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107 年 - 國立竹北高中 107 學年度第 1 學期第 1 次教師甄選 英文 科試題 #68872 

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1.1. As the news reported the passing of British physicist Stephen Hawking, tributes began pouring in from scientists throughout the world, ________ him as an inspiration.
(A) honing
(B) lauding
(C) hoaxing
(D) donning

2.2. The Me Too movement (or "#MeToo") spread virally in October 2017 as a hashtag used on social media to help demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplac
(E) It followed soon after the public revelations of sexual misconduct ________ against Harvey Weinstein.
(A) crests
(B) apostles
(C) confidants
(D) allegations

3.3. She took a(n) ________ pleasure in hearing that her sister was getting divorce
(D) Most people, I believe, would not enjoy such strange behavior.
(A) sullen
(B) elusive
(C) perverse
(D) estranged

4.4. The commentator’s changing tone functions as a way to _______ a chord tone and is also employed to provide rhythmic interest between common tones.
(A) empathize
(B) encroach
(C) enshrine
(D) embellish

5.5. Before leaving for school, the little boy made a dash for his bedroom and ________ through the clothes in the drawer looking for a clean pair of socks.
(A) burrowed
(B) extruded
(C) supplanted
(D) ruminated

6.6. Why do you word your proposal in such a(n) ________ manner? Could you make it more concise?
(A) taut
(B) frivolous
(C) electrifying
(D) convoluted

7.7. While visiting my bedridden aunt in hospital, I saw quite a few patients ________ along the corridors.
(A) flanking
(B) shambling
(C) twitching
(D) maneuvering

8.8. He kept his hostility hidden behind a friendly ________.
(A) naïveté
(B) résumé
(C) façade
(D) jalapeño

9.9. ________, as the name implies, is never made to survive or last long.
(A) Ephemera
(B) Firmament
(C) Troposphere
(D) Mannequin

10.10. As she pulled the curtains aside, the sun was shining straight in her eyes and made her ______.
(A) swoon
(B) squint
(C) glitch
(D) deflate

11.11. Trump’s tariffs sparked global ________, and the very next day stock markets plunge
(A) ire
(B) pincer
(C) mortgage
(D) palpation

12.12. Pollution and sediments carried by the floodway will _______ the existing and potential uses of the lak
(A) beleaguer
(B) fornicate
(C) brandish
(D) jeopardize 2

13.13. Russia expelled US diplomats and closed the US Consulate in St. Petersburg in _______ for a similar move by Washington.
(A) repulsion
(B) retaliation
(C) resurrection
(D) redemption

14.14. He is _______ a war on inequality to further his agend
(A) waging
(B) forking
(C) battering
(D) skewering

15.II. Contextual Choice: Choose the most appropriate one for each blank without considering if a capital letter is neede
(D) (10%) (AB)role (AC) bane (AD) tactic (AE) guerrilla (BC) relegated (BD) recouped (BE) lure (CD) woo (CE) hailing (DE) sprawling (ABC) substantial (ABD) ethereal Street art is ingrained into Los Angeles’ DNA. The city’s (1) concrete backdrop has long served as a massive easel for artists. In the age of social media, however, street art is finding a new (2) : providing the perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy shots and the perfect (3) for retailers seeking to attract a certain selfie-taking demographi
(C) With millennials willing to go out of their way to find a piece of Instagram gold, businesses are eyeing the artwork as a(n) (4) to draw people outside, and then, hopefully, inside their stores. No longer (5) to alleyways, street art now coats the front of restaurants and retail boutiques. For businesses, writing a check to a respected artist can be a(n) (6) expenditur
(E) Rather than pay out, some businesses are finding alternative ways to (7) the Instagram scen
(E) Four years ago, the furniture company Cisco Home tapped its in-house marketing team, Small Green Door, to draw a mural that said “Made in LA.” (8) it as LA’s latest Instagram-ready landmark, Cisco offered discounts to anyone who snapped a photo with the mural and posted it to Facebook using the hashtag #MadeInLAbyCisco. There is an irony in partnerships between street artists and businesses. As an offshoot of graffiti—a countercultural art scene long the (9) of property owners—street art and retail businesses would seem to be natural enemies. It has left some artists facing a moral dilemma: stay true to the (10) traditions of their art form or forge partnerships that can exponentially increase the amount of eyes on their work and the dollars in their pocket.


25.III. Passage Structure: Choose the most appropriate sentence for each blank without considering if a capital letter is neede
(D) (10%) A year ago, Meredith Perry, the founder of a well-capitalized start-up promising a technology revolution—charging smartphones over the air using ultrasound waves—went into self-imposed exil
(E) (1) . Her company uBeam flush with USD 26 million, provided by Silicon Valley players eager to crack this thorny modern-day tech problem. In late May, Perry broke her media silence, giving USA Today a first, close look at uBeam’s developing technology in action. (2) . The vision is that one day people will walk into a uBeam-outfitted room, say a coffee shop, and within seconds, (3) . For uBeam and other companies pursuing wireless charging, this is a halcyon vision for smartphone users who find themselves tethered to walls and kiosks, all in need of a power outlet. In a blissful, cordless world, (4) . The technology is at least a year away from commercialization, and it faces significant hurdles from ever getting out the door of this 30-person start-up. Even though it can at present power a handful of phones, (5) . And consumer questions will linger about safety as well as cost. If uBeam or any other company can nail an effortless way to charge devices without cables, it could claim a healthy slice of what promises to be a USD37.2-billion pie by 2022, up from USD1.9 billion in 2015, according to Allied Market Research. (AB) phones will be getting juic
(E) (AC) the study authors declare it a success on all front. (AD) no interviews, few appearances. Just heads down on work. (AE) it is not clear what leaps need to be made to charge a busy coffee shop. (BC) the approach harnesses ultrasound and optical lasers to charge multiple phones at once at a distance of up to ten feet. (BD) a team led by Georgia Tech engineer Mark Prausnitz has come up with an alternative method that uses “microneedles.” (BE) tech gadgets never run on empty, powered by energy-broadcasting transmitters hidden away in the walls of cars, businesses and homes.


30.IV. Reading Section: 26% Meteorite Impact and Dinosaur Extinction 1.There is increasing evidence that the impacts of meteorites have had important effects on Earth, particularly in the field of biological evolution. Such impacts continue to pose a natural hazard to life on Earth. Twice in the twentieth century, large meteorite objects are known to have collided with Earth. 2. If an impact is large enough, it can disturb the environment of the entire Earth and cause an ecological catastroph
(E) The best-documented such impact took place 65 million years ago at the end of the Cretaceous period of geological history. This break in Earth’s history is marked by a mass extinction, when as many as half the species on the planet became extinct. While there are a dozen or more mass extinctions in the geological record, the Cretaceous mass extinction has always intrigued paleontologists because it marks the end of the age of the dinosaurs. For tens of millions of years, those great creatures had flourishe
(D) Then, suddenly, they disappeare
(D) 3. The body that impacted Earth at the end of the Cretaceous period was a meteorite with a mass of more than a trillion tons and a diameter of at least 10 kilometers. Scientists first identified this impact in 1980 from the worldwide layer of sediment deposited from the dust cloud that enveloped the planet after the impact. This sediment layer is enriched in the rare metal iridium and other elements that are relatively abundant in a meteorite but very rare in the crust of Earth. Even diluted by the terrestrial material excavated from the crater, this component of meteorites is easily identifie
(D) By 1990 geologists had located the impact site itself in the Yucatán region of Mexico. The crater, now deeply buried in sediment, was originally about 200 kilometers in diameter. 4. This impact released an enormous amount of energy, excavating a crater about twice as large as the lunar crater Tycho. The explosion lifted about 100 trillion tons of dust into the atmosphere, as can be determined by measuring the thickness of the sediment layer formed when this dust settled to the surfac
(E) Such a quantity of material would have blocked the sunlight completely from reaching the surface, plunging Earth into a period of cold and darkness that lasted at least several months. The explosion is also calculated to have produced vast quantities of nitric acid and melted rock that sprayed out over much of Earth, starting widespread fires that must have consumed most terrestrial forests and grasslan
(D) Presumably, those environmental disasters could have been responsible for the mass extinction, including the death of the dinosaurs. 5. Several other mass extinctions in the geological record have been tentatively identified with large impacts, but none is so dramatic as the Cretaceous event. But even without such specific documentation, it is clear that impacts of this size do occur and that their results can be catastrophi
(C) What is a catastrophe for one group of living things, however, may create opportunities for another group. Following each mass extinction, there is a sudden evolutionary burst as new species develop to fill the ecological niches opened by the event. 6. Impacts by meteorites represent one mechanism that could cause global catastrophes and seriously influence the evolution of life all over the planet. According to some estimates, the majority of all extinctions of species may be due to such impacts. Such a perspective fundamentally changes our view of biological evolution. The standard criterion for the survival of a species is its success in competing with other species and adapting to slowly changing environments. Yet an equally important criterion is the ability of a species to survive random global ecological catastrophes due to impacts. 7. Earth is a target in a cosmic shooting gallery, subject to random violent events that were unsuspected a few decades ago. In 1991 the United States Congress asked NASA to investigate the hazard posed today by large impacts on Earth. The group conducting the 55 study concluded from a detailed analysis that impacts from meteorites can indeed be hazardous. Although there is always some risk that a large impact could occur, careful study shows that this risk is quite small.

【題組】1. The word “pose” on line 2 is closest in meaning to
(A) claim
(B) model
(C) assume
(D) present

31.【題組】2. In paragraph 2, why does the author include the information that dinosaurs had flourished for tens of millions of years and then suddenly disappeared?
(A) To support the claim that the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous is the best-documented of the dozen or so mass extinctions in the geological record
(B) To explain why as many as half of the species on Earth at the time are believed to have become extinct at the end of the Cretaceous
(C) To explain why paleontologists have always been intrigued by the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous
(D) To provide evidence that an impact can be large enough to disturb the environment of the entire planet and cause an ecological disaster

32.【題組】3. Which of the following can be inferred from paragraph 3 about the location of the meteorite impact in Mexico?
(A) The location of the impact site in Mexico was kept secret by geologists from 1980 to 1990.
(B) It was a well-known fact that the impact had occurred in the Yucatán region.
(C) Geologists knew that there had been an impact before they knew where it had occurre
(D) The Yucatán region was chosen by geologists as the most probable impact site because of its climat

33.【題組】4. According to paragraph 3, how did scientists determine that a large meteorite had impacted Earth?
(A) They discovered a large crater in the Yucatán region of Mexico.
(B) They found a unique layer of sediment worldwid
(C) They were alerted by archaeologists who had been excavating in the Yucatán region.
(D) They located a meteorite with a mass of over a trillion tons.

34.【題組】5. The word “excavating” is closest in meaning to
(A) digging out
(B) extending
(C) destroying
(D) covering up

35.【題組】6. The word “consumed” is closest in meaning to
(A) changed
(B) exposed
(C) destroyed
(D) covered

36.【題組】7. According to paragraph 4, all of the following statements are true of the impact at the end of the Cretaceous period EXCEPT:
(A) A large amount of dust blocked sunlight from Earth.
(B) Earth became cold and dark for several months.
(C) New elements were formed in Earth’s crust.
(D) Large quantities of nitric acid were produce

37.【題組】8. The phrase “tentatively identified” is closest in meaning to
(A) identified after careful study
(B) identified without certainty
(C) occasionally identified
(D) easily identified

38.【題組】9. The word “perspective” is closest in meaning to
(A) sense of values
(B) point of view
(C) calculation
(D) complication

39.【題組】10. Paragraph 6 supports which of the following statements about the factors that are essential for the survival of a species?
(A) The most important factor for the survival of a species is its ability to compete and adapt to gradual changes in its environment.
(B) The ability of a species to compete and adapt to a gradually changing environment is not the only ability that is essential for survival.
(C) Since most extinctions of species are due to major meteorite impacts, the ability to survive such impacts is the most important factor for the survival of a species.
(D) The factors that are most important for the survival of a species vary significantly from one species to another.

40.【題組】11. Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the following sentence? Earth is a target in a cosmic shooting gallery, subject to random violent events that were unsuspected a few decades ago. Incorrect choices change the meaning in important ways or leave out essential information.
(A) Until recently, nobody realized that Earth is exposed to unpredictable violent impacts from spac
(B) In the last few decades, the risk of a random violent impact from space has increase
(C) Since most violent events on Earth occur randomly, nobody can predict when or where they will happen.
(D) A few decades ago, Earth became the target of random violent events originating in outer spac

41.【題組】12. According to the passage, who conducted investigations about the current dangers posed by large meteorite impacts on Earth?
(A) Paleontologists
(B) Geologists
(C) The United States Congress

42.【題組】13. Look at the four letters (A, B, C, and D) that indicate where the following sentence could be added to the passage in paragraph 6. This is the criterion emphasized by Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Where would the sentence best fit? Impacts by meteorites represent one mechanism that could cause global catastrophes and seriously influence the evolution of life all over the planet.
(A) According to some estimates, the majority of all extinctions of species may be due to such impacts.
(B) Such a perspective fundamentally changes our view of biological evolution.
(C) The standard criterion for the survival of a species is its success in competing with other species and adapting to slowly changing environments.
(D) Yet an equally important criterion is the ability of a species to survive random global ecological catastrophes due to impacts. Choose the place where the sentence fits best.
(A) Option A
(B) Option B
(C) Option C
(D) Option D

43.V. Cloze Test Design (20%: passage 12% ; questions 8%) Please rewrite the following article into a shorter passage, based on which design 7 multiple-choice cloze questions, each with 4 distracters. The target testees are 11th graders. To many, air travel is far from pleasant. First of all, aircraft don’t offer the kind of air pressure that we would experience at sea level. Instead, the cabin altitude is usually between 1,828 and 2,438 meters. This means less oxygen and expansion of gases in our body cavities. There are other sources of stress too: flight delays, going through airport security, noise and vibration on board, tasteless food, low humidity, cramped seating and jet lag – to name but a few. Unpleasant as it is, there are still ways to make the journey more bearabl
(E) Here are some of them:  Starve the jet lag Fast before a long-haul flight, because it eases your jet lag. Harvard researchers say that starving for about 16 hours before boarding a plane can help travelers engage a special clock in the brain that will make adjusting to a new time zone easier. The timing of meals is also an important factor in adaptation to a new time zon
(E) Airlines often try to stuff you with a breakfast just before landing while your body clock thinks it is the middle of the night. It would be wise to leave the beans and sausages, and stick with water and a cracker. Moreover, carb-rich foods, such as pasta, whole grain bread, and oatmeal, are helpful too because they induce the secretion of insulin, which makes it easier for our bodies to avoid jet lag.  Watch what you eat and drink in the air Eat healthy and light food that’s easy to digest. Before boarding, don’t indulge in greasy, fried or similar fast foo
(D) Also, steer clear of beans and vegetables, such as onions, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, as they are likely to give you gas. When it comes to liquids, don’t restrict your fluid intake even if you’re stuck in the middle seat and don’t want to disturb other passengers to go to the lavatory. This is a bad approach as well as a reason why bladder infections and cystitis are common in women after long-haul flights. Instead, drink plenty – at least half-a-liter of liquid for every three hours in the air. Drinking alcohol, however, increases dehydration. Not only will alcohol make you want to drink more, but humidity being very low on board also means that one glass of alcohol is equivalent to having two on the groun
(D)  Use neck pillows Put a pillow, sweater or a blanket behind your lower back to support your spine and keep it in its natural shap
(E) If your neck is leaning to the side, the oxygen flow gets interrupte
(D) And if you are sleeping, it’ll wake you up, leading to an uncomfortable journey. Since most airplane seats are C-shaped, many passengers suffer from aching necks and backs after the flight.  Move it Another problem for air travelers – especially on longer flights – is the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), the formation of blood clots in deep veins. They are caused by being seated for too long, leading to swollen feet and ankles, as well as leg pain. Clots in the legs are not serious, but at times they may travel to the lungs and cause chest pain and shortness of breath – or wors

VI. Writing Section:20% 1. A. News English B. Learning English with Songs C. Travel English

【題組】 If you are to offer an elective English course, which of the above will you choose? And how will you design the course? Please answer the second question in terms of its objectives, target student level, course content and ways of assessment. Besides, design ONE activity you may employ to engage the students in the classroom. (10%)

45.【題組】2. Nowadays many doctors become very rich. It is wrong for doctors to focus on profitable medical practices, such as plastic surgery, when there are people suffering from lack of medical attention. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experienc
(E) (10%)