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1.1 The traveling office________ 10 locations to offer people multiple choices to enjoy the magnificent sunsets in a relaxing way.
(C) recommended

2.2 Be prepared to________ your country, because many foreigners will expect you to know a lot about history and culture in your home country.

3.3 Birdwatchers in Taiwan are eager to see spoonbills and __________photographs.
(B) pose
(C) blow

4.4 Your flight could be________ for many reasons, such as terrible weather, mechanical issues with the aircraft, and many other reasons.
(B) enforced

5.5 National Taichung Theater was______by the internationally acclaimed Japanese architect, Toyo Ito.
(B) designed

6.6 One of the most _________things about Taiwan is the overwhelming friendliness of its people.
(B) crossing

7.7 In hotel terminology,_________ rooms refer to those which provide two beds.
(B) single
(C) triple
(D) twin

8.8 Tour guides will meet guests from all over the globe and all walks of life, so the best guides need to be_______ to cultural differences.
(C) respective

9.9 Taiwan has some ________fruit that you are not going to see anywhere else, such as pink guava, wax apples, and “Buddha’s head.”
(B) precise
(C) special

10.10 Always keep one backup credit card and bank card with you in case of __________.
(C) resolutions

11.11 A tour guide needs to be people-friendly,_________ about travel, and able to work in stressful circumstances.
(B) favorite
(C) lovable

12.12 Most people________ using both verbal and nonverbal communications, so paying attention to facial expressions can help you read a situation.
(B) interact
(C) spear

13.13 Wang Ye and Matsu are two of the most common gods according to folk belief in Taiwan, but the rituals of _________these gods differ.

14.14 Many historical stores and buildings have been_________ into fantastic restaurants.

15.15 He always keeps promises and never breaks his__________ .
(B) stride

16.16 You can_________ a little before deciding what to buy.
(A)fall apart
(B) look out
(C) pass out
(D)shop around

17.17 The hot ________at Guanziling are located on the side of Zhentou Mountain in southern Taiwan, and due to subterranean rocks, their water is abundant in minerals.

18.18 Along the routes, you will________ a number of famous temples.
(A)bend over
(B) give in
(C) hand in
(D)pass by

19.19 The forest resource in Taiwan________ up to around 58 percent of the size of the island.
(C) looks

20.20 You will have to plan where the tour goes and what is seen by the passengers if you are in _________of the tour.
(B) charge
(C) honor

21.21 No trip to Kaohsiung is complete without_________ the city’s night markets a visit.
(B) beginning
(C) paying

22.22 Bubble tea has been popular in Taiwan, and the city is_________ tea stores.
(A)carried out
(B) filled with
(C) looked around
(D)passed on

23.23 Pineapple cake, one of Taiwan's best food souvenirs, is ________pineapples or winter melon.
(A)fed up
(B) held on
(C) made with
(D)paid off

24.24 Many people have tried to _______bad habits at some point in their lives.
(A)sum up
(B)queue up
(C) get up
(D)give up

25.25 Is the luggage yours or __________?
(B) mine

26.26 Taiwan allows visa-free entry for certain passport holders. To be approved for visa-free entry, the passport should have at least six months of_______ remaining.

27.27 Hualien is a small city, but even __________, it attracts many tourists.
(B) if

28.28 Miaoli offers a wide_________ of classic souvenirs ranging from wood craft, Tung blossom art, and Hakka cuisine.
(C) variety

29.29 A: There are a lot of good restaurants near National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. B: Great! How can we______ the Museum from here?
(A)arrive in
(B) come at
(C)get to
(D) depart at

30.30 A: What time do we have to________ tomorrow? B: We will have to leave our room by 9 in the morning.
(A)check out
(B) check in
(C) check it
(D)check off

31.31 Customs: __________? Tourist: I am on a business trip.
(A)How do you like your trip
(B)How long is the business
(C)What do you do
(D)What is the purpose of your visit

32.32 A: How long does it take to walk through the National Palace Museum? B:___________ .
(A)Around four hours
(B) At 2:00 PM
(C)It's $30 per hour
(D) It's right there, next to that park

33.33 A: Where are we headed now? B: _____________.
(A)Let’s break it down
(B)Let’s get a head start
(C)We are going to the airport
(D) We are headed off at the airport

34.34 A: Do you know where the nearest washroom is? B: ____________.
(A)It’s my pleasure to be here
(B)It’s right around the corner
(C)No, I don’t have the process
(D)Yes, I have the authority

35.35 A: Are we allowed to take pictures once we get inside the museum? B: ___________.
(A)Yes, you can frame your own pictures there
(B)No, no local museums are displaying pictures
(C)Pictures in the museum are not allowed to touch
(D)Taking pictures inside the museum is prohibited

36.36 A: What do you do in your spare time? B:___________ .
(A)I’ll have a ham sandwich
(B)I go hiking with friends
(C)You really love pasta a lot
(D)You shouldn’t swim alone

37.37 A: Are you going to drive all the way to Taitung? B:__________ .
(A)No, we’ll stop by in Kaoshiung for a night
(B)No, we’re going to take the highway
(C)Yes, it’s a beautiful sightseeing spot
(D)Yes, it’s on my way to Taitung

38.38 Would you mind________ around here for a few minutes?
(C) of wait
(D)to wait

39.39 I didn’t know what time __________.
(A)the bus would get there
(B)would the bus get there
(C)the bus is getting there
(D) is the bus getting there

40.40 All the tour group members are -----------.
(A)on upstairs
(B) in upstairs
(C) at upstairs

41.41 Even if I __________drive the tour bus, I wouldn’t. Let’s wait for the driver.

42.42 Let’s call it a day, __________?
(A)shall we
(B) will you
(C) isn’t it
(D)won’t you

43.43 One of the issues that come up in the modern life is people using their electronic devices while walking. When they do so, it is very difficult to be___________ of what is going on around them.
(B) astonished

44.44 The bus service is unavailable __________eight o’clock on Monday morning.
(C) while  
(D) for 

45.45 The city government legislated an increase in fines for those who do not ______their seat belts. The new rule becomes effective next month.
(C) obsess

46.46 If all of us travel to Penghu _______ferry as opposed to flying, we could save up to 10,000 dollars.
(B) at
(D) of

47.47 This website introduces the best travel planning apps which could help you plan your__________ , and make sure your tickets and connections are all lined up.
(B) itinerary
(C) proposal

48.48 The store adjacent to the hotel is a convenience store which provides a range of everyday items such as _________, snacks, or drinks.
(B) techniques
(D) luxuries

49.49 One_______ between a turtle and a tortoise is that tortoises live only on land.
(B) indifference
(C) characteristic

50.50 A person whose job is to translate information from one language to another is called an__________ .
(C) interpreter

51.51 When the athlete ________one of his greatest performances, he received a standing ovation from the audience.
(A)referred to
(B) pulled off
(C)pulled over
(D)handed in

52.52 The Michelin Guide Taipei, also known as the bible for global fine__________ , will be available in Taiwan in the first quarter of 2018.
(B) supper
(C) cuisine

53.53 Some people spent years saving up money________ to take a long-term dream trip.
(A)in order
(B) in tune
(C)on duty
(D)on top

54.54 The National Palace Museum provides a special children’s audio guide to allow children to learn more about the _______on display.

55.55 The museum audio guide is available in several languages, such as English, Japanese and Spanish, at a cost of NT$150 per_______ .
(B) value
(C) receipt

56.56 Even though a rising population and booming economy have brought great benefits to Southeast Asian countries, the major problem of traffic ________has resulted, leading to pollution and delays.
(D) connection

57.57 Located in the northeast part of Chiayi County in Taiwan, Alishan is home to some of Taiwan’s most astonishing natural _______and landscapes.
(B) scenery
(C) tour

58.58 Nature ______are established to protect iconic, special, and endangered species of plants and animals.
(A)conserves conventions
(B) reserves
(C) re
(D) ligions

59.59 One of the most famous traditional arts in Taiwan is glove_______ . Even though the dummies have no obvious expressions on their wooden heads, professional performers use their hands and voices to embody them with the lively appearance of human actions and emotions.
(B) weaving
(C) puppetry

60.60 One tip for dealing with difficult customers is to put your emotions aside when listening to their __________or concerns and sincerely thank them for sharing.

61.61 Violators will be______ for eating or drinking on Taipei MRT trains or platforms.
(B) encouraged
(C) allowed

62.62 If you want to pay with a credit card, you can directly________ the card on the device.
(B) stripe
(C) spike

63.63 This historical site was largely rebuilt__________ the years of 1990 and 1995.
(B) since
(C) between
(D) on

64.64 The Hakka town of Meinong in southern Taiwan is famous for its______ , which not only provide shelter from the sun but also symbolize good fortune.
(A)oil paper umbrellas
(B)Chinese knots
(C)scented sachets

65.65 Due to increased competition from foreign travel agencies, local travel agencies were forced to ________the prices of package tours to attract tourists.
(B) lower
(C) enlarge

66.66 This building is renowned for its ________design. For example, people with injuries or in wheelchairs can use the elevator to reach the observatory.
(C) glorious

67.67 If you want to use the hotel _________service, you need to fill out the attached card indicating which items of clothing have been placed in the bag.
(C) utility

68.68________ is considered not just a form of writing, but rather is viewed as the most appreciated visual form of all Chinese art.
(B) Calligraphy
(C) Sketch

69.69 Please take the free________ , which begins its route at North Park Station, so that we can keep the air in the park as clean and pure as possible.

70.70 The meal only costs NT$200 but the receipt shows NT$ 250. I think I was_________ .
(B) underestimated
(C) expected

71.Five Swedish designers have worked with artisans in Taiwan to explore different lacquer techniques, and presented their works in an exhibition –“A New Layer.” The exhibition shows contemporary objects made with an ancient technique. Lacquer has been used in East Asia for over 7000 years and encompasses a variety of techniques and applications. The title “A New Layer” refers to how the lacquer is applied in several layers until the desired surface sheen occurs. Historically, China and Japan have been the primary regions for the development of the lacquer art form. Artisans have not only mastered a single method, but developed a variety of ways in which the coating is used, both as a functional and a decorative material. Despite the long history of craftsmanship, it is not tied to tradition but is constantly changing. Taiwan is a geographical and cultural crossroads for China and Japan but also a region with influences from Southeast Asia and Polynesia. This variegated culture is visible in Taiwan's craft traditions and has significantly colored the material that appears in “A New Layer.” The exhibition shows a broad palette of materials such as ceramics, wood, metal, wicker bamboo, fabric, pearl and stone, all of it accompanied by lacquer work applied on the objects in various ways. “A New Layer” is a collaboration between the designers Carina Seth Andersson, Matti Klenell, Stina Löfgren, Gabriella Gustafson, Mattias Ståhlbom, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) and the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities.
【題組】71 What is this passage mainly about?
(A)the beauty of traditional Swedish art
(B)the news about an exhibition
(C)the history of lacquer art
(D)the conflict between eastern and western cultures

72.【題組】72 What does the title “A New Layer” refer to?
(A)how the lacquer is put on in several coatings
(B)how the lacquer is painted by several artisans
(C)how the lacquer is hidden in several regions
(D)how the lacquer is approved by several institutes

73.【題組】73 Who collaborates to present the exhibition “A New Layer”?
(A)people in China and Japan
(B)people in Southeast Asia and Polynesia
(C)people in Sweden only
(D)people in Sweden and Taiwan

74.【題組】74 According to the passage, which of the following statement is true?
(A)Lacquer has been used in East Europe for more than 7000 years.
(B)Lacquer is originated in both Sweden and Taiwan.
(C)Japan is one of the main regions for the development of the lacquer art form.
(D)There is only one single application possible for lacquer.

75.【題組】75 Where is this passage most likely from?
(A)a research journal
(B) a news report
(C)a science fiction
(D) a recipe book



【題組】76 What is the main purpose of this passage?
(A)to compare the transportation in the past and the present
(B)to give an overall look at modern transportation systems
(C)to explain why train travel becomes an option for travelers
(D)to show why people prefer fast systems of transportation

77.【題組】77 According to the passage, what is one main characteristics of the modern world?
(A)fast pace
(B) bold move
(C)major delay
(D)much patience

78.【題組】78 According to the passage, what is the possible reason for the love of train travel?
(A)train schedules
(B) fond memories
(C) high speed
(D)luxurious facilities

79.【題組】79 Which is closest in meaning to the word “nostalgia” in the second paragraph?
(B) fantasy
(C) satisfaction

80.【題組】80 According to the passage, which of the following statement is true?
(A)Most people want to travel on trains because they are fast.
(B)There is a sense of romance about a modern jet plane.
(C)Airlines offer tours for those who aren’t in a rush and enjoy the love of the past.
(D)Many exciting stories in books and in movies happened on trains.