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1.1. _______________ One enduring aspect of the cultures of Kenya is the family. Traditionally, Kenyan people received all their education from their parents and grandparents. Today there are schools to educate children, but the family is still very important as a social unit. Another enduring aspect of Kenyan cultures is respect for the old. Traditional society was organized around not only family life but also relationships with a group of people of the same age. These same-age groups went through all the stages of life together until they became the much-respected elders who made decisions for the community. Today old people are still respected, but they don’t have the responsibility of leadership that they once had.
(A) Although Kenya has many different ethnic groups, the cultures across the nation share some common characteristics.
(B) Kenya is a country that embraces modernity with new characteristics.
(C) If you want to travel to Kenya, here are a few things you need to know.
(D) To know a country, you have to know its cultures. ¯ .

2.2. _______________ Her father, restaurateur architect and art connoisseur, Michael Chow, and mother, style icon and jewelry designer, Tina Chow, moved the family from London to New York when China was five years old. As her father’s restaurant, Mr. Chow, became a mecca to the art world that ruled Manhattan, she connected with some of the most prominent artists of the time such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. She has fond memories of learning to draw with family friend, renowned artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Having spent most of her childhood at museums and galleries with her parents, it was inevitable that she would become an avid art enthusiast.
(A) China Chow was educated in New York to be an artist.
(B) Knowing many great artists helps China Chow to develop her own artistic style.
(C) China Chow’s parents developed a social networking site for the artists of their time.
(D) China Chow’s introduction to art began when she was a child. ¯ .

3.3. _______________ A Harvard Medical School study indicates that women who slept five hours a night were 32 percent more likely to gain 30 pounds or more as they got older, compared to women who slept at least seven hours. When you are sleep deprived, you don’t think straight or make good decisions. When you have enough sleep, your brain runs fast and every system is being fine-tuned and restored to optimal operating mode. Now we have discovered more about the whole-life secrets of getting the best possible benefits from this blissful slumber. It is time to awake to a new world of joy and vitality.
(A) If you know the secrets of how to get enough sleep, you will enjoy your life better.
(B) In recent decades, research has revealed a fascinating array of benefits from getting enough sleep.
(C) Your body is a complex mechanism that remains unaffected by how much you sleep.
(D) For the past decades, researchers have been curious about the relation between weight loss and sleep. ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ 公告試題 僅供參考外語群英語類 專業科目(二) 第 3 頁 共 12 頁 .

4.4. _______________ Doctor Walz suggests that people have a difficult time with change, so when someone we love alters his or her lifestyle, we have a problem dealing with it. People we know will try to change us back to what the culture tolerates. There are other reasons to keep your weight-loss plans to yourself. Dr. Peter Gollwitzer describes how spilling the beans and the resulting response can change someone’s actions. His studies found that when you tell people what you intend to do, and that intention is acknowledged, the recognition qualifies as an indicator of accomplishment, lessening the urge to follow through.
(A) Sticking to your diet plans is difficult because temptations are hard to resist.
(B) The goals of your diet plans are subject to change when you take the suggestions of some experts.
(C) Telling family and friends about your diet plans could have a detrimental effect.
(D) It is difficult to diet because we will go through a difficult period of behavior change. ¯ .

5.5. _______________ In 1968 Sir Ranulph Fiennes started an expedition into the biggest desert in the world, the Empty Quarter in Arabia. He and his team went in search of the buried city of Ubar, which dated back to the time of the Queen of Sheba. It was on the Ptolemy’s first map of the world and was mentioned in the Bible and Koran. Over the next 26 years they tried everything and found nothing. Then, one day, he overheard his two guides say, “These people call themselves archaeologist but they are not digging.” Sir Fiennes knew they were spying on them and said, “We’ve got to dig at once!” They started digging in some nearby rubble and within two days they were finding 3000-year-old Persian chess pieces eight inches below the surface. A month later they discovered the walls of a city. It was Ubar. That indeed was luck, total luck.
(A) Many archaeologists had tried to follow the Ptolemy’s map to find the city of Ubar but in vain.
(B) Sir Ranulph had been leading expeditions for over 42 years to find the city of Ubar.
(C) Sir Ranulph Fiennes realized that luck can suddenly turn an impossible situation into a success.
(D) Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ discovery of the city of Ubar is a story of persistence and perseverance. ¯ .

6.6. _______________ When they are unhappy, they moan and groan. When they want to pick a fight, they bark. When night falls, they use a special howl to call each other together for the hunt. When dawn breaks, a different howl tells the pack that it is time to return to their den. And another howl says to the pack, “Danger ahead!” With their keen sense of hearing, the gray wolf can hear a howl for help almost four miles away.
(A) Gray wolves like the company of other wolves.
(B) Gray wolves use different sounds to communicate.
(C) Gray wolves are nature’s best predators.
(D) Gray wolves are the noisiest of all mammals. ¯ .

7.7. _______________ A device called a seismometer can detect large earthquakes happening underwater. When the device sends this data to government centers, the people in the centers can warn people of a tsunami. Unfortunately, however, this gives a lot of false warnings since only about 25% of earthquakes cause a tsunami.
(A) One way of predicting tsunami is to look for underwater earthquakes.
(B) One way of preventing tsunami is to use a seismometer.
(C) Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other underwater explosions all have potentials to create a tsunami.
(D) Regions with a high tsunami risk typically use warning systems to warn the population before the wave reaches land. ¯ ¯ 公告試題 僅供參考外語群英語類 專業科目(二) 共 12 頁 第 4 頁 .

8.8. Most cat owners love their cats. _______________ Scientists researching the behavior of runaway house cats have discovered that they tend to live in groups like lions. Furthermore, like lions, female cats share mothering duties and develop complex social relationships.
(A) However, lions have been observed as demonstrating gentle behavior toward small creatures, like cats, in the wild.
(B) However, only some keepers have observed there are few differences between African lions and their Asian counterparts.
(C) However, most of them are not aware that their pets are considered to only a step away from the African lion.
(D) However, research shows wild house cats do not usually live alone as lions do. ¯ .

9.9. _______________ Horses were injected with toxins of diseases until their blood built up immunities. Then an antitoxin or serum was made from their blood. Serums to fight both diphtheria (白喉) and tetanus(破傷風)were developed in this way.
(A) Worldwide, the horse plays a role within human cultures and has done so for thousands of years.
(B) People of all ages with physical and mental disabilities obtain beneficial results from association with the horse.
(C) The horse has played a little-known but very important role in the field of medicine.
(D) Horse blood was once used as food by some nomadic tribes, who found it a convenient source of nutrition when traveling. ¯ .

10.10. _______________ The Indonesian kite, for example, is usually constructed of four or five sticks tied together in the center. The sticks form sturdy frame for a rectangular cover whose center is pierced by a circular hole several inches in diameter. The surface of the cover is often decorated with stripes and designs reminiscent of stars. This kite is especially suited for flying in strong winds.
(A) Kites were first introduced in China by 5th century BC, yet their designs vary around the world.
(B) In many cultures around the world, the custom of kite flying has been passed from generation to generation almost as a ritual.
(C) The traditional kite flying involves flying a tethered man-made object with the help of the natural wind.
(D) Kites were invented approximately 2,800 years ago in China, where materials ideal for kite building were readily available: silk fabric, silk line and bamboo. ¯ 第二大題:段落組成(第 11−20 題) 說明:以下十個段落,各缺少一個句子或子句,請依各段落文意,就所附的四個選項中,選出 一個最恰當的答案,並將答案代號標示在答案卷上。 ¯ .

11.11. When visiting a home in Japan, presenting a housewarming gift can either make or break your relationship with the recipient. As with most countries around the world, Japan has very ancient traditions concerning gift giving and detailed rules for everything from the color of the wrapping paper to the time of the gift presentation. _______________
(A) To be appreciated in a culture, it is important to honor those customs as not to offend the receiving party.
(B) In Japan, gifts are avoided wrapped with brightly covered papers or bows.
(C) In Japanese culture, the giver hands the gift to the recipient at the end of the evening. This is the opposite of the traditions in the United States, where a housewarming gift is usually given as soon as you enter the home.
(D) It is customary to make a humble comment that the gift you are presenting, such as “This isn’t a big gift,” or “This is just a box of tea.” ¯.

12.12. Professors benefit from appearing on television because by doing so they acquire reputations as authorities in their academic fields among a much wider audience than they have on campus. If a professor publishes views in an academic journal, only other scholars will learn about and appreciate those views. _______________ So when professors share their ideas with a television audience, the professors’ importance as scholars is enhanced.
(A)Rightly or wrongly, a professor who appears on TV tends to get the reputation among fellow professors of being someone who is not a serious scholar.
(B) When people see a knowledgeable faculty member of a university on television, they also think more highly of that university.
(C) And for that reason, a professor generally does not give in-depth academic lectures on TV.
(D) But when a professor appears on TV, thousands of people outside the narrow academic community become aware of the professor’s ideas. ¯ .

13.13. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met with Hall-of-Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA’s All-Time Leading Scorer and a New York Times’ best-selling author, to discuss his new role as a global Cultural Ambassador. “I am excited and honored to serve my country as a Cultural Ambassador for the U.S. Department of State,” said Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who has focused his efforts after his NBA career on engaging youth through socially-minded projects and education. “_______________ and discussing ways in which we can strengthen our understanding of one another through education, through sports, and through greater cultural tolerance.”
(A) It’s my privilege to help people from all over the world
(B) I look forward to meeting with young people all over the world
(C) I am excited that I can travel to all corners of the world
(D) I expect visiting different countries of the world ¯ .

14.14. Phil had never been to this part of the library before, and he wondered why it had not been included in the tour for freshman students last week. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a scrap of paper on which he had scribbled the title and call number of the book he was supposed to read. _______________, afraid of disturbing the serious readers with his heavy shoes. The shelves were filled with thick volumes: dictionaries in many languages, encyclopedias, atlases, biographies and other works. Off in one corner he finally found the section he was looking for.
(A) When he walked in the library at a slow pace
(B) So he paced around the reading room slowly
(C) As he walked up and down the reference section silently
(D) Then he walked around the room almost on tiptoe ¯ .

15.15. When I realized it was too dark for me to read easily, I put the book down and got up to turn on a light. Just as I was about to close the drapes, I heard someone crying, “Help! Help!” It seemed to come from the trees at the other end of the yard. I looked out but it was now too dark to see anything clearly. Almost immediately I heard the cry again. It sounded like a child, but I could not imagine what anybody would be doing in our backyard, unless one of the neighborhood children had climbed a tree and had not been able to get down. _______________ I got a flash light from the hall closet and picked up my son’s baseball bat which was lying on the closet floor.
(A) I wondered someone was trying to sneak in from my backyard to steal something.
(B) There might be something wrong with my neighbor that I should not entirely ignore it.
(C) I started to wonder whether I should call the police or take care of it myself.
(D) I decided that I ought to go out and have a look in the yard, just in case someone was in trouble. ¯ 公告試題 僅供參考外語群英語類 專業科目(二) 共 12 頁 第 6 頁 .

16.16. Sushi rolls (maki sushi) look really impressive, but _______________. The only special equipment that you need is a sushi rolling mat. These bamboo mats are inexpensive, and they are widely available from good kitchen stores—even some supermarkets. Sushi rolls are made up of sheets of nori(seaweed)spread with vinegared rice and various tasty fillings. You then roll the sheets into a tube and cut them into bite-sized pieces.
(A) they are one of the easiest types of sushi to make at home
(B) they are one of the most popular dishes served in Japanese restaurants
(C) they are one of the complicated desserts to make by yourself
(D) they are one of the most favorable sushi dishes to the public’s liking ¯ .

17.17. During the Middle Ages, the people of Europe used the Roman numerals one through ten for basic math such as adding and subtracting. However, the Roman system did not have a number for zero. That made adding and subtracting very hard. Three centuries earlier, Arabic people had invented another kind of numbering system, the one we use today, which had a zero. This system was brought to Europe in the 12th century and quickly became popular. Today, Arabic numbers are used universally in mathematics. _______________
(A)Consequently, both the Chinese numeral characters and the Roman numerals were replaced by Arabic numerals in mathematical writings.
(B) In contrast, Roman numerals are used only on clock faces—and in outlines!
(C) In this way Roman numerals were totally abandoned in favor of Arabic numerals.
(D) In some cases, they are the most common symbolic representation of numbers in the world. ¯ .

18.18. Joy and sadness are experienced by people in all cultures around the world, but how can we tell when other people are happy or unhappy? It turns out that the expression of many emotions may be universal. Smiling is apparently a universal sign of friendliness and approval. Baring the teeth in a hostile way, as noted by Charles Darwin in the nineteenth century, may be a universal sign of anger. As the originator of the theory of evolution, Darwin believed that the universal recognition of facial expressions would have survival value. _______________
(A) In fact, various emotional states give rise to certain patterns of electrical activity in the facial muscles and in the brain.
(B) Moreover, people in diverse cultures recognize the emotions manifested by the facial expressions.
(C) For example, facial expressions could signal the approach of enemies (or friends) in the absence of language.
(D) Obviously, different emotions that are conveyed through facial expressions could bridge the communication breakdowns. ¯ .

19.19. Children dress up in witches’ hats or ghost costumes to play pranks when celebrating the fun October holiday of Halloween. _______________
(A) Children might not otherwise enjoy Thanksgiving.
(B) In contrast, families dress more formally and set elegant tables for the more serious occasion of Thanksgiving.
(C) Thanksgiving is also a traditional holiday. It is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.
(D) Similarly, the first thanksgiving celebration in the United States was held in Virginia, and not in Plymouth. ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ 公告試題 僅供參考外語群英語類 專業科目(二) 第 7 頁 共 12 頁 .

20.20. The books in this section were on a high shelf out of his reach, but he located a small stepladder over by the encyclopedias and quietly moved it into position. Unfortunately, as he was coming back down the ladder, the book he had taken off the shelf slipped out of his hand _______________. Everybody in the library looked up at him at the same time, obviously annoyed by the disturbance. Phil felt his face turn red as he picked up his book, which luckily did not seem to have been damaged by the fall.
(A) dropped to the floor in a loud noise
(B) and fell to the floor with a loud crash
(C) falling down on the floor with a big bang
(D) to drop to the floor in a noisy fashion ¯ 第三大題:段落語意不連貫句子挑選(第 21−30 題) 說明:以下十篇段落,各有四個句子依序出現在答案選項,每個句子前有選項代碼,分別為 ( A )、( B )、( C )、( D )。請依各段落整體內容,選出一個造成段落文意最不連貫的句子, 並將該句子的選項代碼標記在答案卡上。 ¯ .

21.21. Just how well prepared are the nation’s service providers when it comes to managing the emergence of smart phone devices?
(A) It’s an important question because smart phones are growing more innovative by the day.
(B) Fancy technologies offer the operating system of a PDA connected to the data access capabilities of the modern 3G network.
(C) That’s good news for service providers desperately seeking to boost profit margins.
(D) Using a weighted cost of $2 per minute, each smart phone costs $100 per year. ¯ .

22.22. The judge, in a move that sparked a debate over language in often bilingual U.S.-Mexican border communities, said Cabrera’s English was not of the level needed to carry out the professional duties required of a representative of the public. A notice of appeal was filed with the court late on Friday afternoon, according to Brandon Kinsey, one of Cabrera’s attorneys.
(A) Kinsey said that his client should not be innocent unless proved otherwise.
(B) “Whether or not she is the best candidate is a decision left up to the voters,” he said.
(C) “It should not be left up to a judge.”
(D) Immigrant rights activists said the initial court decision misunderstood a community that spans both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border. ¯ .

23.23. We speak of hearing as if it were something that we do, an action that we perform.
(A) Actually, hearing is not so much something that we do as it is something that happens to us.
(B) It is some system in which signals are telegraphed to the brain.
(C) Whenever we hear something, the air around us is disturbed.
(D) Something causes particles of air to move and push against other particles of air. ¯ .

24.24. The benefits of working from home are many; for example, employees work flexible hours in a comfortable environment.
(A) The home office may be also filled with attraction unless you are highly motivated.
(B) People do not have to spend time or money on commuting which allows employees with children to spend more time with their kids.
(C) You do not have to spend a fortune dressing for success except when you are meeting customers.
(D) You only have to worry about yourself since your contact with your employers or customers will be through the telephone or Internet. ¯ 公告試題 僅供參考外語群英語類 專業科目(二) 共 12 頁 第 8 頁 .

25.25. In the United States, sixteen, eighteen, and twenty-one are important ages in a person’s life.
(A) There are no special celebrations for these birthdays.
(B) Each of these is a time when a person can do new things to show that he or she is no longer a child.
(C) In some countries, birthday celebrations continue throughout adulthood.
(D) People can do things to show that they have made the transition to adulthood. ¯ .

26.26. Doctors now believe that many of the illnesses and health problems people suffer from are simply caused by dehydration, or a shortage of water in the body.
(A) If people had a drink of water more often, they would eat much less to reduce the opportunity to become overweight.
(B) Most people may encounter the problem at least some of the time although they are probably not aware of it.
(C) In fact, if you feel thirsty at all, you are already suffering from the first stages of dehydration.
(D) Dehydration is even more of a problem for the elderly, because our sense of thirst becomes less effective as we get older. ¯ .

27.27. The popularity of home computers and surfing on the Internet has brought a whole new world of leisure-time activities to Americans.
(A) Estimates are that more than one third of adults spend some of their leisure time on the Internet.
(B) Vacation time renews the spirits and gives people the energy and vitality to lead productive lives.
(C) Some value the great educational opportunities it brings, while others prefer spending their time in chat rooms, having discussions with others online.
(D) Computers are also extremely popular with children and teenagers, which raises questions of where they are traveling on the Internet and what they are seeing. ¯ .

28.28. A big report in The Times last Sunday laid out the facts. Although Apple is now America’s biggest U.S. corporation as measured by market value, it employs only 43,000 people in the United States, a tenth as many as General Motors employed when it was the largest American firm.
(A) Apple does, however, indirectly employ around 700,000 people in its various suppliers.
(B) Unfortunately, almost none of those people are in America.
(C) As the article explained, it’s not just about low wages.
(D) Why does Apple manufacture abroad, and especially in China? ¯ .

29.29. One of the most important skills that students must develop for writing is the ability to paraphrase, or to communicate in a different way in one’s own words.
(A) Student writers often lack the skill with vocabulary and sentence structures to express ideas again in their own words.
(B) Some exercises allowing writers change sentences or parts of sentences from assigned readings may be a first step.
(C) Experienced teachers are familiar with the inaccurate paraphrases that happen when inexperienced writers replace words without changing the grammar.
(D) Students usually enjoy exercises based on their own writing; they could even create their own cloze passage from a paragraph they have written. ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ 公告試題 僅供參考外語群英語類 專業科目(二) 第 9 頁 共 12 頁 .

30.30. Many people have the impression that anything that goes wrong with a computer is caused by a virus.
(A) From hardware failures to errors in use, everything is blamed on a virus. A virus is not just any damaging condition.
(B) Similarly, it is now popularly believed that any program that may do damage to your data or inhibit access to computing resources is a virus.
(C) Viral programs are not simply programs that do damage.
(D) As a matter of fact, a virus is a program that introduces itself into a system. ¯ 第四大題:段落重組(第 31−40 題) 說明:以下十題每題各有若干句子,請就段落文意連貫的目的,選出正確之組合選項,並 將答案代號標記在答案卡上。 ¯ .

31.31. ① Scientists have found their bones in many places, from Asia to North America. ② Present-day elephants have also survived in different environments, including very dry areas in Niger, grasslands in East Africa, and forests in West Africa. ③ Because of their great size and strength, elephants have always fascinated humans. ④ Elephants and their ancestors have been living on this planet for 5 million years. ⑤ Our fascination has almost caused African elephants to become extinct because of illegal hunting.
(A) ④ ① ② ③ ⑤
(B) ② ③ ① ④ ⑤
(C) ③ ① ⑤ ④ ②
(D) ⑤ ④ ① ③ ② ¯ .

32.32. ① A generation ago, fathers were expected to do little more than bring home their salary and pay the bills. ② Fathering has changed greatly from the last generation to this. ③ Fathers not only play with their children, but also feed them, bathe the younger ones, help with homework and the like. ④ Today, as mothers assume part of the wage earning role, fathers are freed to be more than wage earners. ⑤ Fathers today though still perhaps tired, are expected to spend a greater amount of time with their children.
(A) ① ② ⑤ ④ ③
(B) ③ ① ⑤ ④ ②
(C) ④ ① ② ③ ⑤
(D) ② ① ④ ⑤ ③ ¯ .

33.33. ① By the late 1600s, operas were being written and performed in many places throughout Europe, especially in England, France, and Germany. ② The European form did not emphasize the dramatic aspect of the Italian model, however, introducing new orchestral effects and even some ballet. ③ For several years, the center of opera was Florence in northern Italy, but gradually, during the baroque period, it spread throughout Italy. ④ However, for many years, the Italian opera was considered the ideal, and many non-Italian composers continued to use Italian librettos. ⑤ Furthermore, composers wrote many operas that were little more than a series of brilliant tricks to show vocal talent of the singers who had requested them.
(A) ④ ③ ② ⑤ ①
(B) ③ ① ④ ② ⑤
(C) ① ⑤ ② ④ ③
(D) ② ① ④ ⑤ ③ ¯ ¯ ¯ 公告試題 僅供參考外語群英語類 專業科目(二) 共 12 頁 第 10 頁 .

34.34. ① Suddenly the phone rang, startling me from my reading. ② It was one of those typical dark and stormy nights that you read about in mystery novels. ③ Sitting on the sofa in the living room, I could hear thunder and see an occasional flash on lightning. ④ There were a few seconds of silence; then a low, strange voice said, “Help me. Help me.” ⑤ One of the most confusing experiences I’ve ever had happened last winter.
(A) ⑤ ① ② ④ ③
(B) ⑤ ② ③ ① ④
(C) ③ ⑤ ① ④ ②
(D) ③ ⑤ ④ ② ① ¯ .

35.35. ① In many European cultures, names are typically chosen by parents and maybe based on relatives or ancestors within a particular family. ② For example, names may be based on a connection to certain elements in nature or include a written character meaning beauty, strength, or kindness. ③ Instead, the child’s grandfather or a fortunate-teller chooses the name of a child. ④ Traditionally in some Asian countries, however, parents do not choose the name of a child. ⑤ And in contrast to the tradition of naming children after relatives, the child’s name is chosen to influence the child’s character.
(A) ① ⑤ ② ④ ③
(B) ② ⑤ ① ③ ④
(C) ① ④ ③ ⑤ ②
(D) ④ ② ① ⑤ ③ ¯ .

36.36. ① Now the company sponsors a sustainable-design challenge for students. ② It was inspired by the shape of a saddle and would soon skyrocket into iconicity. ③ When faced with a shortage of supplies during the war in Italy, artisans in Florence began to experiment with unconventional, sustainable materials like hemp, jute, and bamboo to make fashionable bags. ④ It won’t be long before the company’s production team works closely with three finalists to develop prototypes of their ideas. ⑤ As a result, a company launched its first Bamboo bag in 1947, with a curvy bamboo handle.
(A) ③ ⑤ ① ② ④
(B) ③ ② ⑤ ① ④
(C) ③ ⑤ ② ① ④
(D) ④ ① ③ ⑤ ② ¯ .

37.37. ① This can include anything from the design of a simple tab-pull or flap-lift to the creation of a fully rigged galleon that sails off the pages as a book is opened. ② Occasionally, the paper engineer may be the illustrator of the book too, but more usually this is a specialist who will work with a range of different artists to help them realize their particular three-dimensional vision. ③ Of course, the more complex the mechanics of these designs, the more expensive the book will be to produce. ④ The term “paper engineer” is used to describe a person who designs the mechanics of pop-up or novelty books. ⑤ Publishers are not very keen on publishing pop-up books unless they can see a potential market.
(A) ④ ② ① ③ ⑤
(B) ④ ③ ① ② ⑤
(C) ⑤ ④ ② ① ③
(D) ④ ⑤ ① ② ③ ¯ .

38.38. ① Editors have been unwilling to speculate openly about what price Obama’s deal would bring. ② Obama was a bestselling author even before his inauguration, first with his memoir, Dreams From My Father, and then The Audacity of Hope. ③ However with his proven appeal and decades of literary productivity ahead of him, Obama could very likely top the reported $ 15 million Bill Clinton got for his memoir, My Life. ④ There is no doubt that the big money will be rolling in after stepping down. ⑤ He has a deal with a publisher to write another nonfiction book when his term is up.
(A) ① ② ③ ④ ⑤
(B) ① ④ ② ⑤ ③
(C) ④ ② ⑤ ③ ①
(D) ② ⑤ ① ③ ④ ¯ 公告試題 僅供參考外語群英語類 專業科目(二) 第 11 頁 共 12 頁 .

39.39. ① The role preparation seems to play is significantly more important than innate talent in career development. ② The problem with this view is that the closer psychologists look at the careers of the gifted, the smaller the role innate talent seems to play. ③ The obvious answer is yes. Achievement is talent plus preparation. ④ The question is this: Is there such a thing as innate talent? ⑤ For the last few decades, psychologists around the world have been engaged in a spirited debate over a question that most of us would consider to have been settled years ago.
(A) ⑤ ④ ③ ② ①
(B) ① ⑤ ④ ③ ②
(C) ② ③ ⑤ ④ ①
(D) ⑤ ④ ③ ① ② ¯ .

40.40. ① The term composition in drawing refers to the way we balance pictorial elements within a given space. ② When drawing a group of figures, you may wish to take the same liberties by moving a figure or piece of furniture to create the desired sense of balance. ③ The aim of composition is to create a sense of balance and order. ④ For beginners, that sense of balance is hard to grasp and may need many tries before they can achieve the desired visual effect. ⑤ It is similar to the ways that you might arrange props or characters on a stage.
(A) ① ③ ② ⑤ ④
(B) ① ③ ⑤ ② ④
(C) ② ① ③ ⑤ ④
(D) ① ② ③ ⑤ ④ ¯ .

41.第五大題:綜合測驗(第 41−50 題) ▲ 下篇短文共有 5 個空格,為第 41 − 45 題,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格 的答案。 ¯ To know another language, somebody once said, is to possess another soul. That is the kind of talk that makes some people feel great but scares 41 have never learned a foreign language. The trouble with learning a new language is that embarrassing moments certainly 42 , usually in a highly public way. The problem, of course, is that the touristy expressions become inappropriate 43 you live abroad. Instead, you’ll need essential phrases. The ideal route is a 44 lazy and cheap way. In my experience, you do not spend a lot of money but watch as much TV 45 in your new country. As a kid, I could speak a good form of everyday Italian. One step outside the classroom, however, I couldn’t speak—forced to make strange gestures to be understood. ¯
(A) anyone who
(B) the ones
(C) those who
(D) that would ¯ .

(A) put away
(B) occur to
(C) run into
(D) come about ¯ .

(A) once
(B) since
(C) for
(D) although ¯ .

(A) far more
(B) rather than
(C) by no means
(D) over and over ¯ .

(A) as possible as you can
(B) as you possibly can
(C) as you can as possible
(D) as possibly you can .

46.▲ 下篇短文共有 5 個空格,為第 46 − 50 題,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格 的答案。 ¯ In the years since his assassination on April 4, 1968, as he stood on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, Martin Luther King, Jr., has 46 from a prominent civil rights leader into the symbol for the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. He is studied by schoolchildren of all backgrounds; his words are 47 by the powerless and the powerful, by anyone who has a dream to make her or his life better, to better the nation, or the world. Monuments have been dedicated in his 48 and institutions such as the Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, which bears his name, have been established to carry on his 49 . In 1986, the U.S. Congress made King unique among twentieth-century Americans by designating his birthday a 50 holiday. ¯
(A) evolved
(B) improved
(C) developed
(D) grown ¯ .

(A) used
(B) borrowed
(C) repeated
(D) quoted ¯ .

(A) disposal
(B) honor
(C) right
(D) place ¯ .

(A) dream
(B) service
(C) job
(D) work ¯ .

(A) state
(B) religious
(C) federal
(D) public ¯ 公告試題.



39. 針對政府準備開放日本核災區食品進口案,雲林縣長 表態支持中央政策,但要嚴格把關,清楚標示。而雲林縣○○也率先增訂地方自治條例《雲林...

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