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1.101 The sales division reported a 35 percent increase ____ the last sale period.
(A) during
(B) with
(C) at
(D) as

2.102. By the end of this year, economic and political situations _______ greatly.
(A) will be changed
(B) will have changed
(C) changes
(D) changed.

3.103.___________ time to submit a bid.
(A) Still there is
(B) There is still
(C) There still is
(D) It is still.

4.104. After attending a seminar on Communicating Effectively at Work, Mr. Brown picked up some interesting pointers, ______made contact with several people who could possibly be potential clients
(A) as well as
(B) also
(C) either
(D) or

5.105. Each unit has been encased in foam rubber and then packed in a cardboard box to protect it from rough handling in ______,
(A) transfer
(B) transit
(C) transition
(D) transportation

6.106. All applicants ______to be considered for the grant must submit a letter describing their enterprise and why they feel they should be given the grant.
(A) wishing
(B) wish
(C) have wished
(D) will wish

7.107. A Bill of Lading is a receipt given by the shipping company _____that the goods have been loaded on board ship.
(A) to say
(B) to tell
(C) to speak
(D) to confirm

8.108. The _____ total working time to complete the project is six weeks, but it might take longer or shorter time to make it done.
(A) anticipated
(B) reexamined
(C) realized
(D) practicable

9.109. Baltic Exchange has its origin in the 17th century coffee houses, ____merchants would meet to drink coffee, read newspapers, and transact business.
(A) which
(B) that
(C) where
(D) whose

10.110. The future development of our company is based on _____ we can provide.
(A) what services
(B) how services
(C) whether services
(D) that services

11.111. The Central Downtown _______ as the costliest place in the city to do business.
(A) often is referred
(B) is often referred
(C) is referred often to
(D) is often referred to

12.112. Since the early part of this year, our citizens _______ with the policies and services of our government.
(A) are not satisfied
(B) have not satisfied
(C) have not been satisfied
(D) have been not satisfying

13.113. The newly appointed Minister of Education _______ critics and answer the questions submitted by the journalists.
(A) stands in
(B) stands over
(C) stands by
(D) stands up to

14.114. The clients would like the invoices ____ directly to their offices.
(A) fax
(B) faxing
(C) faxed
(D) be faxed

15.115. Mrs. Roarke, who could not give the presentation on marketing techniques scheduled on March 6th, called to offer an _______time for her presentation.
(A) advantage
(B) appealing
(C) allusive
(D) alternative

16.116. FAX, the abbreviation for facsimile machine, was invented in 1901, but until recently _______mainly for transmitting newspaper photographs and weather maps.
(A) which was used
(B) were used
(C) using
(D) used

17.117. The mayor wants the meeting _______ immediately.
(A) to arrange
(B) arranged
(C) will arrange
(D) arranging

18.118. We thought the project would be a great success; _______ it failed to attract customers’ interest.
(A) thus
(B) yet
(C) besides
(D) accordingly

19.119. The ______ department is responsible for recruiting employees and keeps a file on each employee.
(A) person
(B) personal
(C) personnel
(D) personable

20.120. As soon as the budget ________ approved, the project will be start immediately.
(A) is
(B) has been
(C) was
(D) will be

21.121. A strike will lead _____ a settlement that will be ultimately mandated by the Legislative Yuan.
(A) from
(B) to
(C) at
(D) with

22.122. A charity foundation was _______ to help the homeless and the unemployed.
(A) caught on
(B) went over
(C) filled out
(D) set up

23.123. I prefer to buy things with high quality ________they are not currently in vogue.
(A) even if
(B) and
(C) in that
(D) whereas

24.124. These statistics only show the situation of local commercial operations; ______ the international trade is not included.
(A) moreover
(B) consequently
(C) on the whole
(D) furthermore

25.125. The firm offers new employees ______ care and life insurance benefits.
(A) healthy
(B) health
(C) healthful
(D) healthfulness

26.126. The flight will arrive in Paris ____ twenty minutes.
(A) at
(B) for
(C) in
(D) until

27.127. Currency exchange losses from the transactions need to be assessed _______.
(A) annually
(B) rarely
(C) always
(D) more or less

28.128. Ms. Shirley is aggressive and wants to _____ more responsibilities.
(A) take in
(B) take on
(C) get to
(D) get on

29.129. There have been no grievances _____ complaints reported in the last six months.
(A) with
(B) also
(C) but
(D) or

30.130. The latest report provides analysts with ______ confidence in solid economic growth for the first half of the year.
(A) renewing
(B) renewal
(C) renewed
(D) renew

31.131. The appeals court, _______, has agreed that the company did not violate antitrust laws.
(A) it decided to review the case
(B) which it decided to review the case
(C) decided to review the case
(D) which decided to review the case

32.132..The bids on ________ the complex have been submitted by the construction companies
(A) putting off
(B) putting up
(C) putting on
(D) putting through

33.133. The ____ market has declined in many parts of the city since the end of last year.
(A) house
(B) homing
(C) homes
(D) housing

34.134. If our candidates _____ elected, we will have a very strong influence in deciding the direction of the future development of our company.
(A) will be
(B) are
(C) were
(D) have been

35.135. _______ you drive into Taipei or arrive via some other form of transportation, you’ll find the city easily accessible.
(A) If
(B) Although
(C) What
(D) Where

36.136. The researcher helped the department store ______ a thorough job of polling potential customers.
(A) do
(B) done
(C) to do
(D) has done

37.137. Several difficulties have ____ in our negotiations over the new contract.
(A) risen
(B) raised
(C) arisen
(D) aroused

38.138. According to the ____ of the invoice, settlement of this account was to be made within ninety days.
(A) codes
(B) items
(C) words
(D) terms

39.139. Because home-based business owners were unable to compete with the production capabilities of the new factories, they were forced ______ business and became employees in the factories.
(A) out of
(B) on
(C) in
(D) for

40.140. The city’s historic buildings has been shaping a nation and its many fine art museums and great educational institutions are known worldwide.
41.141. As arranging, the video scanners will be available for collection from our warehouse on 3 June.
42.142. Your intelligent and energy will help you solve the problems you encounter, use your strength wisely.
43.143. Blazing autumnal foliage, sparkling ski slopes, acres of spring blossoms, a wealth of summer music, and country fairs are all part of New Hampshire’s delight.
44.144. We look forward to hearing of the safe arrival of the replacements and to doing farther business with you.
45.145. Before the company remodels its office, a questionnaire was designed for the employees to express their opinions on factors that effect their working environment
46.146. The committee members ________ to stop to interviewing those applicants who were not willing to be relocated.

47.147. The Board of Directors recently suggested the office workers that all smokers went outside to smoke.
48.148. There is a rumor that school teachers are discussing the establishment of an union.
49.149. The editors of the monthly newsletter, which contains literary articles and cultural events, has decided to accept commercial advertisements.
50.150. In order to select the staff members who best deserves this year’s trip to Thailand, all the shareholders are requested to read the enclosed profiles on the candidates beforehand.
51.151. The disks which contained the information you require was accidentally destroyed.
52.152. Cross your legs in a relaxed manner in front of an American could be regarded as rather effeminate.
53.153. Early settlers made quilts primarily for warm and economy with leftover scraps of materials from the household.
54.154. Your paychecks can be deposited directly into your account, or you can pick it up at the Accounting office.
55.155. Mostly three-quarters of the nation’s lobsters are caught off the coast of Maine.
56.156. Today, the stock market surged to it’s third record high and gained two hundred points for the week.
57.157. According to the survey, allow deductible contributions would encourage about one million households to invest.
58.158. Cape Cod is curiously shaped; some people see it as a flexed arm and the other see it as perhaps a fishhook.
59.159. If we do not receive your payment by the end of this month, we shall have no alternative and to place the matter in the hands of our solicitors.
60.160. By using a word processor linked to a personal computer and connected to the company’s computer, it is possible to exchange the information required to do a wide variety of office job at home.