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1.101. Customers pay premium price for ______ products because the quality of the products is higher than that of similar products or they are heavily advertised.
(A) branded
(B) branding
(C) brandish
(D) brandy

2.102. The higher the price, ______ for producers to produce and sell. So a rise in price increases the quantity supplied.
(A) the higher incentive
(B) the incentive is higher
(C) the higher the incentive
(D) when the incentive higher

3.103. Sales promotion is intended to give a short boost ____ sales, such as offering discount vouchers, free gifts, and better value offers.
(A) for
(B) to
(C) with
(D) at

4.104. The color of the packaging and its design need to reflect the image of the product _______ to give any information required by law.
(A) yet
(B) as well as
(C) but
(D) neither

5.105. Sony is one of the companies throughout the world, which uses an ______ assembly line to produce digital cameras and varied video products.
(A) automation
(B) automating
(C) automated
(D) automaton

6.106. The United Colors of Benetton, __________, has come to stand for up-market casual but smart clothes.
(A) which an Italian company
(B) is an Italia company
(C) that it is an Italian company
(D) an Italian company

7.107. Because the market cannot always prevent _______ their customers or supplying inadequate goods, governments have to step in to pass consumer protection laws.
(A) misled
(B) mislead
(C) misleaded
(D) misleading

8.108. _____ a loan, where interest has to be paid, dividends to shareholders don’t have to paid if profits fall or the company makes a loss.
(A) Like
(B) Unlike
(C) Dislike
(D) Likely

9.109. Balance sheets are used by other businesses and individuals to judge whether the business is safe enough _______in or to buy out.
(A) so that to invest
(B) investing
(C) to invest
(D) and invests

10.110. The train across the English Channel connecting England and France speeds through the underwater tunnel ____ rates of 90 to 180 miles per hour.
(A) with
(B) for
(C) in
(D) at

11.111. The Internet, a backbone for the so-called data superhighway, ________computer networks, cable TV, interactive phone services and other technologies.
(A) consists of
(B) consisting of
(C) was made of
(D) made up of

12.112. _____ corporate America comes to terms with the antismoking fervor, more and more companies are regulating their use of tobacco in the workplace.
(A) As
(B) Although
(C) Whereas
(D) Since

13.113. Research around the world points to a recipe for _______ - a low fat, high fiber diet with calories coming from the grains and legumes.
(A) be well
(B) being good
(C) well-being
(D) good-being

14.114. Ethnocentrism is the view that one’s own culture is better than all the others; it is the way all people feel about themselves as _________outsiders.
(A) compared to
(B) comparing to
(C) are compared to
(D) they compare to

15.115. Wherever you go, garbage, plastic bags, and bottles are thrown ________without regard.
(A) everywhere
(B) nowhere
(C) anywhere
(D) wherever

16.116. Many things can happen and make the actual outcome different from ______ was budgeted.
(A) which
(B) what
(C) that
(D) whether

17.117. In American football, two teams ______11 players attempt to score points by kicking goals or by putting the ball behind their opponents’ goal line.
(A) with
(B) have
(C) which has
(D) to have

18.118. Sales turnover is equal to the average price of the product sold _____ the number sold.
(A) time
(B) timing
(C) times
(D) timely

19.119. If the government ________ value added tax (VAT), then taxes on goods and services bought will be lower.
(A) will cut
(B) cut
(C) cuts
(D) has cut

20.120. Mr. Buffalo insists that his secretary _______ weekly updates on each project and report them in the weekly meeting
(A) provides
(B) to provide
(C) provided
(D) provide

21.121. The Market is like a vast voting machine with buyers and sellers being the market forces which determine price and quantity __________ in a market.
(A) buy and sell
(B) bought and sold
(C) buying and selling
(D) bought and selling

22.122. The company makes traditional men’s shoes that will look good with a suit or __________.
(A) and more causal clothes
(B) with more casual clothes
(C) wear more causal clothes
(D) to wear clothes causally.

23.123. Sara’s ran up debts of $50,000 in the first year and it will ________business unless it increases sales to 4,000 personal computers in the second year.
(A) go out of
(B) go off
(C) go for
(D) go through.

24.124. Helen prefers to wander around the open air market, _______ there are numerous stalls with traders selling everything from food to clothes.
(A) which
(B) that
(C) where
(D) what

25.125. Primary industry, including fishing, mining, farming, and oil extraction, is the sector, where raw materials are extracted, _____ and cut down.
(A) growing
(B) grew
(C) grown
(D) grow

26.126. Changes in _____ is being produced in the economy are bound to lead to changes in where and how people work.
(A) that
(B) which
(C) whether
(D) what

27.127. The Manufacturing industry ________ over the past thirty years, causing the manufacturing employment as a proportion of total employment fell by 17 percent.
(A) was revolutionized
(B) has revolutionized
(C) revolutionized
(D) had revolutionized

28.128. Tesco, one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, employing up to several hundred full time workers, ______ wealth and prosperity in the local community.
(A) creating
(B) creates
(C) create
(D) have created

29.129. The size of population in a local area would affect businesses; _____ what happens to business could well affect the size of population.
(A) similarly
(B) therefore
(C) consequently
(D) even though

30.130. The _______ of a city, such as roads, telephone networks, water, gas and electricity supply, has an important impact on local economical development.
(A) infrastructure
(B) environment
(C) policy
(D) construction

31.131.____ interest rates will add to the costs because the clients have to pay more money to the bank from which they borrow the money.
(A) Rising
(B) Rises
(C) Raising
(D) Rise

32.132. Government imposes many regulations on foreign business, from consumer rights, to employee and labor relations, _____ to laws governing contracts and liability.
(A) or
(B) and
(C) either
(D) but

33.133. P&O is always looking to get the best value for money; _____ it is also interested in the quality of the product, delivery times and after sales service.
(A) although
(B) in spite
(C) however
(D) accordingly

34.134. ________the difficulty of using different currencies, the EU has established a monetary union where there is only one single currency, the Ecu.
(A) To get around
(B) Getting up
(C) With getting hold
(D) To get through

35.135. Beardshaw’s did very well _____ the economy was booming, but when a recession came, it saw sales fall dramatically.
(A) during
(B) for
(C) while
(D) when

36.136. A multinational needs to develop strategies for _____ a number of different problems, such as communication, local laws and politics, and exchange rate fluctuations.
(A) bringing up with
(B) coping with
(C) dealing in
(D) setting up

37.137.Six countries account for 80 percent of McDonald’s foreign ______. So there is plenty of room for expansions worldwide.
(A) earns
(B) earning
(C) earned
(D) earnings.

38.138. In women’s eyes, public achievement makes a man more attractive as a marriage partner but for men the situation is______.
(A) reversed
(B) reserved
(C) replaced
(D) recognized.

39.139. Many companies set a number of objectives, ________ is an indicator of how well the company is performing.
(A) each
(B) which
(C) each of which
(D) it

40.140. Studies showed that the accumulation of carbon dioxide ______ average global temperatures to rise nearly four degrees Fahrenheit by the twenty–first century.
(A) have caused
(B) has caused
(C) have been causing
(D) causing

41.141. Gambling is a controversial subject, which leads to debate and discussions.
42.142. According to the law, every partner gets an equal share of the profit and has the same voting power as any other partners.
(B)and has
(C)voting power
(D)any other partners

43.143. Farmers in the developed countries of the world is coming under increasing pressure from ecological groups to reduce their use of pesticides and fertilizers.
44.144. If the interest rate was to go up, the interest charge in dollars would be even higher.
45.145. The district has one of the largest attraction in Taiwan’s tourist region and has an increasing number of “highly commended” properties in the accommodation list.
46.150. Businesses are constantly having to make cost decisions. For the same price, what would have to be given up if a computer is bought?
47.151. The director of the publication department works harder as his staff do.
48.152. It is ridiculous for people in the same office to use e-mail to communicate with the one another.
49.153. That building, its architect is unknown, is a popular tourist attraction.
50.154. Men are typical motivated by a social structure that says if you don’t dominate, you will be dominated.
51.155. The cash, which it was a bonus for being number one, totaled more than the previous bonuses put together.
52.156. In order to survive the competition of other firms, successful businesses have to supply goods and services that customers want to buy, with the right price.
53.157. In a free market economy, companies are private businesses that are not owed by the state.
54.158. Machines have replaced workers and thus a few factories today employ mostly no labor at all
55.159. Convincing evidence from the field of behavioral genetics implies that certain biological predispositions to criminal behavior is inherited.
56.160. Human traits, such as impulsivity and fearlessness, are as the characteristics of artists than those of criminals.