer)An exploration of medical studies has produced a flood of information on diverse human diet.
(B)has produces
(C)a flood of
(D)human diet