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105 年 - 105 臺灣警察專科學校_專科警員班第 35 期正期學生組:英文科#51665 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. With great medical advances, not all kinds of cancers are _______ now and many patients even have recovered completely.
(A) fatal
(B) accidental
(C) mental
(D) central

2.2. Marshall’s rude comments _______ his clients. They were mad that he didn’t apologize first for his mistakes.
(A) transcended
(B) underwent
(C) fascinated
(D) irritated

3.3. Improper superstition should be _______, otherwise it will prevent people without enough education from understanding science.
(A) increased
(B) encouraged
(C) abolished
(D) established

4.4. Annie gave up her _______ career in bioengineering and volunteered to teach those children in need at mountainous areas instead.
(A) maximizing
(B) aggressive
(C) prescribing
(D) promising

5.5. Instead of developing a negative attitude, we should stay _______ about life and create our own happiness.
(A) automatic
(B) academic
(C) sarcastic
(D) optimistic

6.6. Parental guidance is of _______ importance to kids and could influence them highly throughout their lives.
(A) industrial
(B) considerable
(C) destructive
(D) simplistic

7.7. Natalie _______ escaped death when a brick fell down from the rooftop and struck her scooter this morning.
(A) carefully
(B) formally
(C) narrowly
(D) necessarily

8.8. Food and drinkable water were _______ to the earthquake victims, and each of them received an equal amount.
(A) distributed
(B) restricted
(C) emphasized
(D) constructed

9.9. To avoid explosions, everyone is _______ to use the cell phone at the gas station. Any violation of this rule would cause large fines.
(A) concentrated
(B) forbidden
(C) accused
(D) postponed

【題組】 10. The audience _______ laughter right after the humorous comedian finished telling the hilarious joke.
(A) burst into
(B) passed on
(C) kicked off
(D) blew up

11.【題組】11. Many problems in this city have _______ poverty. The government is now making effort to improve its economy.
(A) settled down
(B) stemmed from
(C) looked forward to
(D) hung up

12.【題組】12. Jessie _______ Leonardo DiCaprio when she watched his movie and was amazed at how charming he was.
(A) lost control of
(B) kept searching for
(C) had a crush on
(D) signed a deal with

13.【題組】13. With the summer vacation _______, many students started to discuss which camps they would like to join.
(A) up their sleeves
(B) coming as a surprise
(C) from head to toe
(D) around the corner

14.【題組】14. Please give me a hand this time. I’ll be sure to _______ you when there is anything I can do to help.
(A) make it up to
(B) share it with
(C) do the trick for
(D) send your regards to

15.【題組】15. Our tour guide reminded us that to avoid the rush-hour traffic, we would _______ for the castle at dawn.
(A) come off
(B) put off
(C) get off
(D) set off

【題組】 16. We may run out of energy resources soon _______ we make an effort to conserve them.
(A) if
(B) since
(C) whether
(D) unless

17.【題組】17. No magician so far could have performed the same trick ______ there is a complete mystery.
(A) what
(B) which
(C) with that
(D) behind which

18.【題組】18. With her hair _______ in the wind, Jessica rode her bike along the riverbank, singing her favorite song.
(A) blows
(B) blew
(C) blown
(D) blowing

19.【題組】19. When I arrived at the party, Sally, the hostess, looked at me _______ and said, “You look _______ today!”
(A) happy…beautiful
(B) happily…beautiful
(C) happily…beautifully
(D) happy…beautifully

20.【題組】20. The parents only _______ their children _______ computers on the weekends.
(A) let … to play
(B) make … playing
(C) allow … to play
(D) have…play

【題組】 21. It’s time _______ the father _______ the bride down the aisle.
(A) of…to walk
(B) that…walking
(C) for…to walk
(D) to… to walking

22.【題組】22. After dinner, Sandra asked her date how much _______ in order that she could pay him back.
(A) it cost him
(B) he owed her
(C) did he spend on it
(D) should she pay

23.【題組】23. _______ there is another planet for creatures to live on _______ a question.
(A) If… remaining
(B) Whether… remaining
(C) If… remains
(D) Whether… remains

24.【題組】24. Many precious animals, once they are gone, won’t be found anywhere in the wild, _______ be remembered by our next generation since the kids can’t find them in the zoo.
(A) nor they will
(B) nor will they
(C) neither will they
(D) they also won’t

25.【題組】25. Choose the CORRECT sentence.
(A) You should learn the lesson and avoid to make the same mistakes so that you can improve quickly.
(B) David may often be the first one to leave the office, but he works as hardly as everyone does.
(C) You should have checked your answers as carefully as she before you turned in the final test paper.
(D) As a good student, we should have all the homework to be done and preparations ready for the next day.

26.V. 閱讀測驗(第 26 題至第 30 題,共 10 分) Superstar vloggers have got traditional media in a bit of a panic. And there is every chance you have never heard of them. The rise of the vlogging superstars is a very recent phenomenon, one that is rapidly changing the shape of marketing, advertising and the wider media world. Alfie Deyes, the British vlogging superstar, has more than three million subscribers to his YouTube channel and was recently mobbed by over 8,000 fans at the launch of his first book. Deyes' fame among the UK's teenagers even rivals that of boyband stars like One Direction's Niall Horan. Deyes’s book, The Pointless Book, is a number one bestseller, outperforming the latest ones from Jamie Oliver and Ian McEwan. With their millions of YouTube subscribers, vloggers like Deyes are generating huge revenues. Thus, both traditional and networked television hired vloggers so as to catch the attention of the younger generation, who have engaged in the online world for years. TV might seem like a step up from YouTube. But that's not necessarily how the vloggers and their fans see it. In fact, Deyes views it as a completely different platform, one where he may be only a face or a voice to someone else's script and ideas. After all, this guy already has millions of fans by just being himself, uploading videos where he and his friends set each other silly challenges, or he plays games with his mom, and talks about life as a young British person. Vloggers can script, edit and present their own shows without having to care about the TV executives. YouTube and similar sites offer the true democratization of mass media. It's a free-for-all where a 15-year-old with an idea and a laptop can rewrite the rules. And it's likely to stay that way – until the marketing men and the major corporations figure out a way to bend it to their will.
【題組】26. This article is most likely to be found in a magazine called _______.
(A) Film World
(B) Webuser
(C) Cooking in Delight
(D) Fashion Designer

27.【題組】27. The verb rival in the second paragraph is closest in meaning to _______.
(A) gain
(B) hold
(C) equal
(D) build

28.【題組】28. According to the passage, the trend of vlogging alter the shape of many fields except _______.
(A) computing
(B) marketing
(C) mass media
(D) advertising

29.【題組】29. According to the passage, which of the following statements is WRONG about Deyes?
(A) He has shared his daily life with his fans through YouTube.
(B) He thinks TV is nothing but another platform to perform.
(C) His book is even more popular than those of other celebrities.
(D) He writes the scripts for the TV program to catch the audience.

30.【題組】30. According to this article, we can infer that _______.
(A) TV executives have taken vloggers as a threat for more than two decades
(B) major corporations may not be able to change the free-for-all of vlogging
(C) the websites such as YouTube get to control every detail in a video
(D) only those with professional training could become a superstar vlogger

31.貳、多重選擇題:(一)共十題,題號自第 31 題至第 40 題,每題四分,計四十分。 (二)每題五個選項各自獨立其中至少有一個選項是正確的,每題皆不倒扣,五個選項 全部答對得該題全部分數,只錯一個選項可得一半分數,錯兩個或兩個以上選項 不給分。 (三)請將正確答案以2B鉛筆劃記於答案卡內。
【題組】31. _______ the extreme weather condition, the baseball championship game still proceeded as scheduled.
(A) Despite
(B) Regardless of
(C) In spite of
(D) Although
(E) Even if

32.【題組】32. Have you ever been to Baihe, the beautiful township _______ in Tainan and famous for its lotuses?
(A) located
(B) laid
(C) situated
(D) lying
(E) stood

33.【題組】33. Kobe Bryant is often _______ the greatest basketball player after Michael Jordan.
(A) referred to as
(B) thought of
(C) looked up to
(D) regarded as
(E) considered

34.【題組】34. The U.S.A, which _______ 50 states, is a democratic as well as powerful country in the world.
(A) is composed of
(B) consisted of
(C) is made up of
(D) includes
(E) is excluded from

35.【題組】35. _______ about her grandpa’s health, Tracy visits him every day after work. She is indeed a filial grandchild.
(A) Concerned
(B) Concerning
(C) Since she cares
(D) Caring
(E) To care

36.【題組】36. 請選出翻譯正確的句子:當你達成目標時,做任何幫助你放鬆的事。
(A) Whatever helps you relax, do it to accomplish your goal.
(B) Do anything that helps you relax when you accomplish your goal.
(C) No matter what you do to help you relax, you reach your goal.
(D) When you accomplish a goal, do whatever helps you relax.
(E) You can do anything to help you relax when you reach your goal.

37.【題組】37. 請選出翻譯正確的句子:如果我現在是你,我就會告訴她實話。
(A) If I should be you, I would have told her the truth.
(B) If I were you, I would tell her the truth.
(C) Had I been you, I would have told her the truth.
(D) If I had been you, I would tell her the truth.
(E) Were I you, I would tell her the truth.

38.【題組】38. 請選出翻譯正確的句子:就正是生動的史事描述使得這本書大賣。
(A) It was the vivid accounts of the historical events that made this book a bestseller.
(B) Not only the vivid accounts but also the historical events made this book a bestseller.
(C) This book became a bestseller because of the vivid accounts of the historical events.
(D) In addition to the vivid accounts of the historical events, this book became a bestseller.
(E) They were the vivid accounts of the historical events that made this book a bestseller.

39.【題組】39. 請選出翻譯正確的句子:醫生建議每個人每天喝足夠的水。
(A) It is advisable for doctors to have everyone drink enough water every day.
(B) Doctors advise that everyone drink enough water on a daily basis.
(C) It is advised by doctors that everyone drinks enough water day after day.
(D) Everyone is advised by doctors that he or she drink enough water daily.
(E) Doctors advise that people have drunk enough water day in and day out.

40.【題組】40. 請選出翻譯正確的句子:臺北 101 比臺灣任何其他建築都要高。
(A) Taipei 101 is the tallest of the other buildings in Taiwan.
(B) Taipei 101 is taller than any building in Taiwan.
(C) Taipei 101 is the tallest among all the buildings in Taiwan.
(D) Taipei 101 is taller than all the other buildings in Taiwan.
(E) Taipei 101 is taller than any other building in Taiwan.




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105 年 - 105 臺灣警察專科學校_專科警員班第 35 期正期學生組:英文科#51665-阿摩線上測驗

105 年 - 105 臺灣警察專科學校_專科警員班第 35 期正期學生組:英文科#51665