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102 年 - 102 臺灣警察專科學校_專科警員班第 32 期正期學生組:英文科#19092 

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1.1. You should take the ________and create chances for yourself instead of waiting passively.
(A) principal
(B) circumstance
(C) recreation
(D) initiative

2.2. Flammable liquids, knives, and toy guns are ________on board the aircraft.
(A) committed
(B) prohibited
(C) exaggerated
(D) translated

3.3. The ingredient labels on the food package aim to________ provide accurate information to consumers’safety.
(A) ensure
(B) ponder
(C) accuse
(D) repair

4.4. It is ________that there are ups and downs in one’s life.
(A) shallow
(B) inevitable
(C) obtrusive
(D) regretful

5.5. The food company is recalling several dairy products for they have been ________with plasticizer.
(A) contaminated
(B) accommodated
(C) accelerated
(D) constructed

6.6. Technological and industrial development not only led to economic growth and ________but also posed a threat to the ecological system.
(A) integrity
(B) serenity
(C) prosperity
(D) deficiency

7.7. The core of Mediterranean diet is high ________of olive oil, unrefined cereals, fruits, and vegetables.
(A) consumption
(B) variation
(C) fertility
(D) possibility

8.8. Bullying will leave a lifelong mental scar that ________affects children into adulthood.
(A) considerately
(B) objectively
(C) originally
(D) permanently

9.9. A singer, songwriter, and actor, Bon Jovi is definitely one of the most ________artists working today.
(A) official
(B) intimate
(C) versatile
(D) attracted II. 成語(第 10 題至第 15 題,共 12 分)

10.10. A girl saw two thieves ________her neighbor’s house. She called the police immediately.
(A) bringing up
(B) looking after
(C) breaking into
(D) turning down

11.11. Some young people________ about having a job that is well-paid and easy to do.
(A) beat about the bush
(B) build castles in the air
(C) have a loose tongue
(D) answer the call of nature

12.12. Don’t lose faith in yourself; keep trying and someday your efforts will________ .
(A) fade away
(B) go steady
(C) give in
(D) pay off

13.13. Tina has to work two part-time jobs after school to________ .
(A) make ends meet
(B) get cold feet
(C) hit the ceiling
(D) take to her bed

14.14. Emily is________ the summer because she can pay a visit to her grandparents living in Japan.
(A) doing good to
(B) coming down with
(C) looking forward to
(D) getting along with

15.15. Apparently, Mr. Flately has ________. He does not drink anymore and is helping her wife run the grocery store.
(A) stricken a balance
(B) turned over a new leaf
(C) skated on thin ice
(D) gone from bad to worse III. 文法(第 16 題至第 20 題,共 10 分)

16.16. Paris has long been ________the most romantic city in the world.
(A) regarded as
(B) considered like
(C) thought of
(D) viewed with

17.17. My grandparents have difficulty________ used to the fast pace of city life.
(A) to get
(B) getting
(C) when get
(D) gotten第 2 頁,共 4 頁

18.18. If you ________me, would you accept the proposal from a man you just met for the first time?
(A) will be
(B) had been
(C) are
(D) were

19.19. Kate Middleton, ________marriage to Britain’s Prince William made her Duchess of Cambridge, has played a key role in softening the royal image.
(A) who
(B) when
(C) whose
(D) with whom

20.20. His arrogance and vanity stopped him ________what really mattered to him.
(A) to see
(B) when seen
(C) from seeing
(D) and saw IV. 句型(第 21 題至第 25 題,共 10 分)

21.21. Anderson hasn’t made up his mind ________.
(A) whether to go to college or get a job
(B) should he stay or leave
(C) what kind of job is he looking for
(D) is he interested in chemistry

22.22. On top of the hill ________.
(A) has a 44-feet-tall statue
(B) there has a beautiful, serene church
(C) lies a five-century-old temple
(D) a desperate mother is waiting

23.23. Rebecca didn’t show up last night; she ________about our date.
(A) has to forget
(B) might be forgetting
(C) must have forgotten
(D) would forget

24.24.________ online video games, Paul has very little physical activity and spend less time with family and friends.
(A) He is addicted to
(B) Addicted to
(C) Be obsessed with
(D) To obsess with

25.25. We have to cancel tonight’s concert because neither you nor I ________ prepared.
(A) are
(B) am
(C) being
(D) to be

26.V. 閱讀測驗(第 26 題至第 30 題,共 10 分) The story of Elizabeth of Austria is one of the saddest in the history of royalty. Born on December 24, 1837, Elizabeth was called Sisi by family and friends and known for her exceptional beauty, intelligence, and kindness. In 1853, Sisi accompanied her sister, Helen, to Bad Ischl, a spa town in Upper Austria. Helen had been taken into consideration as wife to the Emperor of Austria, Franz Joseph, and the engagement should have taken place in Bad Ischl. Surprisingly, the emperor fell in love at first sight with the 15-year-old Sisi and then thwarted the plan by saying that if he could not have Sisi, he would not marry at all. The couple were married on April 24, 1854, and Sisi soon became a fairy-tale princess with her charm and grace. But what came next was her failure to get used to the strict, rigid royal life. As a free spirit, Sisi valued individual freedom above anything else and wasn’t able to identify herself as an empress or a young mother. Little by little, she withdrew from public life, even leaving her husband and children to live in Madeira and Venice. At a height of 172cm, Sisi weighed only 50kg, even after four pregnancies. She kept rigorous diets and took exercise excessively. To maintain her extraordinary 16-inch waist, she stuck to a diet of milk, eggs, and fruits. What’s more, she took hot olive oil bath, applied seaweed, sand or hay as body mask, and wrapped herself in face mask of strawberries, honey and raw veal. As for her disciplined exercise habits, Sisi practiced fencing and horseriding almost every day for hours, which made her probably the world’s best female horserider at the time. Every castle she lived in was equipped with a gymnasium, with mats and balance beams installed so that she could practice on them each morning. In autumn 1898, Sisi was assassinated in Geneva by an Italian man when walking from her hotel to the ship on which she was to leave for Montreux, Switzerland. The small knife poked a tiny hole in her heart; blood leaked out so slowly that at first no one was aware that she had been injured. She made it to the ship but shortly afterwards she collapsed and passed away. A few days later, her body was carried back to Vienna and was tombed next to her son Rudolf.第 3 頁,共 4 頁
【題組】26. What is this passage mainly about?
(A) A sad love story of Sisi.
(B) A brief biography of Sisi.
(C) The influence of Sisi on Austrian history.
(D) Differences between Sisi and other queens.

27.【題組】27. According to the passage, Sisi made lots of efforts to ________.
(A) rule her country
(B) learn history
(C) construct gymnasiums
(D) maintain her beauty

28.【題組】28. Which word is the definition of thwart?
(A) Oppose.
(B) Receive.
(C) Conceive.
(D) Decide.

29.【題組】29. Which of the statements is not correct?
(A) Sisi died at the age of 61.
(B) Sisi values freedom over anything else.
(C) Originally, Helen, Sisi’s sister, had a chance to marry Franz Joseph.
(D) Before boarding the ship, Sisi was stabbed and collapsed right away.

30.【題組】30. What can be inferred from the passage?
(A) Sisi didn’t love the emperor at all.
(B) Once Sisi got injured when doing horseriding.
(C) Sisi’s son Rudolf had died earlier than her.
(D) Sis didn’t eat anything for dinner.

31.31. The annual beach concert continued ________tsunami warnings for the entire coast of the town.
(A) although
(B) despite
(C) due to
(D) as soon as
(E) in spite of

32.32. ________the mouse appearing on the desk right next to the head of my bed, I would have given this hotel a better rating.
(A) Without
(B) Should there be
(C) If there was
(D) If it wasn’t
(E) Had it not been for

33.33. ________directly in the heart of Vienna, Hotel Cristall is an ideal option for business travellers as well as tourists.
(A) Lay
(B) Sits
(C) Located
(D) Situated
(E) Lying

34.34. There is nobody else________ .
(A) I can rely on
(B) whom I can rely on
(C) who I can rely
(D) I can rely on them
(E) for me to rely on

35.35. 選出文法正確的句子。
(A) It was so kind for Amy to lend me her dress.
(B) No matter who sees the chocolate cake cannot resist it.
(C) I can’t help to sing with the song every time I hear it.
(D) Never have I seen a more elegant teacher than Miss Butler.
(E) Instead going to the party, Joseph stayed home and studied for the exam.

36.36. 選出文法正確的句子。
(A) Mike’s mother didn’t let him to stay overnight with his classmate.
(B) Students who do not wear the uniform are not allowed to enter the stadium.
(C) It’s almost impossible to make everyone liking you, so just be yourself.
(D) The teacher had her students read out loud the vocabulary written on the board.
(E) This online course enables you to learn English 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

37.37. 選出翻譯正確的句子: 直到 Sally 發現這封信她才了解她的先生一直在說謊。
(A) Having read the letter, Sally didn’t believe her husband had been lying.
(B) Not until Sally found the letter did she realize her husband had been lying.第 4 頁,共 4 頁
(C) Sally realized her husband had been lying until she found the letter.
(D) Sally found the letter upon learning that her husband had been lying.
(E) Sally found the letter in order to realize her husband had been lying.

38.38. 選出翻譯正確的句子: 煤油(kerosene)的價格比汽油(gasoline)的價格高三倍。
(A) Gasoline is three times as expensive as Kerosene.
(B) There are three times more kerosene than gasoline.
(C) Kerosene costs three times as expensive as gasoline.
(D) Kerosene is three times more expensive than gasoline.
(E) The price of kerosene is three times higher than that of gasoline.

39.39. 選出翻譯正確的句子:遊客必須非常小心,因為這座國家公園以各式各樣的野生動物聞名。
(A)Known for its variety of wildlife, tourists to this national park have to stay alert.
(B) The more careful tourists are, the more wildlife they will see at this national park.
(C) This national park is home to a variety of wildlife; however, tourists have to be very careful.
(D) Tourists can’t be too careful, though this well-known national park has many wild animals.
(E) Tourists have to be very careful because this national park is known for its variety of wildlife.

40.40. 選出翻譯正確的句子:我們照越多陽光,我們會得到越多維他命 D。
(A) The more sunlight we are exposed to, the more Vitamin D we get.
(B) The more exposure to sunlight, the more Vitamin D will be consumed.
(C) Those who like being exposed to sunlight will stay away from Vitamin D.
(D) We will get more Vitamin D if we are exposed to sunlight more often.
(E) The former is exposed to sunlight, and the latter gets more Vitamin D.



26. 近年來我國政府採取務實外交政策,其主要理念與工作有哪些?(甲)積極參加國際組織(乙)與美國簽訂中美共同防禦條約(丙)用優越的軍事實...

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102 年 - 102 臺灣警察專科學校_專科警員班第 32 期正期學生組:英文科#19092-阿摩線上測驗

102 年 - 102 臺灣警察專科學校_專科警員班第 32 期正期學生組:英文科#19092