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1.1 I enjoyed my vacation in San Francisco. I was most_______ by the beautiful scenes along the Pacific Coast Highway.
(B) impressed
(C) harassed

2.2 It is very kind of you to give me a _________to the airport.
(B) seat
(C) ride

3.3 The flu is sending people to hospitals almost everywhere in the country. Several hospitals have set up large tents outside their emergency departments to _______and treat flu patients.
(C) accuse

4.4 Climate _________has become human′s great damaging equalizer, leaving no part of the planet safe from the harm we do.
(B) change
(C) prediction
(D) protection

5.5 When it comes to cancer_________ , it is well known that we should avoid eating too many sweets and fast foods and spending too much time on the couch.

6.6 She is such a lovely,__________ , and passionate lady that everyone likes to chat with her.

7.7 Many people think____________ time is when the plane takes off. Actually it is when the flight is scheduled to leave the gate.
(B) exit
(C) departure

8.8 The police have not _______that the man in the car accident is indeed the suspect of the bank rubbery case.

9.9 Tourists must have_____________ passport before they apply for visas.
(B) valid
(C) vacant

10.10 John dragged the injured woman out of the kitchen while Jack used a fire __________to fight the fire.
(B) expenditure
(D) existence

11.11 It was only a four-hour drive to cross the desert and reach the costal city, but we ran out of gas before we could reach the ___________.
(C) devotion

12.12 On August 31, 2017, Britain paid tribute to Princess Diana on the twentieth _______of her death. She died in a high-speed car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997.
(C) anticipation
(D) salvation

13.13 A couple grieving over the death of their son in a traffic accident blamed his death on the driver′s lack of driver training and launched a public campaign calling for__________ education for new drivers.
(B) volatile
(C) management

14.14 We headed to the countryside, rich with gorgeous hills and lakes. The scenery there was ___________.
(B) indifferent

15.15 One advice for traveler is plan your_______ ahead of time, but also prepare to be flexible.
(B) disorientation
(C) irrelevance
(D) itinerary

16.16 The________ date for a medicine is the last date that the manufacturer guarantees the medicine is safe or effective.

17.17 Firms that are less productive will go out of business. This creates an_________ for firms to be as productive as possible.
(D) index

18.18 We ordered two_________ , chicken wings and Mozzarella sticks, salad and soup before the main dish.
(B) antiques
(D) sidewalks

19.19 When travelling with delicate or breakable objects, you′d better declare them as ___________. The airline will put stickers on the boxes or bags and take special care of them.
(B) bizarre
(C) twisted

20.20 It was a__________ night for travelers at Miami International Airport. Thousands of inbound passengers were stuck behind customs screening stations for hours due to a computer failure.
(B) rough
(C) conventional

21.21 One of the most common problems for hotel guests is when the neighbors in________ rooms are noisy. Speaking to the hotel staff to ask for another room is something that can be successful, particularly earlier in the night when not all rooms may be taken.
(B) frosty
(C) adjacent
(D) isolated

22.22 There are many different types of scenery in the park. The best way to see them is to go __________.
(A)on foot
(B) in good hands
(C) by all means
(D)off the hook

23.23 New research suggests that our memory can be improved when we give our brain the chance for a complete recharge with no________ from interventions such as checking emails or surfing the web on a smartphone.
(B) attractions
(C) distractions

24.24 As flying becomes increasingly time-consuming and less attractive, a new London-to-Amsterdam rail route could _______passengers from the skies.
(B) steal
(C) ascend

25.25 Staying safe when skiing or snowboarding in the mountains is crucial and an important part of that is being_________ of the risk of avalanche.
(B) capable
(C) effective

26.26 A simple “Please,” “Thank you,” and “I’m sorry” in the local language_________ a long way when you are on a trip.
(B) goes
(C) saves

27.27 A medical emergency can cost you a lot of money. It is suggested that you buy travel ________before you start your trip.
(B) surgery
(C) insurance

28.28 Gansu’s__________ landscapes include the Gobi Desert, the Yellow River, numerous mountain formations, and remnants of the Silk Road and the Great Wall of China.
(B) divided
(D) diverse

29.29 Many of Niseko's resorts offer winter adventure seekers the option to explore off trail skiing. The backcountry can be________ through special gates around the resorts or experienced on guided tours and helicopter tours.
(B) expressed
(C) accessed
(D) rated

30.30 If you've chosen a________ holiday, you'll probably have to get around on your own using taxis, buses, subways - or the tube if you're traveling to London.
(B) self-catering
(C) self -centered
(D)self -willed

31.31 If you are traveling across a body of water, you might make a ferry crossing. You'll have to go to a ________and board before you set sail.
(C) dock

32.32 Global Blue Tax Free shopping brings you additional savings on_________ at over 300,000 store across the world’s best shopping districts.
(B) petition
(C) permits

33.33 My car isn’t ______. There is always something wrong with it.

34.34 Hawaiian Airlines is proud to offer you a taste of the islands even before you land! You’ll enjoy a wide array of_______ drinks to make your flight as enjoyable as possible.
(B) ceremonial
(C) commercial

35.35 Weddings can be expensive. In this week's News Report you can hear about a way to _______the cost of your wedding by 50%.
(C) catch

36.36 As more and more people were taking time away from studies and careers to travel and work overseas, there was increased ________for organized travel programs.
(B) demand

37.37 We are a private travel and transport agency specializing in customized trips, day_____ and hiking in Morocco.

38.38 There is a big problem with my timetable. I have got two meetings _________at the same time.
(C) participated
(D) ordered

39.39 I can’t open the window in my room. It seems to be_______ .

40.40 We're not paying together. We are on separate_______ .
(C) checks

41.41 (In a hotel) Tom calls the front desk: How to set the______ for the safe in my room? I would like to leave my computer in the safe while I’m going out.
(D) contradiction

42.42 HOTEL CLERK: The Four Seasons Hotel. How can I help you? JOHN: Hello, My name is Mr.Wong. I'd like to reserve a room. Do you have any_________ room from March 10th to March 13th?

43.43 Receptionist: Yes, How can I help you? Tourist: I am looking for a room that would be nice for a romantic weekend. What would you_______?
(B) recommend

44.44 William: Excuse me. I am sorry to trouble you, but could you tell me how I can get to the train station? Kate: Yes, no problem. It is that way. Keep walking straight ahead. After you pass the library, you have to turn left. Then ________your first right and it is across from the bus station. You cannot miss it!
(B) put
(C) get

45.45 Tom: I would like to _______my flight. Airline: Can I have your name, please? Tom: My name is David T. Jackson.
(B) confirm
(C) consent

46.46 You shall never leave your luggage________ at all in the airport.
(B) unfair

47.47 While many people avoid garlic in their food for fear of smelling of it, Romanians have a cult-like _________for the plant. It is thought that garlic can protect people and homes from evil spirits.
(B) complaint
(C) dislike

48.48 From quality luxury lodges to back-to-nature camping, the selection of _________in New Zealand is varied and plentiful.
(D) accommodation

49.49 Mount Mayon, the Philippines’ most active volcano, violently_________ around midday on Monday, leaving a gigantic ash column in the sky and lava fragments crashing down on surrounding villages.
(C) explored
(D) extended

50.50 Rumors stemming from Apple analysts suggest that a________ in orders means iPhone X production may cease as early as this summer, which would be the first time Apple has discontinued an iPhone before unveiling a new model.
(C) production

51.51 The tiny Pacific island of Palmerston is one of the most____________ islands in the world. The journey takes nine days from Tahiti, and is long and dangerous. However, it is well worth it.

52.52 Teens looking to drive can start a driver's education course as soon as they turn 14 years old - but they must wait until they are 15 years of age to be______ for a learner license in Texas.
(B) edible
(C) emotional

53.53 A: I just got invited to my boss’s house for dinner! What do you do when you are invited to someone’s house here? B: Well, it’s the________ to bring a small gift.
(B) cushion
(D) costume

54.54 When you go out on a date for dinner, it is acceptable to share the__________ .
(B) cost
(C) smog

55.55 People _________23 billions cups of coffee in coffee shops or stores in the UK every year.
(B) presume
(C) assume

56.56 In order to run a _________restaurant, you need to get a talented chef.
(B) patient
(C) tough

57.57 A: We should not have invited my wife’s boss to the dinner party yesterday. He kept talking and didn’t leave until two o’clock in the morning. B: He should not have stayed so late. That was really _________.
(B) incapable
(C) impossibleD)impressive

58.58 Sending text message over the phone is a very_________ way to communicate. It is faster and easier than calling.
(B) efficient
(D) immature

59.59 Sometimes companies have to_________ their products from the market because of faults.
(C) deposit

60.60 When you are traveling, try to avoid__________ into bank accounts or entering any passwords while using free public WIFI at a place like an airport.
(C) logging

61.61 We learn to be_________ to foreign cultures and do not judge carelessly other customs.

62.62 A study points out that when you are in a plane, the sun’s rays are much more harmful, and you face an increased_________ of skin damage, skin ageing, and skin cancer.
(B) risk
(D) husk

63.63 Many airlines operate overbooking policies because a small number of passengers having made their bookings, do not________ up for their flights.
(B) sign
(D) turn

64.64 In dense cities where huge numbers of people are moving in generally the same __________, there is no alternative to the fixed route bus or train, because nothing else fits in the limited space.

65.65 Earthquakes are not_______ for residents in Japan but the 7.1-magnitude quake, one of the strongest in recent years, came as a shock.
(B) unpleasant
(C) unimportant

66.66 Software developers ________AI technology into their products and use it to deal with the complicated job of big-data sorting and analysis.
(C) investigate

67.67 All businesses face competition. Your business competitor could offer a substitute or similar product that makes your own__________ .
(B) successful

68.68 There was a permanent _________of tourist hotels in this country because more and more hoteliers and innkeepers expand investment during all these years.
(C) reduction

69.69 While more firefighters poured in to ___________the effort, the desperate firefighting finally brought forth a glimmer of hope on the fifth day.
(B) start
(C) find

70.70 Uber drivers will now be forced to take a six-hour___________ after a total of 12 hours of driving time. Drivers will not be able to accept new riders during that rest period.
(C) break

71.First there were selfies. Then there were selfie sticks. Now comes a new phase: selfie booths, which some stores are providing as a sort of next-generation photo kiosks. In the age of ubiquitous social media, these booths and rooms seem to be the latest way to attract customers and build a brand. At several stores of the optical company Warby Parker, customers unsure if those spectacle frames really fit them can jump into the on-site selfie booth, snap off some images and email them to friends and family for a second opinion. At Doomie′s, a vegetarian restaurant in Toronto, there is a dedicated selfie room where persons stand in front of a mirror, take a photo and post it to social media, often with a caption like ″just emerged from my food coma.″ When they were planning the restaurant, Doomie′s owners wanted clever ways to promote it and differentiate it. They noticed younger people always want something on Facebook or the like. The restaurant had an unused basement room, so they painted the floor white and had the walls prepared in cartoons. Now at least half the restaurant′s first-timers under the age of 35 visit the selfie room. On evenings when there is a wait for the table, patrons sometimes pass the time posing and posting. When the restaurant was launched, it was covered by CBC and other news outlets just for the selfie room, and it was a hot talking point on social media. The selfie room surely helps Doomie′s business. While places like Doomie's in Toronto are setting aside designated areas for people to take pictures with their own smartphones, other businesses are installing booths designed to take superior selfies. Selfie lovers know that pictures taken in specially lit booths come out far better than a cellphone snapshot.
【題組】71 What might be the best title for the passage?
(A)Draw Cartoon on Wall and Make Your Place More Playful
(B)Why Is Selfie Popular Among Young People
(C)Step Into Our Selfie Booth and Help Us Build Our Brand
(D)How to Make Better Selfies without Light

72.【題組】72 According to the passage, where is Doomie′s selfie room located?
(A)On the second floor.
(B)In the basement.
(C)On the street.
(D)On Facebook.

73.【題組】73 According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A)More than one news outlet covered the story of Doomie′s selfie room.
(B)Young people don′t visit Doomie′s selfie room.
(C)Selfie booths came before selfie sticks.
(D)The floor of Doomie′s selfie room is painted black.

74.【題組】74 What business is Warby Parker in?
(A)Fashion wear.
(B)Food and beverage.
(C) Athletic shoes.

75.【題組】75 Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?
(A)Adding a selfie booth in your business can be a clever way to promote business.
(B)Doomie′s seats all clients waiting for a table in the selfie room.
(C)Most CBC reporters are vegetarians.
(D)Doomie′s is located in a theme park for little kids.

76.Touching Anthropologists tell us that each of us walks around inside “bubbles of personal space.” The size of the bubble represents our personal territory, territorial imperative, or “personal buffer zone.” We neither like nor tolerate it when someone invades our bubble. As we travel to different places around the world, we learn that some cultural bubbles are larger or smaller than others. The American “bubble” extends about 12 to 15 inches, and so we may stand a combined 24 to 30 inches apart. Scientists point out this just happens to be an arm’s length away. One could stretch out his arm and put his thumb in the other person’s ear. Orientals, and especially the Japanese, stand even farther apart, anthropologist George Renwick adds. When it comes to ordinary business or social situations, they have the largest bubbles of all. However, in their own public settings, where crowding is impossible to avoid, they accept body contact or just seem to ignore it, “touching without feeling.” Latins and Middle Easterners, on the other hand, stand much closer than Americans. They may stand, literally, toe-to-toe. They may even place a hand on the other’s forearm or elbow, or even finger the lapel of the other person. However, touch codes are changing all over the world. In the United States, politicians have learned the value of touch. They frequently give two-handed handshakes, casually touch the elbow of another, or lightly touch the back of the person standing next to them. “Pressing flesh” has become a byword on political campaigns. Also, Japanese managers posted in the U.S. factories are steeling themselves and learning to accept finger-crunching handshakes, back patting, and maybe even a friendly arm around the shoulders for the softball team photo.
【題組】76 What does “bubble” mean in the passage?
(A)the balloon in public settings the toy for social situations
(C)the physical distance between people the territory of
(D) anthropologists

77.【題組】77 According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A)Japanese people tend to stand far apart from each other.
(B)Japanese people like to have large bubbles.
(C)Japanese people like crowded situations so that they can touch others.
(D)Japanese would attack people when their territory get invaded.

78.【題組】78 According to the passage, what kind of people may have the smallest “bubbles”?
(A)The British
(B) Arabs
(D) Americans

79.79 What does “pressing flesh” mean?
(A)pushing people
(B) talking to people
(C)making friends
(D) shaking hands with people

80.80 According to paragraph 4, which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A)Latins start to keep farther apart from each other.
(B)Japanese sales may pat people on the back when in U.S.
(C)American politicians use firm, strong handshakes to connect to people.
(D)Japanese may put their arms around athletes’ shoulders when taking photos.