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1.1. _______________ After taking some training classes, a retiree volunteer from the local community can receive a certificate and officially become a toy doctor. Records of treatments are returned to the toys’ owners to make them aware that toys do not have to be discarded so easily. Not simply throwing them away when they break is a kind of lesson in values. This also fosters in the kids a sense of appreciation and a habit of taking care of things.
(A) Just bring your “injured” toys to the Toy Workshop, and the well-trained “toy doctors” will do their best to bring them back to health.
(B) As of now, six elementary schools around Taiwan have applied on their own initiative to take part and set up experimental community toy workshops.
(C) The Toy Workshop not only gives the retiree “doctors” a chance to utilize a lifetime of experience, it also teaches children the message of environmental conservation.
(D) The therapeutic function of the technical classes and the uplifting appreciation from the kids attract the seniors to the Toy Workshop volunteer program. .

2.2. _______________ Perhaps we can learn to transform our colored pencils into one of those sculptures by South African artist Jennifer Maestre. She cuts hundreds of colored pencils into small sections and drills a hole in each to turn them into beads, which she then carefully stitches together in artistic shapes. Other paper-craft artists devise incredibly complex three-dimensional sculptures by cutting, folding, and gluing. Remarkably, the majority of Danish artist Peter Calleson’s impressive work is formed from a single A4 sheet.
(A) When most of us are faced with a blank sheet of paper, we only think of doodling.
(B) There are multiple ways to use a pencil and paper when we are creating art.
(C) It is very economical to use pencils and paper to create imaginative artistic works.
(D) No matter where they are from, male artists are no less talented than female artists. .

3.3. _______________ It is a wearable camera set to take photos passively every 30 seconds throughout the day. Researchers tracked the brain activity of patients with memory loss and found that SenseCam images sparked genuine memories of their day. In other words, the images provided powerful cues that activated parts of the brain associated with normal episodic memory. Thus, patients’ experiences were remembered through thoughts, feelings, and other events not shown in the images.
(A) SenseCam is a newly developed memory aid for patients affected by Alzheimer’s disease.
(B) Alzheimer’s disease first affects patients’ ability to remember the recent past.
(C) Alzheimer’s patients and their families welcome the newest technological development.
(D) To Alzheimer’s patients, thoughts and feelings are more important than images. .

4.4. _______________ Forty percent of the territory has been set aside as country park because a great deal of the hilly, landslide-prone terrain is unsuitable for building and so is left unmolested. Local hikers have long enjoyed forested uplands, hidden waterfalls, and stony ridges that plunge down to rugged and wild coastlines. In recent years, a number of organizations have made it easier for tourists to discover the city’s lesser-known side. One of these is Ark Eden on Lantau, an environmental center promoting guided walks to see some natural beauty of this largest island. As a green destination, Hong Kong does have the capacity to delight you.
(A) Most tourists may wonder whether development-mad Hong Kong has much of an environmental conscience.
(B) Visitors to Hong Kong have typically found it more difficult to discover its natural scenery than shopping convenience.
(C) Do not be surprised when you hear that the authorities in Hong Kong like to refer to it as “Green Hong Kong.”
(D) Although home to a number of major developments, Lantau’s land is largely undeveloped and not densely populated. .

5.5. _______________ According to the editor-at-large of Psychology Today, kids who have developed a well-earned sense of mastery are more optimistic and decisive. In addition, studies conducted by a Stanford psychologist proved that the kids who were complimented on their intelligence, rather than the ones praised for their hard work, were much more likely to turn down the opportunity to do a challenging new task that they could learn from. What’s more, after a person becomes proficient at a mental task through extensive drill, brain activity can shift to the areas associated with higher-level thinking and reflection.
(A) Many elements of strict Chinese parents’ approach are supported by research in psychology and cognitive science.
(B) Research demonstrates what distinguishes Chinese parents is that they assume strength instead of fragility.
(C) Willingness to drill is one major way in which Chinese parents’ approach differs from that of their Western counterparts.
(D) By restricting children’s choices as a child, Chinese parents prepare them for many choices in their lives as an adult. .

6.6. _______________ Extra weight puts an added toll on people’s bones and joints. Hence, for the overweight, running is not an option, and walking can become difficult. G-Defy shoes will take the pressure from the wearers’ large frame body and make them more active. Overweight people will notice immediate relief of common pain during exercise as the springs of G-Defy athletic shoes absorb most of the impact by easing the stress on their joints, back, and neck while walking, running, or jumping.
(A) As overweight people slip their feet into G-Defy, the Smart Memory rebound spring propels them forward, reduces their fatigue, and conserves their energy.
(B) Modern people should give their whole body a break from the stress of their highimpact lives and experience breakthroughs in their lifestyle.
(C) Within ten days of regular use, G-Defy’s special combination of space age rubber and durable spring will begin to improve your overall comfort.
(D) Providing various benefits to enhance athletic lifestyle, this gravity-defying footwear is a scientifically engineered blessing for the overweight people. .

7.7. _______________ Tolerating “wrong” answers is essential because creativity depends upon ambiguity, making mistakes, and being playful. You must lower your standards on neatness or quietness at home so as not to discourage kids’ creative impulses. Since praising or rewarding too much can zap their creativity and intrinsic motivation, you had better go easy on the rewards. Especially, when you express yourself and model creativity, children not only learn creative behavior but also see being creative as something of value.
(A) In general, little kids are naturally creative, and most readily take notice of their own creative impulses.
(B) Your creative genius and inner Muse may just need some encouragement and a little practice.
(C) Here are some reminders to help you nurture your children’s creative spirit and original self-expression.
(D) The qualities that facilitate kids’ creative accomplishments can sometimes make them hard to live with. .

8.8. _______________ As the largest flying parrot species in the world, hyacinth macaws have been hunted for food and pursued for the caged bird trade and for their beautiful feathers to be used in head-dresses. Dwindling numbers are also caused by habitat loss due to grass fires, deforestation, and urban redevelopment. At the Jurong Bird Park, which is part of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, they are bred to ensure the existence and survival of this endangered species from South America. The successful breeding program culminated in two hatchlings in February 2010.
(A) Generally speaking, Asian people work harder on wildlife preservation and breeding than most South Americans do.
(B) Although facing an uncertain future in their native South American habitats, hyacinth macaws are given a new life in Singapore.
(C) Listed as one of the endangered species, hyacinth macaws deserve more humane concern and protection in Asia than elsewhere.
(D) Naturally affectionate, intelligent, and playful, hyacinth macaws symbolize ecological balance to the people in Singapore. .

9.9. _______________ In this mosquito-infested country, an estimated 450,000 families live in high-risk malaria prevalent areas. Luckily, there is a simple and cost effective way to protect children from malaria. One insecticide treated bed net costs US$6 only and lasts up to five years. Sleeping under it can reduce overall child mortality by 20 percent. The public’s support for this United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) project can save a lot of children’s lives.
(A) The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund is working with the government of Myanmar to provide effective and affordable malaria prevention to families with small children.
(B) Malaria is both preventable and treatable, and effective preventive measures as well as curative tools have been developed by non-governmental organizations.
(C) To reduce vulnerability to malaria and to combat the spread of malaria, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund distributed insecticide treated bed nets exclusively to Myanmar households.
(D) According to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, approximately half of malaria deaths in the Southeast Asia region occur in Myanmar’s malaria prevalent townships. .

10.10. _______________ The foster children who are the hardest to find homes for consist of kids older than ten, kids with special needs, sibling groups, and African Americans. Success depends on close coordination of a professional team that includes two full-time private investigators who track down dozens of members of a child’s biological family. On a practical level, relatives are more likely than strangers to go through with adoption, and having contact with family is critical to a child’s identity. As visitors from around the country are eager to observe and replicate its method, Extreme Recruitment might pave the way to revolutionize the foster-care system in America.
(A) Before allowing strangers to adopt foster children, the government should make sure they do not have family members who can take care of them.
(B) There are nearly half a million American children in foster care, but they would age out of the foster-care system when they turn eighteen.
(C) The Internet, especially public databases like publicrecordsnow.com and virtualgumshoe.com, has made Extreme Recruitment’s family-matching job easier.
(D) An innovative program in St. Louis, Missouri, is making big strides in matching hard-toplace kids with adoptive families in a highly effective way. .

11.11.When it comes to shopping trips within Asia, many people automatically think of Bangkok and Hong Kong. However, another retail heaven in the region begins to attract serious shoppers due to varieties and bargains. With a mall on almost every corner, and abundance of flea markets and bazaars, the city of Manila is a shopper’s new paradise. Whether it is big name brands, discount gems or a unique piece of furniture that you are after, _______________
(A) you can go to the fitness center.
(B) Manila has it all.
(C) most people in Manila speaks English.
(D) shopping is your national sport. .

12.12.Cutting-edge programs and reports of Chinese-language courses popping up in heartland America would all seem to suggest that Americans are on the fast track to learning Chinese and ultimately understanding China. _______________ With the recent economic crisis, Americans must appreciate better than anyone else their frightening loss of a competitive edge to the Chinese. You will be hard-pressed to find any American who does not think grasping the language of the world’s fastest-growing economy is a good idea.
(A) The U.S. lacks language support and Chinese instructors.
(B) Learning Chinese has become one of Americans’ top priorities.
(C) Americans are not learning the main tongue spoken in mainland China.
(D) Indeed, convincing American parents of the importance of learning Chinese is essential. .

13.13. Seoul is quickly gaining greater visibility as a global green pioneer and a civic design innovator. In July, it was named a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) City of Design in appreciation of its use of diverse design policies, its rich cultural heritage, and its creative potential to make the city more livable and sustainable. And in September, the international IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards) Brazil 2010 Awards, one of the planet’s most prestigious design prizes, chose the Seoul Metropolitan Government as its gold medal winner for its innovative use of ecofriendly design strategies. _______________
(A) These are two indications that when it comes to its model urban development programs and building a truly sustainable city, Seoul is doing things right.
(B) In Seoul, the haze that used to darken the sky is gradually disappearing, with more days of clear skies and high visibility.
(C) Another eco-friendly auto that begins to make an appearance on Seoul’s roads is the neighborhood electric vehicle.
(D) Seoul is one of the world’s megacities and its challenge is to accommodate the growth of the population while reducing the impact. .

14.14.The Taiwan Excellence awards, launched in 1992, are overseen by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. When the 2010 Taiwan Excellence Gold Awards were announced earlier, the eight winners cut a remarkably wide swath, ranging from a robot and a router-representing the country’s traditional skill in technology and electronics-to an ecosmart car and a miniature yellow submarine. _______________ On the other hand, all the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award winners had one thing in common: “innovalue,” a combination of innovation and added value that has long been the signature of the country’s leading products.
(A) Taiwanese parents raise their children with high expectations and want them to do well in every aspect when they grow up.
(B) The diversity of the 18th annual awards signals the growing scope of the country’s expertise in research and development, design, and manufacturing.
(C) Taiwan is the birthplace of a new generation of entertainers who are as committed to excellence as the country’s companies are.
(D) Most parents here in Taiwan are not afraid of investing in their children’s educationwhether it is in science, arts or sports. .

15.15.Television business in China has developed largely in isolation from the rest of the world. Despite tremendous efforts, _______________ They have been restricted to TV sets in Hong Kong and in expensive hotels, or reduced to selling the odd programs to domestic networks. Nonetheless, isolation does not mean Chinese television is stagnating. On the contrary, it is progressing at a lunatic pace.
(A) television is well-suited to bringing new products to the attention of China’s fastgrowing middle class.
(B) China Central Television announced that it had already booked 12.7 billion dollars of advertising for 2011.
(C) the TV industry used to be dominated by the state-run China Central Television.
(D) Western media firms have been unable to launch mainland channels in China. .

16.16.The growing number of students with student loans reflects two changes: the rising cost of college tuition and the growing number of students from low- and middle-income families going to college. The rise in college tuition here is easy to spot. Tuitions at both public and private universities rose much faster than the consumer price index. As for the economic backgrounds of students with loans, the regulations governing student loans explain. Only families with annual incomes below NT$1.2 million can apply for these loans. _______________ Many college students take out student loans to reach their educational goals, but graduates, even before they find a job, immediately find themselves facing the pressure of making payments! It is hard to decide if student loans should be regarded as dream makers or heavy burdens.
(A) Consequently, the rise in the percentage of students applying reflects the greater number of students from low- and middle-income families applying.
(B) According to the Ministry of Education, the number of applications for student loans from students in high schools grew 5.3 times from 1998 to 2008.
(C) As summer slips into fall, universities have finished shipping out this year’s graduates and have turned toward welcoming new students.
(D) Going to college in Asian countries certainly poses a heavy financial burden on college students and their families. .

17.17. Portuguese bullfighters belong to a unique tradition. For one thing, the bulls are not killed in the ring. _______________ They are locals with day jobs, neighbors who cement their friendship in an ancient way: by risking their lives together. Their event occurs in the place called pega. Eight men enter an arena, line up in single file, and then try to subdue a charging bull by hand. They have no weapons and only each other to rely on. Every emotion is on naked display. There is something timeless about their bravery, something unifying about the beast. Certainly their way-their honor in the ring, their deeply cultivated sense of family outside-is special and traditional.
(A) On the other hand, bullfighting is personal and artistic.
(B) Not surprisingly, the Spanish show little emotion.
(C) For another, some participants are amateurs.
(D) Secondly, bullfighting is a quest for heroism. .

18.18.Even people who do not have lung problems can find strong scents irritating.
(A) Polls find that about 30 percent of people are bothered by fragrances, especially strong perfumes.
(B) Heavy perfume smells often trigger bad reactions such as headaches, itchy eyes, and dizziness.
(C) If you give people an ambiguous scent and tell them it is something pleasant, most will respond positively.
(D) About one to five percent of the population is very sensitive, suffering chemical sensitivities when exposed to scents. .

19.19. Scientists study bowerbirds because they are surprisingly similar to people.
(A) The diets of bowerbirds consist mainly of fruits but may also include insects, flowers, nectar and leaves.
(B) These are birds that can build a structure that looks like a doll’s house with an artfully decorated platform.
(C) They can arrange flowers, leaves, and mushrooms in such an artistic manner that you would think a painter was about to set up his easel.
(D) Bowerbirds kill beetles solely for the purpose of decorating, and humans are the only other species known to use animals in this way. .

20.20. For the elderly, it is never too late to start physical exercise.
(A) Many studies have shown that elderly persons benefit from a variety of exercise programs.
(B) There is evidence proving that continued exercise reduces the degree of physical and mental slowness.
(C) Before starting exercise programs, the elderly should have a physical examination to ensure they choose the right kind of exercise.
(D) Caring for grandchildren is a good way to help the elders stay mentally active. .

21.21. Few of us take time to write traditional letters any longer, even to those to whom we are close.
(A) Most artists still keep handwritten journals with sketches, notes, and ideas, but material is now in the digital format.
(B) We communicate differently when we e-mail or text, both methods characterized by speed and informality.
(C) The meditative consideration, which accompanied a handwritten letter, is almost entirely absent.
(D) We may be communicating more frequently and with more people, but the depth and quality of our communication has diminished. .

22.22. Superstitious behavior is prevalent among American professional baseball players.
(A) In general, American players seem to be more superstitious than Japanese players seem to be.
(B) Some players are careful never to step on the chalk foul lines or the lines of the batter’s box.
(C) Others will never put on their caps until games start and will not wear them on the days they do not pitch.
(D) If a player has a poor spring training or a bad year, he may refuse to wear the same uniform number again. .

23.23.The body gets most of its vitamin D not from diet but from skin exposed to the ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation in sunlight.
(A) Unprotected skin on the arms and legs need about 15 minutes of sun exposure a day in spring, summer, and fall to make enough of the vitamin.
(B) Vitamin D deficiency causes rickets, a disease characterized by a failure of bone tissue to properly mineralize, resulting in soft bones and skeletal deformities.
(C) However, the production of vitamin D is effectively blocked if you follow current advice to prevent skin cancer by using ample amounts of sunscreen.
(D) Experts now advise people not to use too much sunscreen because it may completely block UVB radiation and prevent synthesis of vitamin D. .

24.24. For the Kazakh people in Central Asia, hunting with eagles is one of the highest expressions of their cultural heritage.
(A) Today, the Kazakhs do not preserve the time-honored tradition of eagle hunting to get food or make money.
(B) With an eagle’s meals amounting to half a kilogram of meat a day, hunting with an eagle is certainly not for economic gain.
(C) Rather, eagle-hunting is a sport that involves sophisticated techniques and requires a combination of strength, gentleness, and a heroic spirit.
(D) Traditionally, wild baby eagles were taken from the nest to be trained as hunting birds, but now this practice is strictly limited. .

25.25.① Cinema can have a tremendous reach, and its influence can be both strong and sustained. ② Taiwan has been making its own efforts in this direction, and now these efforts are beginning to bear fruit. ③ Today, this has become a powerful marketing tool and an irresistible shortcut to fame for countries and cities around the world. ④ However, the opportunity for big-screen success for cities and countries does not just fall out of the sky. ⑤ Rather, places need to build good relationships, make themselves attractive places for shooting films, and actively fight for their chances.
(A) ①③④⑤②
(B) ①④⑤③②
(C) ③④⑤②①
(D) ⑤④③②① .

26.26.① Life insurance policies, for example, usually pay a certain sum on a specific date when a person stops working at the age of 60 or 65 or whenever, or earlier if the person dies. ② Insurance is designed to provide a sum of money to compensate for any damage suffered as the result of a risk. ③ Some people also use insurance policies as a way of saving. ④ Frequent hazards, such as fire, accident, theft, loss, damage, injury or death, may have been insured against in a specific insurance contract ⑤ Thousands of people pay premiums to insurance companies, which use the money to compensate people who suffer loss or damage.
(A) ③⑤①②④
(B) ②④⑤③①
(C) ④⑤③①②
(D) ②④③⑤① .

27.27.① Coral is an animal, a marine polyp that lives in vast colonies. ② Coral reefs are found in tropical waters, between latitudes 30 degrees north and south, in the Western Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. ③ Reefs are outcroppings that rise up from the sea floor. ④ While most of the reefs are the remains of dead coral, there must be good percentage of living coral to ensure that the reef will continue to survive. ⑤ The calcium-based skeletons that they secrete build up over time to form vast reefs.
(A) ①③②④⑤
(B) ①⑤③②④
(C) ①②④③⑤
(D) ①②③④⑤ .

28.28.① Fortune hunters used to think that if they could find the elephants’ graveyard, they would be rich. ② According to some accounts, an animal that was wounded or sick would be guided and half carried by other elephants so that it could reach this sacred spot. ③ However, despite numerous attempts, no one has ever found this mysterious elephant graveyard. ④ Of course, if this were true, it would mean that great amounts of ivory would have accumulated at this hidden place. ⑤ Legend had it that old elephants, when they knew they were approaching death, would go to the same secret spot in the jungle to die.
(A) ⑤②④③①
(B) ①②③④⑤
(C) ①⑤②④③
(D) ①③②⑤④ .

29.29.① Fortune hunters used to think that if they could find the elephants’ graveyard, they would be rich. ② According to some accounts, an animal that was wounded or sick would be guided and half carried by other elephants so that it could reach this sacred spot. ③ However, despite numerous attempts, no one has ever found this mysterious elephant graveyard. ④ Of course, if this were true, it would mean that great amounts of ivory would have accumulated at this hidden place. ⑤ They are very nutritious; after all, many birds and mammals ingest diets consisting of nothing but insects.
(A) ④①②③⑤
(B) ①②③④⑤
(C) ④⑤①③②
(D) ④③⑤①② .

30.30.① While some people do find love in cyberspace, keep in mind that there are potential dangers. ②Finding love on the Internet is becoming more and more commonplace in today’s fast-paced society. ③Though most people you meet online may be nice and sincere, there are a few who have bad intentions and some can even be violent. ④ If you decide to meet in person, make sure you meet in a public place, and also tell a friend where you are going and whom you are going to meet. ⑤Be very careful about giving out personal information to someone you meet online, such as phone numbers, the name of your workplace, and your address.
(A) ⑤③①④②
(B) ①②③④⑤
(C) ③④⑤①②
(D) ②①③⑤④ .

31.The study of distances we keep between us and the amount we touch one another 31 to wider attention by Edward Hall’s book, The Hidden Dimension. He argued that people use distance to regulate their privacy and the level of intimacy in an encounter, with the greater distances being observed 32 the gathering. Cultural groups vary, 33 , in the distances they keep and from whom. Hall used the terms “high contact” and “low contact” to characterize cultures 34 this respect, but these terms may be too general to capture the full picture. Studies have shown, for example, that Japanese touch members of the same sex more than North Americans do, 35 members of the opposite sex less. Age, status, length of acquaintance, and so forth produce such wide variations in spacing and contact that it becomes difficult to characterize any group generally.
【題組】 31.
(A) brought
(B) was bringing
(C) was brought
(D) brings 的 .

(A) the more formal
(B) more formal
(C) the formal
(D) formal 的 .

(A) while
(B) despite
(C) whereas
(D) however 的 .

(A) on
(B) in
(C) to
(D) of 的 .

(A) nor
(B) as
(C) so
(D) but .

36.KK was called by Time magazine “one of the most admired men in Cambodia.” He is the founder and director of Tiny Toones, a remarkable community drop-in and education center for at-risk children in one of the poorest sections of Phnom Penh. Along with some staff and other volunteers, KK has been using break dance as a way to build up those children’s self-esteem, to show them that they can be good at something and have hope for a future. KK knows a thing or two about hope and how important it can be. Born in a refugee camp in Thailand in 1977 after his Cambodian parents escaped from the Khmer Rouge, he went with them to the United States where they settled in California. He soon 36 school and joined a notorious gang. He started using drugs; later, he was convicted of armed robbery and sentenced 37 prison by the time he was eighteen. Because his parents 38 U.S. citizens, KK was technically a non-citizen. Although he had never even been to Cambodia and could not speak the language, he was deported to Cambodia when his prison term ended in 2004. Adapting to a country he had never seen before was tough. Eventually, he decided to volunteer for a local charity, which 39 led him to his life work sponsored by non-governmental organizations. 40 , Tiny Toones was born and soon blossomed into an educational and community drop-in center for thousands of Cambodian children to learn and have fun. Its group of accomplished break dancers has performed in the United States, Mexico, Singapore, and Thailand. Once a man without a country, KK now is perfectly at home.
【題組】 36.
(A) passed away
(B) dropped out of
(C) fell through
(D) took leave to .

(A) below
(B) upon
(C) to
(D) within 的 .

(A) had never applied to become
(B) had never applying for becoming
(C) had become never applying to
(D) had applied to become never 的 .

(A) on no condition
(B) under suspicion
(C) in turn
(D) least of all 的 .

(A) A few NGO grants thanks to
(B) Few grants thanks to NGO
(C) To thank few NGO grants
(D) Thanks to a few NGO grants .



重新載圖15.「這綠島像一隻船,在月夜裡搖呀搖,……」歌曲中所描述的島嶼位於附圖中何處? (A)甲 (B)乙 (C)丙 (D)丁 ....

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100 年 - 外語群英語類 專業科目(二):英文習作#20718