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1.101. Advertisers use all kinds of _____ to get your attention and your dollars.
(A) formula
(B) process
(D) arrangement

2.102. Those ______ expertise was surpassed only by their diligence.
(A) technician
(B) technical
(C) technique
(D) technology

3.103. Please tell other staff who are addicted to tobacco _____ both in the hall way and in any working areas.
(A) don’t smoke
(B) not smoking
(C) aren’t smoking
(D) not to smoke

4.104. The representatives are _____ going home and seeing their families after this negotiation.
(A) looking up to
(B) looking for
(C) looking out
(D) looking forward to

5.105. Our company is thinking of _____ its operations into foreign markets.
(A) raising
(B) inflating
(C) enhancing
(D) expanding

6.106. The secretary typed up the monthly report in time but it is_____ not correct.
(A) already
(B) still
(C) anyway
(D) yet

7.107. The ______ are too strict for the subcontractors to meet
(A) specifications
(B) specified
(C) specific
(D) specifying

8.108. If the marketing strategies are well applied, we _____ our profits by 20 percent.
(A) will have been increase
(B) would have increased
(C) will increase
(D) increase

9.109._______, friendships, etiquette, patience and protocol are integral parts of business.
(A) Socializing
(B) Social
(C) Sociable
(D) Society

10.110. In some countries, business people have a very direct style, while in ______ they are much more subtle in style.
(A) others
(B) the others
(C) another
(D) each

11.111. It has recently been proved_________ the laser can be used to perform bloodless, painless surgery.
(A) where
(B) until
(C) while

12.112. All the companies cannot afford to make costly advertising mistakes _____ they want to be competitive and profitable.
(A) if
(B) why
(C) how
(D) that

13.113. When you eat _______, you get the vitamins you need from the foods you eat.
(A) a diet of well balance
(B) to balance a diet
(C) a diet is well balance
(D) a well-balanced diet

14.114. We only give discounts of more than 20% to customers with whom we have ______a good, long-term trading relationship.
(A) set off
(B) set for
(C) set off
(D) set up

15.115. Hospitals are competing for shrinking market share; ________ they are attempting to discover the most cost-effective and highest quality care.
(A) therefore
(B) also
(C) besides
(D) furthermore

16.116. Football and baseball ______ currently played in the United States are basic modifications of games that originated in England
(A) which
(B) are
(C) as
(D) that are

17.117. Not every person who is indicted ____________.
(A) of guilt
(B) is guilty
(C) to be guilty
(D) guilty

18.118. Understanding and heeding cultural _______ is one of the most significant aspects of achieving successful in any international business enterprise.
(A) varies
(B) differs
(C) variables
(D) different

19.119. Educators reminded that the subtext of many advertisements can be_______; some promoting sexism and racism and other encouraging ethnic stereotyping.
(A) agreeable
(B) attractive
(C) controversial
(D) diversified

20.120. We cannot process the order _____ we get a copy of the purchase order.
(A) because
(B) that
(C) until
(D) when

21.121. Please use the _____ envelop for your reply.
(A) is enclosed
(B) enclose
(C) enclosing
(D) enclosed

22.122. The customer service representatives ______ at the receptionist desk for product introduction.
(A) always are available
(B) are always available
(C) are available always
(D) being always available

23.123.The publisher expects circulation ______ in the coming new year.
(A) to ascend
(B) to increase
(C) to escalate
(D) to raise

24.124. Using the checklist is an ____ way to make plans.
(A) effective
(B) effected
(C) affective
(D) affective

25.125. The ______ about out recycling plans will reassure consumers.
(A) public
(B) publish
(C) publication
(D) publicity

26.126. The captain requested that all passengers ____ emergency procedures.
(A) reviewed
(B) reviews
(C) reviewing
(D) review

27.127. Scholars and experts on economics suggest the government ______ a research institute of economic development
(A) organizing
(B) organize
(C) organized
(D) organizes

28.128. The Ford-model car has always been in good condition and seldom been brought in for _______.
(A) repairs
(B) despair
(C) impairs
(D) comparisons

29.129. Our latest advertising packages include brochures _______ videos.
(A) or
(B) either
(C) neither

30.130. Mr. Wang’s secretary will_____ the messages if he has not time to answer the phones.
(A) make
(B) do
(C) take
(D) leave

31.131. The name list of the new executive directors, ______ was announced today, would be very surprising and beyond people’s expectations
(A) when
(B) whose
(C) it

32.132. An attractive display is one thing that encourages customers _____ the products of the company.
(A) to buy
(B) buying
(C) buy
(D) bought

33.133. ______one gets, the more precious friendship becomes; for it affirms the contours of our existence.
(A) As older
(B) Being older
(C) The older
(D) As older

34.134. An estimated five and a half billion tones of carbon ______ released into the atmosphere each year by burning of coal, oil, and synthetic fuels.
(A) have been
(B) have
(C) has
(D) has been

35.135. If a relaxed baby _______by loving, attentive parents, he might grow up to be an intelligent risk taker – an artist, or a scientist.
(A) is raised
(B) was raised
(C) were raised
(D) has been raised

36.136. Anyone who has experienced a gut-busting laugh knows ____ it interrupts tension.
(A) how
(B) what
(C) which
(D) when

37.137. At work or home, the basic tenet for humor is: take your responsibilities seriously, _____ don’t take yourself so seriously.
(A) and
(B) but
(C) either
(D) nor

38.138. There is some evident that _______ mentally active can slow age-related decline.
(A) keeps
(B) keeping
(C) kept
(D) while keeping

39.139.Men tend to be seduced by technology; _____ they get into the faster-race-car syndrome, bragging about the speed of their microprocessors.
(A) but
(B) while
(C) for example
(D) due to

40.140. The telephone is an extension of the human voice and the telescope and microscope are extensions of their ______.
(A) seeing
(B) seen
(C) sight
(D) sought

41.141. Since their inception, the department has been troubled by high turnover.
42.142. The figure compares with a effective tax rate last year of 36 percent which resulted from write-offs.
43.143. Steven Spielberg, one of the most successful Hollywood movie director, shows his creativity in the diversity of his films.
44.144. Despite products of the technological age –TV, videos, computer games – have taken many people away from reading books, the book industry is still thriving..
45.145. Increasingly, waste is being seen as a resource that the world can not longer afford to squander.
46.146. If the service is not prompt, the customers would have gone to another restaurant.
47.147.The director asked Helen gives the customers a tour of the factory and a demonstration of the latest products.
48.148. The letter that Mr. Howard sent it from Taipei has a lot of typographical errors.
49.149. The staff are required to attend the company training sessions a week twice.
50.150. Some people think it is good to censor books and the other believe that censorship goes against the basic right of freedom of expression.
51.151. Stockbrokers are people who buy and sell shares for their clients and charging fixed rates of commission for this service.
52.152. Researchers have found that the healthiest diet is simple, inexpensive, and traditional fare that people abandon as they moving into affluence.
53.153. The items on this invoice were mislabeled and has incorrect stock identification number.
54.154. The visitor only has a twenty-dollar bill with her when she landed at Hartford airport.
55.155. Due to poor planning and problems with local cash flew, most analysts predicted that the firm remained solvent for only a few months.
56.156. The writings of Helen Keller serve as an inspiration not only for people with disabilities and for all people the world over.
57.157. If e-mail had been invented before the telephone, it would be the most popular communications medium.
58.158. Modern children should be taught to deal direct with reality and to be proud and confident.
59.159. The director had her assistant picked up some related references for the proposal which will be submitted at the coming quarterly meeting.
60.160. As business has become increasingly international, the need for clearly-understood communication between members of different cultures are even more crucial.