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111 年 - 111 國立宜蘭高級中學第1次教師甄選英文科初試#112146 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. Biofilms are________ in nature and more than 60% of all microbial infections are now believed to involve biofilms.
(A) preposterous
(B) ubiquitous
(C) contentious
(D) ambiguous

2.2. As _________ as it is popular, from the beginning drill has been accused of encouraging violence among its youthful audience
(A) contractile
(B) contractual
(C) controversial
(D) contagious

3.3. Further, one or a few of the foods may have served as a common source of contamination from which the flies _________ bacteria.
(B) dissimulated
(C) dissipated
(D) disseminated

4.4. Proportionality cannot be the issue because the doctrine of double effect was designed to _________ people from the wrong of intending a forbidden act.
(A) exhilarate
(B) exasperate
(C) excrete
(D) exculpate

5.5. It can be tempting to view our gut instincts as a kind of mysterious ‘sixth sense’, but there is no need to appeal to the _________ to explain intuition
(A) paraphrase
(B) paranormal
(C) paraplegia
(D) paraphernalia

6.6. Our culture teaches us to be _________ to our parents; we are not allowed to confront our parents even if they are wrong.
(A) subservient
(B) transient
(C) insentient
(D) prevalent

7.7. Unemployment is highly _________ with education levels. People with further education have higher earnings and lower rates of unemployment than those with less education.
(A) conflated
(B) correlated
(C) alienated
(D) humiliated

8.8. The study indicates the effect of gender on loneliness. Females are _________ while adult males prefer being solitary.
(A) punctilious
(B) supercilious
(C) vicarious
(D) gregarious

9.9. Though the novel has written with high _________ to historical facts, the author has obviously added a little spice to the character.
(A) fidelity
(B) propriety
(C) depravity
(D) profundity

10.10. Although the world is opposed to the recruitment of _________ in wars, the use of them in wars is deeply rooted in history.
(A) adversaries
(B) votaries
(C) mercenaries
(D) luminaries

11.11. The _________ of Kavalan heritage on the old school site of National Ilan University has inspired the local people with the awareness of historical conservation.
(A) exemption
(B) excavation
(C) execution
(D) elaboration

12.12. To build a good brand image for the corporation, successful marketing strategies, such as designing a remarkable logo, are_________ to achieve this goal.
(A) inexplicable
(B) indispensable
(C) incompatible
(D) indistinguishable

13.13. With the prevalence of internet use, how to counter the potential problem of cyber harassment has become a(n) _________ issue.
(A) unregenerate
(B) inconceivable
(C) predatory
(D) pressing

14.14. For the young entrepreneurs with _________ financial resources, starting with a mobile business is more practical than running a brick-and-mortar one.
(A) insufficient
(B) inconceivable
(C) inconvincible
(D) indomitable

15.15. The making of a genius with a creative mind is usually attributed to his/her natural _________ rather than personal efforts.
(A) enigma
(B) entrapment
(C) endowment
(D) enfeeblement

16.III. 閱讀測驗 (8%):請依文章及題意選出一個最佳答案。請直接於下列答案區作答,未寫在答案欄中不予 計分。 
       Currently the focus of research into artificial intelligence (AI) is on relatively limited applications, including guiding airplanes and missiles, understanding language, detecting credit card fraud, and diagnosing medical conditions from electrocardiograms. While these avenues certainly contain promise for commercial and industrial interests, the populace at large typically is more interested in a slightly less consequential application of AI. In 1997, Deep Blue, a chess playing computer program, defeated grand master Gary Kasparov in a tournament, marking the first time a computer was able to best a human world champion.
        But these more “frivolous” applications of AI are actually valuable indicators of the state of technology. Computer engineers are constantly reviving and reinventing the programming algorithms in an effort to make computers think more like people do. And the exponential increases in processing and storage technology are allowing artificial intelligence researchers to greatly increase the power of AI programs while simultaneously reducing the size and computing needs of the machines. For example, the Deep Blue program required 256 specialized processors to analyze the millions and millions of combinations of moves. Each of these processors was about one hundred times faster than a standard home computer, which means Deep Blue was about 25,600 times faster than a 1997 personal computer.    
        Only five years later, in 2002, AI engineers unleashed a new chess playing program, Deep Fritz. Deep Fritz played Vladimir Kramnik, the highest ranked chess player in the world, to a draw, but this result was anything but a failure to the AI community. Whereas Deep Blue required 256 processors to achieve its victory, Deep Fritz had a mere eight. Deep Blue could analyze 200 million moves per second, but Deep Fritz could deal with only 2.5 million. Yet Deep Fritz’s chess playing abilities more closely resemble those of a person. Deep Blue was able to defeat Kasparov by brute strength alone, calculating millions of possible moves and counter moves. Deep Fritz played Kramnik to a draw by using advanced pattern recognition skills, which allowed it to be competitive despite considering fewer move combinations.

【題組】1. The main idea of the passage is that ___________.
(A) certain applications of AI technology provide insight into advances in the field
(B) computer chess programs are now being designed to be more efficient and perform fewer calculations
(C) computer chess programs will soon be able to defeat any human challenger
(D) the public pays too much attention to frivolous applications of AI technology

17.【題組】2. According to the passage, the AI community did not view Deep Fritz’s draw as a failure because ___________.
(A) Kramnik was a higher ranked chess player than Kasporov and was thus harder to defeat
(B) researchers did not expect Deep Fritz to win because it only had eight processors
(C) Deep Fritz’s performance suggested that programmers were approaching one of their goals
(D) Deep Blue’s victory had already proven that a computer could beat a grand champion in chess

18.【題組】3. The author implies that human chess players ___________.
(A) will not lose to Deep Fritz
(B) will soon be unable to defeat most computer chess programs
(C) are not able to analyze possible move combinations when playing chess
(D) rely on pattern recognition skills when playing chess

19.【題組】4. The primary purpose of the passage is to ___________.
(A) contrast the abilities of two computer programs
(B) encourage researchers to pursue more serious inquiries
(C) detail the state of research in a particular field
(D) compare human chess players to computer chess programs


II. 單字填空 (15%) Part A: 請依句意選出最佳選項並依照題意、文法進行適當修改。請直接於下列答案區作答,未寫在答案欄 中不予計分。

【題組】 1. Some great works were produced during the financial ruin of ________ World War II.

21.【題組】2. Medical ________ are so innovative that they are revolutionizing how doctors diagnose and monitor medical conditions.

22.【題組】3. The expert said that high rainfall amounts, intense winter storms, and steep terrain areas are all ________ to land sliding, which is also found to be especially high in the median range of elevation

23.【題組】4. Scientists claimed that the possible reason why a tsunami not only 1)________ at high speeds, but also travels great distances with limited energy loss is that the rate at which a wave loses its energy is 2)________ related to its wave length.

24.【題組】5. The 1)________ shelters standing out along this river bank were assumed to be built by prehistoric people who probably had taken regimented constructing training 2)________ by people from other villages.


Part B: 請依文章文意及提示,填入適當的單字。請直接於下列答案區作答,未寫在答案欄中不予計分。          Kids these days don’t get to be kids anymore, say the adults who remember a childhood free from the rules, oversight and digital pressures today’s young people (1) n        e. In some ways, it may be true. The average parent allows their child a smartphone at age 10, opening up a world (2) i         e to previous generations, with unlimited access to news, social media and other privileges previously reserved for adults, forcing them into emotional maturity before they reach adulthood. 

       There’s a term for it: ‘KGOY’ or ‘kids getting older younger’, meaning children are more savvy than previous generations. Rooted in marketing, the idea is because of KGOY, kids have greater brand awareness, so products should be (3)a        sed to children rather than their parents. The theory has been around since the noughties, and ever since, experts have attempted to prove out the early demise of childhood by pointing to causes ranging from the age at which they get a smartphone, to the fact that kids are now watching more adult television programs, to the problem of teenage girls being pressured to think about their appearance due to greater (4) e         e to beauty ideals on social media.

      Yet though many worry that kids may seem to be growing up too quickly, there’s also evidence that they could, in fact, be maturing more slowly. Gen Z are (5) c        tly reaching traditional markers of adulthood such as finishing education and leaving home later than previous generations, and studies have shown that teenagers are (6) e       in ‘adult’ activities such as having sex, dating, drinking alcohol, going out without their parents and driving much later than previous generations. Technology may be exposing kids to more, making them (7) i        lly savvier. Yet whether they are actually growing up more quickly may be a matter of (8) p        e. It may also be time to update what we think of as the milestones of maturation, and what it really means to grow up fast.

【題組】 (1)










6.巴拿馬位於中美地峽最狹窄的位置,自古以來戰略位置重要, 其境內的巴拿馬運河更是重要的國際海運路徑之一,但受地勢 起伏影響,水位高低不...

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111 年 - 111 國立宜蘭高級中學第1次教師甄選英文科初試#112146-阿摩線上測驗

111 年 - 111 國立宜蘭高級中學第1次教師甄選英文科初試#112146