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1.1. Most people who ____________ a wealthy nation like ours cannot truly imagine the terrible poverty in Third World nations.
(A) enhance
(B) inhabit
(C) insist
(D) endure 的 .

2.2. To solve the energy crisis we need to ____________ the vast potential resources of wind power.
(A) harness
(B) harass
(C) huddle
(D) harden .

3.3. On average most adults need about seven to eight hours of sleep each night to feel alert and well rested. Sleep ____________ occurs when an individual fails to get enough sleep.
(A) deprivation
(B) description
(C) discrimination
(D) dedication .

4.4. Many people have been sick with the flu this month. If you have any of the ____________ of the disease, call your doctor immediately.
(A) signatures
(B) symptoms
(C) schedules
(D) supplements .

5.5. The concert was ____________ until next Friday because the lead singer had a sore throat.
(A) prevented
(B) postponed
(C) prompted
(D) proliferated .

6.6. My friend’s and my cousin’s weddings are both on the same day. I wish they didn’t ____________ because I really want to go to both.
(A) collapse
(B) collaborate
(C) coincide
(D) consume .

7.7. Rachel has such a sweet nature that even teaching twenty-six children all day doesn’t ____________ her patience.
(A) explain
(B) expire
(C) execute
(D) exhaust .

8.8. Aung San Suu Kyi, the 65-year-old Burmese Nobel Peace Prize laureate, was released from house arrest on November 13, 2010. Continued ____________ turned her into the world’s most famous political prisoner.
(A) component
(B) compartment
(C) contentment
(D) confinement .

9.9. Because George has high blood pressure, he is supposed to avoid stress and ____________ salt from his diet.
(A) emancipate
(B) illustrate
(C) impregnate
(D) eliminate .

10.10.aA magnificent firework show was being held at the Dajia Riverbank Park along the Keelung River to ____________ the 100th founding anniversary of the Republic of China.
(A) commemorate
(B) complicate
(C) comprehend
(D) compromise .

11.11.aTension between North and South Korea ____________ after the latter’s President vowed to make North Korea pay the price for its sudden artillery attack on a frontline island that killed four people and sparked global outrage.
(A) evaporated
(B) erased
(C) escalated
(D) estimated .

12.12.aHe came from a family noted for its ____________, and all four of his grandparents lived to the age of 90.
(A) mortality
(B) longevity
(C) propensity
(D) notoriety .

13.13.aThe fall in the number of deaths from heart disease is generally ____________ improvements in diet.
(A) attributed to
(B) committed to
(C) acquainted with
(D) endowed with .

14.14.aPeter felt frustrated because he failed to ____________ his own expectations of being admitted to his ideal university.
(A) look down on
(B) put up with
(C) live up to
(D) come down with .

15.15.aThe Amazon ____________ more than 54% of the world’s remaining rainforests and contains a wider variety of plant and animal life than any other biome in the world.
(A) accounts for
(B) carries out
(C) dispenses with
(D) looks into .

16.二、填空式閱讀(第 16−30 題) 說明:下列三篇短文共有 15 個空格,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格的答案,並將 代號標示在答案卡上。
 People today are conscious of how they look, and this may make them worry about their weight. Because of this, they 16 to keep their weight down by trying fad diets. However, while fad diets might become popular, they can also 17 be dangerous. Often times celebrities will market diets that have helped them lose a lot of weight quickly. Yet people should 18 , because many of these diets are not healthy. 19 the diet works, it may do more harm than good to your body. Just because we may like and respect people because they are famous, it doesn’t make them authorities on diets and 20 . So always be skeptical, especially when you’re dealing with your health. After all, you only have one body!

(A) apologize
(B) include
(C) impress
(D) attempt .

(A) mutually
(B) faithfully
(C) possibly
(D) respectively .

(A) console
(B) bruise
(C) carve
(D) beware .

(A) Because
(B) Even if
(C) Despite
(D) Ever since .

(A) fraction
(B) insulation
(C) nutrition
(D) resignation .

21.In a recent study, Google has knocked Microsoft from the top spot as the number one brand in the world. The Brandz Top 100 list is 21 by Millward Brown, one of the world’s leading research companies. Companies are ranked by their 22 success and the way consumers feel about their products and corporate image. Google tops the list with an estimated brand value of US$66.4 billion. It is followed by notable companies such as General Electrics, Microsoft and Starbucks. Google 23 out as a brand because of its extreme popularity. Whenever people need an answer or a piece of information, they can always count on Google—24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With Google’s recent 24 of YouTube and the creation of free, easy-to-use online programs, wherever you look online, you will find Google. What may be a surprise to most people is 25 Google is popular because of its simple, plain home page. This has made it easy for users to identify the company. It’s no wonder Google has become the world’s top brand.
(A) compiled
(B) compared
(C) compelled
(D) comprised .

(A) racial
(B) judicial
(C) financial
(D) confidential .

(A) checks
(B) brings
(C) looks
(D) stands .

(A) impact
(B) purchase
(C) subscription
(D) commitment .

(A) that
(B) how
(C) what
(D) when .

26.One American, asked for his idea of a typical Englishman, 26 him as follows: “He’s a sort of Churchillian character who goes to the pub at lunchtime on Sundays, loves a pint of beer and a game of darts, is dependable and trustworthy, extremely 27 , doesn’t have much money but also doesn’t care a damn about what others think of him. He believes it is everyone else’s genuine loss not to be born English. He is a sincere, stoic type. It’s 28 to get away from the ‘stiff upper lip’ image of him as unemotional and phlegmatic because it’s true. I love the way they 29 so calm at moments of crisis. I can imagine a telephone conversation 30 someone says: “Sorry, I can’t talk any longer, I’ve got to go and have a major operation.” That would be very Churchillian, I’m sure.”
(A) deceived
(B) described
(C) discarded
(D) distinguished .

(A) formative
(B) administrative
(C) conservative
(D) restorative .

(A) reliable
(B) valuable
(C) comparable
(D) impossible .

(A) put
(B) make
(C) find
(D) stay .

(A) where
(B) which
(C) how
(D) who .

31.三、段落閱讀(第 31−40 題) 說明:下列三篇短文段落共有 10 個問題,閱讀後請依文意與題意選出最恰當的選項,並將 代號標示在答案卡上。 I’ve always been a fighter. Most of the people I knew growing up in rural Illinois struggled just like my family did. Outside of farming, there wasn’t much of a local economy. If you weren’t a pig farmer or corn farmer, you’d be down at a diner or truck stop flipping eggs, an auto mechanic working in a shop in your backyard or a bartender pouring drinks. The best you could hope for, if you wanted new horizons, was to latch onto a skill or career that could take you out of there.
【題組】31.aAccording to the passage, people growing up in rural Illinois struggled because _______________.
(A) they had to fight to survive
(B) the local economy is limited to farming only
(C) there are only limited jobs aside from farming
(D) there are no skilled workers .

32.【題組】32.aIn the passage, “you’d be down at a diner or truck stop flipping eggs” means _______________.
(A) you would be beneath a truck at a diner moving eggs
(B) you would end up serving meal at a local restaurant
(C) you would go down to have dinner with truck drivers or stop them from flipping eggs
(D) you would lower yourself to work or eat with truck drivers .

33.【題組】33.aIt is implied from the last sentence that _______________.
(A) people who want a new life should learn something new to work somewhere else
(B) people who want to have a new life must have better skills than other outsiders
(C) people who intend to travel to new places are required to have special skills
(D) people who intend to have a new job need to learn skills outside Illinois .

34. Garvey credits the book’s huge success and decades-long influence to the dual voices of its authors: “Strunk sounds teacherly, though he’s not without humor” as he lays down his views on grammar, while “White’s voice … is that of a writer, the practitioner of long experience whose sympathies favor the artistic side of the enterprise.” The book’s obsession with simplicity and directness is another reason, Garvey explains: It gives “the promise that careful, clear thinking and writing can occasionally touch truth; the promise of depth in simplicity and beauty in plainness.”
【題組】34.aHow many authors does the book introduced in this passage have?
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Three
(D) Four .

35.【題組】35.aWhich one of the following is closest in meaning to “voice”?
(A) Opinion
(B) Sound wave
(C) Speech
(D) Call .

36.【題組】36.aAccording to the passage, which of the following is NOT correct?
(A) The book may have been published twenty years ago.
(B) The book describes romance writers.
(C) The book combines different voices.
(D) The book puts much stress on simple and direct style. .

37.【題組】37.aWhat is this passage mainly about?
(A) A story of successful enterprises
(B) The artistic side of a book
(C) Views on grammar
(D) A book review .

38.Dear USDA Secretary Mike Johanns: My friend Jerry, who lives in a small valley, just received a check from the government for not raising hogs. So I want to get into the “not raising hogs” business. As I see it, the hardest part of this program will be keeping an accurate inventory of how many hogs I haven’t raised. Now, these hogs I will not raise will not eat approximately 100,000 bushels of corn. I understand you pay farmers for not raising corn. In view of these circumstances, the government will consider me totally unemployed, so I plan to file for unemployment benefits and food stamps as well. Gratefully yours, Name withheld by request
【題組】38.aWhich of the following is closest in meaning to “hog”?
(A) An abandoned child
(B) A wild animal
(C) A farm animal
(D) A false alarm .

39.【題組】39.aThe sender of the letter is writing mainly to _______________.
(A) make fun of Secretary Johanns
(B) tell Johanns a shocking story
(C) criticize the government’s subsidy programs
(D) apply for subsidy from one of the government programs .

40.【題組】40.aAccording to the passage, which of the following is probably true?
(A) The letter is complaining about some of America’s benefit policies.
(B) The sender of the letter has sent similar letters to Defense Secretary.
(C) The sender tells nothing but lies.
(D) The government pays farmers for not raising cattle. .

41.四、長篇閱讀(第 41−50 題) 說明:下列二篇文章共有 10 個問題,閱讀後請依文意與題意選出最恰當的選項,並將代號 標示在答案卡上。 The electricity generated by a power plant and delivered to your home by your local utility is called alternating current (AC) because it flows alternatively, first in one direction then in the opposite, completing 60 cycles every second. Batteries produce DC or direct current. From the power plant, current travels over high-voltage transmission lines to substations, where transformers reduce the voltage for distribution to local lines. Neighborhood transformers lower voltage to 120 and 240 volts for home delivery. Most homes built after World War II have three-wire electrical service, in which a neutral wire and two 120-volt hot wires provide 100 to 200 or more amps at both 120 and 240 volts. Older homes may still have two-wire service, in which one neutral and one hot wire deliver 30 to 60 amps at 120 volts only. Electrical service may be routed to a home through overhead wires running from the nearest utility pole to the service entrance head located high on one side of the house. Here the utility’s wires are spliced to the service entrance wires, which are usually encased in metal or plastic tubing, called conduit, or combined in a service entrance cable. From the service head, the wires pass through a meter, which records your electricity use, and into the main service panel, where current is split and distributed through branch circuits throughout the house. Alternatively, electric service may be routed underground to a home.
【題組】41.aWhat is the use of a “transformer” mentioned in this passage?
(A) To record the electricity use
(B) To change electricity from AC to DC
(C) To lower voltage for local distribution
(D) To do power transfusion .

42.【題組】42.aAccording to the passage, which of the following is correct?
(A) Most modern homes use two-wire electrical service.
(B) Three-wire electrical service has one hot wire.
(C) Lowering electric voltage is necessary for electricity use in a house.
(D) Local utility company provides direct current electricity. .

43.【題組】43.aWhich of the following is closest in meaning to the word “routed” in paragraph three?
(A) Split
(B) Spliced
(C) Generated
(D) Delivered .

44.【題組】44.aWhich of the following is NOT always required for home delivery of electricity?
(A) Battery
(B) Service panel
(C) Electricity meter
(D) Service entrance head .

45.【題組】45.aWhat is the main topic of this passage?
(A) Alternating current versus direct current
(B) Local utility service
(C) What you should know about working with electricity at home
(D) How power reaches your home .

46. Sara—like most kids—had always thought things like racing were harmless fun. In fact, speeding is a factor in one-third of all fatal car accidents involving teens and is just one of the dangerous driving behaviors kids regularly engage in. A 2007 study by the Allstate Foundation found that the majority of accidents involving teenage drivers are caused by driver error, speeding and the distractions of cell phones, texting, loud music and other teenage passengers. And while most kids have been told not to drink and drive, few parents remind their kids not to take part in other life-threatening behaviors. That’s because, in many cases, parents aren’t aware that this is a conversation they must be having. “Parents don’t have the facts they need to keep their teenagers safe,” says Sara’s dad, Ali Torabian. “After Sara’s accident I realized we had to have new rules.” He also went with Sara to a three-day conference in Chicago organized by Keep the Drive, a teen-led driving education program. There they learned that traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for American teenagers. Sixteen teenagers a day—nearly 6,000 each year—die that way, and hundreds of thousands of others are injured.
【題組】46.aWhich of the following might be the content of a paragraph right before the first paragraph?
(A) Sarah, a teenager, died in a fatal car accident.
(B) Sarah, a teenager, was killed by some drunk driver.
(C) Sarah, a teenager, was hospitalized because of heart attack.
(D) Sarah, a teenager, survived a traffic accident. .

47.【題組】47.aAccording to the passage, teenagers are more likely to have severe car accidents because _______________.
(A) they are grown up
(B) they are skillful drivers
(C) they are easily distracted
(D) they are more likely to get depressed .

48.【題組】48.aAccording to the passage, which of the following is a life-threatening behavior most parents should have reminded their young adults not to have?
(A) Driving at night
(B) Making phone calls while driving
(C) Driving alone
(D) Wearing glasses for driving .

49.【題組】49.a“Keep the Drive” in the second paragraph is a driving education program organized by _______________.
(A) teenagers
(B) concerned parents of teenagers
(C) school teachers
(D) the police .

50.【題組】50.aAccording to the passage, which of the following is the number one cause of death of American young adults?
(A) Household accidents
(B) Traffic accidents
(C) Sport accidents
(D) School yard accidents .



33.有關淡水生態系的敘述,何者正確?(A)河川下游的食物來源主要來自 岸邊的枯枝落葉 (B)渦蟲為了適應湍急的水流分泌黏液將身體附在 石頭上 (C)海...

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