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110 年 - 2021嘉義市市立北興國中七年級110 上學期英文第二次段考(期中考)康軒#105815 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.16. A: Where’s your brother? 
B: He’s __________.
(A) between the tree
(B) behind you
(C) near to the tree
(D) in the front of the tree

2.17. A: _______________ 
 B: There are toys, pens, a ruler, a basketball and an eraser in it.
(A) What’s there in the box?
(B) Who’s in the room?
(C) Are these your toys?
(D) Yes, it’s my pen. Thank you.

3.18. A: Isn’t there a bus stop(公車站) near here?
B: __________, but there is one near the park.
(A) No, it isn’t
(B) Yes, there is
(C) Yes, it is
(D) No, there isn’t

4.19. A: Robert’s English is very good. Where is he _______? B: The USA.
(A) on
(B) from
(C) for
(D) around

5.20. Alex is my brother’s good friend. He is _________ boy, and he is very cute.
(A) a eight-year-old
(B) eight years old
(C) an eight-year-old
(D) an eight-years-old

6.21. A: Is Jenny’s cat, Mimi, on the chair? B: ______________
(A) Yes, there is.
(B) No, they isn’t.
(C) Yes, it’s on the desk.
(D) No, it’s under the chair.

7.22. A: Where is my bag? 
B: ______ _______ the table? A: Thank you.
(A) Isn’t it; next
(B) Isn’t it; on
(C) Aren’t it; between
(D) Aren’t it; on

8.23. Tim: Are there _______ sheep on Mr. Brown’s farm? 
Kevin: Yes, there are _______ sheep there.
(A) some; any
(B) a lot of; lot of
(C) any; a lot of
(D) a lot of; any

9.24. A: Ken is in the bedroom. __________ 
B: She’s in the park.
(A) How is your sister?
(B) Where is your brother?
(C) Wow, it’s great.
(D) What about your cousin?

10.25. A: Is there a basketball court at your school? 
B: _________ My classmates and I play basketball there.
(A) Yes, there is a basketball at my school.
(B) No, but there is a gym at my school.
(C) No, there aren’t any basketball courts at your school.
(D) Isn’t the sports field at your school?

11.26. A: Is Peter outside(外面) the house? 
B: ___________ He’s washing his car.
(A) Yes, he’s in the bathroom.
(B) No, he’s in the living room.
(C) Yes, he’s behind the house.
(D) No, he’s in front of the house.

12.27. A: What are you doing in my room? B: I’m looking for(找) my cellphone. ____________, and it’s not in my bag, either(也不). A: Oh, no. It’s too bad. You can’t play games now.
(A) It’s not on my desk
(B) It’s in my room
(C) It’s in the box
(D) It’s behind the bed

13.28. Cathy: __________ David: You’re right. It’s there.
(A) Is Bruno under the bed?
(B) Where is Bruno?
(C) What’s on Bruno’s bed?
(D) Is that Bruno’s toy?


題組 A(29-32)

【題組】29. Who is behind Leo?
(A) Anna.
(B) Tim.
(C) Hank.
(D) Ella.

15.【題組】30. Which is true?
(A) Dan is next to Anna.
(B) May is behind Cindy.
(C) Ella is in the front of Leo.
(D) Hank is between Tim and Anna.

16.【題組】31. Where is Kate?
(A) She is behind Cindy.
(B) She is next to May.
(C) She is beside Ella.
(D) She is in front of Hank.

17.【題組】A: Is your seat (座位) in front of Anna’s seat? 
B: No, it isn’t. My seat is in the corner (角落) of the classroom. 
A: I see. How about May? Is her seat near your seat? 
B: No, it isn’t. I’m next to Hank.
32. Who is B?
(A) Anna.
(B) Tim.
(C) Cindy.
(D) Dan.



【題組】33. Which is true about the apartment?
(A) The bathroom is near the bedroom.
(B) The kitchen is under the dining room.
(C) The living room is next to the bathroom.
(D) The kitchen is between the dining room and the living room.

19.【題組】34. Where is the apartment?
(A) On a farm.
(B) Between a school and a park.
(C) In front of a school.
(D) Next to a zoo.

20.【題組】35. Who is the apartment best(最佳) for?
(A) I'm Sally. I'm a housewife. My son is one year old.
(B) I'm Joseph. I'm a student at Super Senior High School.
(C) I'm Abby. I'm a doctor. I'm new here.
(D) I'm Hank. I'm a teacher. This is my cat. We are family.


【題組】1. Our classroom is on the 3rd floor(樓), so we have to(必須) go up the s       rs.

22.【題組】2. Green Island(島) is a nice p      e. The beaches(海灘) there are beautiful.

23.【題組】3. My parents like to go hiking(健行) in the m     ns on weekends(周末).

24.【題組】4. My brother played computer games in front of the computer s      n for a long time.

25.【題組】5. I read about a car accident(車禍) in a n      r this morning.

26.【題組】6. Many kids like to play in this p      d. There are five slides and three swings in it.

27.【題組】7. Today is Mom’s birthday. We have a s      l party for her in a nice restaurant(餐廳).

28.【題組】8. It is cold, so we put a b     t on our pet dog to keep(保持) it warm.

29.【題組】9. Many students are studying in the l       y. They are very quiet(安靜).

30.【題組】10. The Three Little Pigs is my brother’s f        e storybook.

1. Are there three boys in the classroom? (先否定簡答,再以「一個」詳答)


【題組】1. 你的沙發是軟的或硬的? 2%

33.【題組】2. 事實上,世界各地的城堡都不一樣。3%

34.【題組】3. 我和我的朋友們在那裡是為了樂趣,而不是為了成績。3%



四、克漏字測驗(每題2分,共10分) (A) expensive (B) them (C) in (D) many (E) cheap (F) it (G) much (H) about (I) on (The school fair is coming. Miss Wang is talking about it with...

10 x


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110 年 - 2021嘉義市市立北興國中七年級110 上學期英文第二次段考(期中考)康軒#105815