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110 年 - 2021高雄市市立林園高中附設國中七年級110 上學期英文第二次段考(期中考)康軒#105812 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. Hank is good at sports. ________, he is a PE teacher at senior high school.
(A) In face
(B) At fact
(C) In fact
(D) In fat

2.2. _____ some people in the park.
(A) There are
(B) There is
(C) It has
(D) They have

3.3. A:Where’s your uncle? 
B:He’s _____.
(A) behind the classroom
(B) between your son
(C) next the desk
(D) in the front of the cellphone

4.4. A:Where _____ Tim and his sister? 
B:_____ the castle.
(A) is; In
(B) are; In
(C) are; Of
(D) is; Of

5.5. A:_____ a lot of fish in the river? 
B:Yes, and there is a lot of water(水) in it.
(A) Is there
(B) are there
(C) Are there
(D) is there

6.6. A:Where are the _____? 
B:Look! They’re _____ the tree.
(A) monkeys; besides
(B) monkey; beside
(C) monkey; in
(D) monkeys; in

7.7. Ms. Huang and Judy are _____ TV. They’re very famous(受歡迎的).
(A) in
(B) on
(C) on the
(D) in the

8.28. A:Look! There are _____ lions in the zoo. 
B:But there aren’t _____ tigers in it.
(A) some; any
(B) some; some
(C) any; some
(D) any; any

9.29. There is a girl _____ the table. Can you help(幫忙) me call(叫) her?
(A) in
(B) next
(C) besides
(D) beside

10.30. The meadow(草原) is very dirty(骯髒). There any sheep in it.
(A) isn’t
(B) no
(C) are
(D) aren’t

(On the street)
Cindy:It’s hot today. Let’s find a cool and nice place for our tea time.
Frank:Um, _31._ Fran & Leo’s cofee Shop?
Cindy:Where is it?
Cindy:Great! Let’s go there.
(At the shop)
Cindy:There are _33._ people at the shop.
Frank:Yeah. People are here for its tea cakes and tea ice cream.
Cindy:Look! The ice cream is green. It’s special.
Frank:This building is special, too. It’s an old castle.
Cindy:Wow! That’s a great use of the old building.
Frank:You’re right. OK. Let’s dig in. Mmm, my ice cream is good.
Cindy:Hey! See? There are some bits in the ice cream and cakes.
Frank:Don’t worry. They are tea leaves.
Cindy:Oops. I see. By the way, _34._?
Frank:Yes. It’s _35._ the kitchen.
Cindy:Thank you.
 street 街道 find 找到 shop 店 use 利用 building 建築物 dig in 開動 bit 碎片 worry 擔心 leaf 葉子(複數形為leaves) by the way 順帶一提

(A) What is
(B) How old
(C) Is there
(D) What about

(A) It’s around here.
(B) No, it’s not in the cellphone.
(C) It’s on the screen.
(D) The shop is big.

(A) any
(B) not any
(C) not
(D) a lot of

(A) is that the shop’s kitchen
(B) are there any tea leaves in your ice cream
(C) is there a restroom in the shop
(D) is there an ice cream shop around here

(A) next
(B) between
(C) besides
(D) next to

16.三、閱讀測驗: A. 看以下內容並回答問題:
       There are many different kinds of monkeys. Some are Old World monkeys and some are New World monkeys. Old World monkeys live in Africa and Asia. New World monkeys live in Central and South America.
        Many monkeys live in trees. They eat and sleep in trees. Some monkeys live on the ground. Monkeys eat many different kinds of foods. Some eat fruits and nuts. Some monkeys eat bugs and bird eggs.
        Monkeys are mammals, like zebras, horses, kangaroos, bears, lions, tigers, foxes, and so on. They have babies. They feed the babies milk.
        Monkeys live with their families, sometimes in big groups – many families together. Monkeys are a kind of animal called primates. Apes and people are primates, too. Monkeys look a little bit like apes and people. But monkeys have tails, and apes and people do not. Some monkeys’ tails are very strong, so they can take things with them.
  kind種類 nut核果 bug蟲 feed餵食 tail尾巴

【題組】36. What are them in the last line?  line 行
(A) Tails.
(B) Monkeys.
(C) People.
(D) Apes.


37. Which one is NOT a primate?  which 哪一個
(A) 61e502b12ca1a.jpg
(B) 61e502b6bcbec.jpg
(C) 61e502bc8750e.jpg
(D) 61e502c26ad1f.jpg

18.【題組】38. What can we NOT learn about monkeys from this reading?
(A) Where their home is
(B) What they eat
(C) How they have babies
(D) Where they are from


B. The APP, 4 pictures 1 word, is Mr. Hsu’s favorite game. How do you play the game? There are 4 pictures every time. The answer comes from the 4 pictures. Here are 2 examples.


39. Look at the picture below (下方). What word is it?


40. Mr. Huang is doing a new one by himself. The answer is MOUSE. And he needs four pictures. What picture is NOT good?  by himself 靠自己
(A) 61e5031443405.jpg
(B) 61e5031aaa331.jpg
(C) 61e5032041aef.jpg
(D) 61e50325964bc.jpg


【題組】1. English is my f_____te subject(學科).

22.【題組】2. We’re tired(疲累的). Let’s take a r_____t.

23.【題組】3. Is there a b_____t in the living room? I want to put(放置)these gifts in it.

24.【題組】4. There are some animals next to the l______ke. They need(需要)water.

25.【題組】5. Look there. Molly is b______de you.

26.【題組】6. Mr.Gleen’s students are from around the w_____d.

27.【題組】7. A:What’s your g_____de on the English test? B:So so. It’s a “B.”

28.【題組】8. There are many slides and swings in the p______nd. Children like to play there.

29.【題組】9. Our school g_____m is very big. We can play sports there on rainy days.(下雨天).

30.【題組】10. Tony and I are d______t. He is short, but I’m not.

1.Leo 在沙發的前面。 
Leo is __1__ __2__ __3__ the sofa.

【題組】 1



2. 你們的學校有任何籃球場嗎? 
Are 4 5. basketball __6__ __7__ your school?

【題組】 4





【題組】 1.between / four / cats / are / there / the / stairs(重組句 子,並注意大小寫跟標點符號) (2%)

39.【題組】2. There are some big trees in the park.(用否定改寫句子) (3%)

40.【題組】3. The kitchen is next to the dining room. (依畫線部分造原問句) (3%)



8. 關於導體和絕緣體的敘述,下列何者正確? (A)導體的正電荷可以移動,絕緣體則否(B) 導體皆為金屬,絕緣體皆為非金屬(C)導體 中的電子容易移動...

10 x


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