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1.1. To get ready for _______ presentation, Mrs. Warren spent the afternoon memorizing her prepared speech.
(A) she
(B) her
(C) hers
(D) herself

2.2. In the event _______ bad weather, the marathon will be postponed to the following Saturday.
(A) of
(B) against
(C) with
(D) by

3.3. Mr. Johnson requested his intern _______ the report on his desk by the end of the day.
(A) type
(B) was typing
(C) will type
(D) to type

4.4. The conference center is unavailable every day between six _______ seven o’clock due to cleaning and maintenance.
(A) and
(B) of
(C) if
(D) yet

5.5. _______ 80 percent of Fine Diamond's clients are wealthy jewelry collectors from the North American continent.
(A) More
(B) Higher
(C) Over
(D) Further

6.6. Prior to any meetings with clients, the vice president _______ researches the competition to make sure his company is offering the best on the market.
(A) nearly
(B) well
(C) always
(D) far

7.7. Ms. Dorsey _______ finished her twentiethyear as the corporation's executive finance director.
(A) success
(B) successful
(C) successfully
(D) successes

8.8. Those who work ------- 9 P.M. are given additional compensation for working late hours.
(A) after
(B) between
(C) through
(D) out

9.9. Prime Real Estate, under the ------- of Mr. Matt, sold double the amount of properties as any other agency in the area last year.
(A) direct
(B) directed
(C) directly
(D) direction

10.10. The accountants who are unfamiliar with the new program may ------- the workshop Friday afternoon.
(A) attendance
(B) attend
(C) were attending
(D) attendee

11.11. Copies of the painting may not be reproduced ------- the permission of the owner.
(A) without
(B) into
(C) until
(D) among

12.12. Telemarketers should adhere to the company’s standard ------- when contacting potential clients.
(A) development
(B) category
(C) procedure
(D) qualification

13.13. The Conflict Management Institute prepares its students to make -------contributions to corporate society.
(A) value
(B) valuable
(C) valuing
(D) valuably

14.14. Furniture for the interior remodeling of the office will be ------- to the storage unit near the building.
(A) delivered
(B) produced
(C) assembled
(D) equipped

15.15. The two household floor cleaners tested in the study, PineSol and Freshness, are ------- competent in removing unwanted stains.
(A) equal
(B) equally
(C) equality
(D) equaled

16.16. The accounting manager ------- concerns that his accountants were under too much pressure to finish the report by the deadline.
(A) proposed
(B) commented
(C) regarded

17.17. We at Deluxe Shipping guarantee that your packages will arrive on the ------- delivery date.
(A) expect
(B) expecting
(C) expected
(D) expectation

18.18. The city's main library regularly hosts a ------- of public events to encourage young people to read more.
(A) present
(B) scheme
(C) series
(D) progression

19.19. The brochures released this year include the ------- travel packages and photos of the renovated resort.
(A) update
(B) updates
(C) updating
(D) updated

20.20. If you want to get a _______ on your purchase, you must present a copy of the original receipt along with the product.
(A) refund
(B) registration
(C) purchase
(D) limit

21.21. Last month the marketing team _______ a new strategy that subsequently increased the company's revenue by thirty percent.
(A) implementation
(B) implements
(C) implementing
(D) implemented

22.22. As production coordinator, Elizabeth was _______ for the supervision of the final stages of assembly and of overall product quality.
(A) probable
(B) responsible
(C) trusting
(D) powerful

23.23. Glacier Inc. is anticipating that its new line of climbing gear will improve its _______ in the outdoor sports gear market.
(A) competitor
(B) competitive
(C) competitiveness
(D) competitively

24.24. _______ the last speech of the day ends, set-up crew are asked to remove all of the chairs in preparation for the evening ballroom dance.
(A) Who
(B) When
(C) Why
(D) Which

25.25. It would be easier to work on this project as a team if our manager permits _______ to do so.
(A) we
(B) our
(C) ours
(D) us

26.26. The _______ investment should be small in order to determine the fund's stability.
(A) initial
(B) cancelled
(C) productive
(D) impartial

27.27. Before making your online purchase, read the customer agreement _______ in order to clearly understand our company's return policies.
(A) careful
(B) most careful
(C) carefulness
(D) carefully

28.28. Once you arrive at the hotel, check-in and _______ a copy of the seminar's agenda from the reception.
(A) define
(B) obtain
(C) recall
(D) inquire

29.29. Interested customers can look at reviews of _______ of our custom-made pianos on our Web page.
(A) some
(B) so
(C) such
(D) ones

30.30. The CEO announced that he will _______ reach a decision about the potential merger by the end of the week.
(A) definitely
(B) extremely
(C) freely
(D) usually

31.31. The rise in sales this quarter indicates that _______ is increasing amongst middle-class consumers.
(A) spend
(B) spenders
(C) spent
(D) spending

32.32. _______ getting into the from the business trip, immediately proceed to the branch office for a briefing on the week's itinerary.
(A) After
(B) Because
(C) Now that
(D) Even if

33.33. Metropolitan Museum asks its patrons to _______ refrain from making loud conversation in the exhibition rooms not to disturb other visitors.
(A) kind
(B) kindly
(C) kindlier
(D) kinder

34.34. Tom Evans has been promoted to senior supervisor for his _______ sales record over the past two years.
(A) unfolded
(B) reversing
(C) inscribed
(D) outstanding

35.35. The remodeling project is _______ amazing when you realize that it took only a week to be completed.
(A) too much
(B) all the more
(C) most of
(D) many more

36.36. The due date for the application to the Wall Street Finance Center internship is _______ approaching.
(A) rapidly
(B) securely
(C) carefully
(D) anxiously

37.37. Customer complaints about late shipments and damaged packages are becoming more_______.
(A) frequent
(B) frequented
(C) frequently
(D) frequency

38.38. If you use the online banking system, the bank credits the _______ to your account after 10 A.M. on the next business day.
(A) deposit
(B) economy
(C) finance
(D) placement

39.39. Dr. Sanders and Dr. Jacobs turned in their resignations to the general hospital and will open a private practice of _______.
(A) them
(B) theirs
(C) themselves
(D) their own

40.40. FTP Services is relocating its head offices and will be _______ its customer service hotline until further notice.
(A) unfolding
(B) estimating
(C) discontinuing
(D) solving

41.Questions 41-43 refer to the following e-mail. From: Brad Taylor To: Arlene Petronos Subject: Book reviews Date: Thurs, Nov 22 2007 Dear Ms. Petronos, Allow me to congratulate you again on becoming part of our online magazine writing team. As you learned in an earlier communication, you will be writing reviews of recently published non-fiction books. By Monday next week, you will receive your ___41____ assignment parcel, which will contain copies of the publications on your assignment list. Instructions for submitting the first draft of each review, in addition to information on the formation of a peer critique group for your work, ___42____ on our Web site. Essentially, you will be posting your work on our non-fiction book review board, which you can access only with an administration-approved user name and password. Since you need a password to log in, your ___43____ password is: crimson. You can change this password for your convenience after you have logged on to the site. Welcome again, and we look forward to working with you!
【題組】 41.
(A) almost
(B) late
(C) first
(D) last

(A) is locating
(B) locate
(C) located
(D) are located

(A) temporary
(B) approximate
(C) previous
(D) permanent

44.Questions 44-46 refer to the following letter. August 21, 2007 LON CHANEY 11509 Westmont Street West Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA Dear Mr. Chaney, I would like to thank you for meeting with me last Monday. I certainly ____44___ the chance to talk about career possibilities with someone who has been in the medical technology industry for so many years. I am particularly grateful that you have offered to give me your insights on tie-ups between manufacturers and medical institutions. As you are aware, I am most interested in enhancing my research skills for a well-established, ____45___ manufacturer that produces equipment for hospitals and institutions that specialize in cardio-pulmonary health care. In the long-term, I would like to establish a system that would provide the latest technology as well as the new information that assists doctors in improving the quality of life of their patients. This is the reason I would like to work for companies that value ___46____. Thank you once again for your offer of assistance, and I do look forward to our future discussions.
【題組】 44.
(A) appreciating
(B) appreciated
(C) was appreciated
(D) will appreciate

(A) reputably
(B) reputable
(C) repute
(D) reputation

(A) association
(B) commerce
(C) routine
(D) innovation

47.Questions 47-49 refer to the following letter. July 22, 2008 WESLEY MOORE Customer Service Department Americana Airlines West Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA Dear Mr. Moore, On July 15, I ___47____ AMA flight #701 from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I have no complaint about the trip itself; it was very comfortable. However, I was very ____48___ when I arrived at the airport and discovered that my baggage had been lost. I didn’t have any choice but to wait at the airport for five hours while your employees tried to trace the whereabouts of my baggage. I left the airport without my belongings as I had an important meeting to attend. It has been one week, and I have not been contacted regarding my baggage. For this reason, I strongly feel that I should be compensated for the items that were lost. I hope to hear from your office ____49___ the week. Sincerely yours, NATHAN HALL
【題組】 47.
(A) take
(B) will take
(C) have taken
(D) took

(A) prepared
(B) disappointed
(C) informed
(D) confirmed

(A) within
(B) from
(C) since
(D) near

50.Questions 50-52 refer to the following article. June 14, Bangkok — There has been a growing number of online orders for American products in Central and Southeast Asia. Thus, in response to the __50_____, America’s biggest online shopping site Amaze-Mart has announced plans to set up additional online stores in key cities in Asia, beginning with Bangkok. The Seattle-based electronic commerce firm currently __51_____ its online stores from the US, Canada and four countries in Europe. The establishment of an online store in Bangkok ___52____ the need for customers to pay high international shipping fees when they make orders on the Web site. The company’s customers in Asia have responded positively to this development.
【題組】 50.
(A) declaration
(B) difficulty
(C) increase
(D) contract

(A) functions
(B) operates
(C) evaluates
(D) serves

(A) has eliminated
(B) eliminate
(C) will eliminate
(D) eliminated