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105 年 - 105 高等考試_三級_各類科(除公職土木工程技師、公職醫事檢驗師、公職護理師、公職食品技師外):英文#53634 

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1.31 Studying Latin is helpful for enlarging one's vocabulary in English, since so many English words ____from Latin.
(A) bombard
(B) derive
(C) compile
(D) formulate

2.32 To have access to the confidential documents, one needs special____ from the headquarters.
(A) authorization
(B) institution
(C) intonation
(D) transmission

3.33 ____is the art of narration and expression through body movement.
(A) Anatomy
(B) Pantomime
(C) Traitor
(D) Valor

4.34 Christine longed for some breathing space in her relationship because she felt____ by his nearly 24-hour company over the past few weeks.
(A) delighted
(B) dedicated
(C) suffocated
(D) terminated

5.35 The US Supreme Court rules that, barring circumstances like child abduction or a ticking time bomb, the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution requires police to get a warrant before examining a cell phone after an arrest. This ruling makes our digital privacy no "less worthy of the protection for which the Founders of our nation fought."
(A) Under certain extreme conditions, the Fourth Amendment can be temporarily suspended.
(B) The Fourth Amendment is considered a ticking time bomb by the US Constitution.
(C) The police needs to get the authorities' approval to search any suspect's cell phone.
(D) The founders of the USA also fought for their digital privacy.

6.請依下文回答第 36 題至第 40 題 
    It would be quite naive to expect a life without conflict, naive and boring. After all, as we struggle to find solutions, conflict leads to new ways of thinking. Nothing ever 36 in a world without conflicts. We see this in our lives; we see this in science. In fact, in science crises are essential: without them there is no 37 . A life lived in harmony 38 a life without conflict. It must be a life where conflict leads to growth. Harmony is not the absence of conflict. It is the state in which conflict leads to positive change. Harmony is dynamic, not static. Innovation and growth challenge the status quo, shaking the very foundations where most base their values. Change only comes when we are ready to embrace it; change needs 39 . It is much easier to plant our feet in the traditional, the convenient, in what does not force us to reexamine our views. No one likes to be wrong. This is why great innovation comes with 40 , often bloody. The blood that is spilled is not always the one coursing through our veins: it is the blood of conviction, of prejudices, of deep-seated ideas that are abandoned by the inexorable force of reason.

(A) forsakes
(B) chooses
(C) changes
(D) reports

(A) innovation
(B) place
(C) time
(D) relationship

(A) can't be
(B) isn't that
(C) is what
(D) must do

(A) rhetorical questions
(B) open minds
(C) no evaluation
(D) weak links

(A) revolution
(B) information
(C) tradition
(D) conjunction

11.請依下文回答第 41 題至第 45 題 
    E-waste is being produced on a scale never seen before. Computers and other electronic devices 41 obsolete in just a few years, leaving consumers with few alternatives but to catch up by buying newer models. Tens of millions of tons of computers, TVs, VCRs, monitors, cell phones, and other gadgets 42 each year. Unfortunately, in most parts of the world, the bulk of all this e-waste 43 landfills, where it poisons the environment. This is because it contains a variety of toxic 44 such as lead, mercury, and arsenic that leak into the ground. In theory, recycling seems to be a good 45 . However, the problem is that a large percentage of e-waste dropped off for recycling in rich countries is sold to the developing world, where its toxin may threaten the health of people living there.

(A) beget
(B) begot
(C) become
(D) became

(A) is discarded
(B) are discarded
(C) is disputed
(D) are disputed

(A) end at
(B) ends up
(C) end up to
(D) ends up in

(A) subtitles
(B) subsidies
(C) substances
(D) subordinates

(A) solution
(B) pollution
(C) salutation
(D) population

16.請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題 
    At 16, Maya Angelou became San Francisco’s first black female streetcar conductor. Her first book, I know Why the Caged Bird Sings, tells us her early life. Its unsparing account of black life in the South during the Depression and of her sexual abuse is not easy reading. But her tough, funny, lyrical voice transforms her story into a hymn of endurance that influenced later memoirists. Her own obituary sums up her life: “Love is that condition which encourages us to build bridges and to trust them and cross them in attempts to reach other human beings.”

【題組】46 What can we infer from the passage?
(A) Growing up in the American South was tough for her.
(B) Her first book was difficult to understand.
(C) She used to be a bird lover.
(D) Streetcars did not welcome black female passengers.

17.【題組】47 Why was her first book influential?
(A) Because she sang like a caged bird.
(B) Because her unique voice was inspiring.
(C) Because her style was not easy to follow.
(D) Because she wrote her own obituary.

18.【題組】48 Who are most likely influenced by her writing style?
(A) tour guides.
(B) memoir writers.
(C) monument builders.
(D) souvenir sellers.

19.【題組】49 Which of the following statements is true?
(A) She published her first book at 16.
(B) She liked to build bridges in her free time.
(C) Her last words were pessimistic.
(D) Her attitude toward life was positive.

20.【題組】50 Which statement best paraphrases Angelou's definition of "love"?
(A) Love is irresistible.
(B) Love enables us to connect with others.
(C) Love makes the world sink.
(D) Love is spontaneous.




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105 年 - 105 高等考試_三級_各類科(除公職土木工程技師、公職醫事檢驗師、公職護理師、公職食品技師外):英文#53634-阿摩線上測驗

105 年 - 105 高等考試_三級_各類科(除公職土木工程技師、公職醫事檢驗師、公職護理師、公職食品技師外):英文#53634