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110 年 - 110 國立中山大學碩士暨碩士專班招生考試_光電系碩士班:電磁學#104298 

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1.1. (16%) Please derive the boundary conditions for static D and H across an interface of two media.


2. (20%) A parallel-plate capacitor of 5 m2 area and plate separation of 12 mm is filled with three dielectric slabs of equal thickness as shown in Fig. 1. If a potential of 120 V is applied to the capacitor, neglect the fringing and find out:

【題組】(a) polarization P in each region (10%) and

3.【題組】 (b) capacitance C of the capacitor (10%).

3. (20%) For time-harmonic fields, please answer the following questions:

【題組】 (a) Write down the Maxwell's equations in phasor form. (12%)

5.【題組】(b) In a simple and nonconducting source-free medium, please derive the homogenous vector Helmholtz's equation for H. (8%)


4. (16%) In free space, a uniform plane wave is expressed as:

【題組】(a) What is the value of kz ? (4%)

7.【題組】(b) What is the corresponding H field? (6%)

8.【題組】(c) Please find out the time-average power flow per unit area normal to the direction of propagation. (6%)


5. (8%) For a transmission line system shown in Fig. 2, please find out the input impedance 61a46965b931d.jpg.


6. (20%) Consider uniform waveguide structures and answer the following questions:


(a) For a uniform waveguide with arbitrary cross section as shown in Fig. 3(a), please derive the two- dimensional (2-D) vector phasor expression of transverse magnetic field components in terms of 61a469cd5094e.jpgare 2-D vector phasors for Ez and Hz. (10%)


(b) For an air-filled metallic rectangular waveguide with the transverse dimensions a = 5.0cm and b = 3.0cm as shown in Fig. 3(b), if the operation wavelength is λ = 5.0cm, find out the modes which can appear on this waveguide. (10%)



7.如國,四邊形ABCD為圓内接四邊形,且B、C、E三點共線,若∠ABC=65°,∠BAD=95°,則∠DCE=?  (A)105° (B)95° (C)85° (D)75°...

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110 年 - 110 國立中山大學碩士暨碩士專班招生考試_光電系碩士班:電磁學#104298-阿摩線上測驗

110 年 - 110 國立中山大學碩士暨碩士專班招生考試_光電系碩士班:電磁學#104298