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110 年 - 110 地方政府特種考試_四等_各類科:英文#104975 

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1.31 The government has trained police officers as child car seat _____  to check and make sure child car seats are safely installed.
(A) detectors
(B) inspectors
(C) operators
(D) violators

2.32 You can take these to the sales clerk, and he will  _____ them for you.
(A) wrap
(B) rap
(C) wreck
(D) rope

3.33 The high-speed train could have a tremendous  _____ on our lives in shortening the travelling time among cities.
(A) concern
(B) impact
(C) impression
(D) correspondence

4.34 In recent years, this city's quality of life has been enhanced with  _____ art schools, gourmet restaurants, fine hotels on every block.
(A) renowned
(B) rewarded
(C) replete
(D) relentless

5.35 Many ideas in the theory are so _____ that it is very difficult to understand them.
(A) concrete
(B) complete
(C) abstract
(D) absent

6.36 The police released tear gas, trying to _____ the violent crowd.
(A) despise
(B) deprive
(C) dispose
(D) disperse

7.37 Typhoons and earthquakes are by far the most frequent natural _____ in Taiwan.
(A) criminals
(B) disasters
(C) governors
(D) survivors

8.38 After the scandal was _____ , the Prime Minister committed suicide.
(A) cherished
(B) invaded
(C) sheltered
(D) exposed

9.39 Humorous ads not only _____ with audiences but also get them sharing and thinking positively about a brand.
(A) cope
(B) acquaint
(C) connect
(D) equal

10.40 Each applicant's _____ will be carefully judged by a search committee.
(A) merits
(B) mercies
(C) miseries
(D) mysteries

11.請依下文回答第 41 題至第 45 題 
In the ancient days, our ancestors took the time to connect with animals intimately. We also have the same abilities. We are   41   to learn how to connect with our pets and grasp simple insights just by being present with the creatures close to us. Animals see us with pure vision. Puppies will run up to charm anyone. They see all people as   42   of love and attention. Today, many people seek to connect with intuitive power. Nevertheless, the easy road is not the answer. Those seeking   43   from spiritual counselors or even psychics often miss the point.   44   such avenues can indeed help us, they should not become crutches. We need to look within and use our own sight, a divine gift of inner vision.   45   seeking answers elsewhere, let's spend more time with our animals and ourselves.

(A) accepted
(B) combined
(C) occupied
(D) supposed

(A) double
(B) lack
(C) proper
(D) worthy

(A) guidance
(B) decrease
(C) marriage
(D) purchase

(A) Lest
(B) That
(C) Even
(D) While

(A) But for
(B) Due to
(C) Instead of
(D) Absent from

16.請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題 
The scariest part about smartphone addiction is that it can affect our physical and mental health, our relationships and our productivity. America's obsession with smartphone has been compared to the obesity epidemic. That's because, just like drug or gambling addictions, smartphones provide an escape from reality. Humans are, by nature, prone to distraction. With smartphones, we literally have a world of distractions at our fingertips. It's time to acknowledge that our devices can negatively impact our lives—and we have to make a change. Cellphones used to just be communication tools. Now, they're GPS, cameras, gaming consoles, health trackers, and the list goes on. We turn to our devices for everything—from waiting in line at the grocery store or reading the news, to filing our taxes or controlling the thermostat. We don't just use our smartphones for everything—we rely on them.

【題組】46 What is this passage mainly about?
(A) The advantages and disadvantages of using smartphones.
(B) The good use of smartphones without getting addicted to them.
(C) The ways to avoid using smartphones by leading a healthy life.
(D) The truth about smartphones addiction and the urgency of overcoming it.

17.【題組】47 Which of the following is the main reason for smartphone addiction?
(A) An access to reality.
(B) An escape from reality.
(C) A sense of achievement.
(D) A sense of security.

18.【題組】48 According to this passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) It's time to acknowledge that our devices can negatively impact our lives.
(B) Cellphones used to just be communication tools.
(C) Smartphones could become a good tool for learning.
(D) People now have become dependent on smartphones.

19.【題組】49 What message can we infer from the final sentence, "We don't just use our smartphones for everything—we rely on them."?
(A) New brands of cellphones will soon be on the markets.
(B) We should not be controlled by cellphones.
(C) More functions should be added to cellphones.
(D) Smartphone addiction should not be a problem.

20.【題組】50 What is the author's attitude toward smartphone addiction?
(A) Critical.
(B) Supportive.
(C) Indifferent.
(D) Humorous.



26. ( )義大利和德國在一次大戰後的發展有下列哪個共同點? (A)都是一次大戰的戰敗國 (B)都以反共為主張 (C)兩國領袖都是以發動政變,非法取...

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110 年 - 110 地方政府特種考試_四等_各類科:英文#104975-阿摩線上測驗

110 年 - 110 地方政府特種考試_四等_各類科:英文#104975