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107 年 - 慈濟大學 107 學年度學士後中醫學系招生考試-英文#69843 

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1.1. The satellite that India put into orbit around the earth _____ a big success for the country’s young space program.
(A) interpreted
(B) instructed
(C) wandered
(D) constituted .

2.2. Pirates 3 is showing in theaters now; the next _____ in the series will appear in theaters next summer.
(A) mentors
(B) installments
(C) dismissals
(D) monuments .

3.3. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a type of_____ , natural health care system that dates back at least 2,000 years to the year 200 B.C.
(A) hoarse
(B) holistic
(C) holocaust
(D) holster .

4.4. Poor readers focus on facts, whereas good readers try to _____ details into a larger cognitive patterns.
(A) assault
(B) aspire
(C) assimilate
(D) assassinate .

5.5. North Koreans flee the country for a number of reasons, including poor employment _________, gross rights abuses, and harsh restrictions on personal freedom — all conditions which have arguably worsened under the young dictator Kim Jong-un.
(A) prospects
(B) inhabitants
(C) accumulations
(D) contentions .

6.6. An outbreak of measles in Japan has resulted in more than 3,500 people in the southern Taiwanese harbor of Kaohsiung being _____.
(A) evacuated
(B) mandated
(C) notified
(D) quarantined .

7.7. Is this a_____ transaction by a young guy who knows his country has to change to be demoncratic, but who intends to maintain strict and authoritarian control at home?
(A) savory
(B) sulky
(C) savvy
(D) surplus .

8.8. Some herbs, such as comfrey and ephedra, can cause serious harm. Some herbs can _____ prescription or over-the-counter medicines.
(A) bail out
(B) interact with
(C) map out
(D) range from .

9.9. The festival _____ with the opening ceremony – an evening filled with a variety of marvelous performances.
(A) gets along
(B) kicks off
(C) bumps into
(D) lines up .

10.10. People _____ shy about sex, but now even women are free to discuss it.
(A) used to be
(B) are used to being
(C) use to be
(D) were used to being  .

11.11. The old garage suddenly collapsed one day. Luckily the owner wasn't in there or he _____ killed.
(A) can have been
(B) could be
(C) could have been
(D) must have been .

12.12. Whenever Joe went camping in the mountains, he _____ any water that he got from streams before drinking it.
(A) purifies
(B) may be purifying
(C) would purify
(D) have purified.

13. Part II: Choose the answer that is closest in meaning to the underlined word.13. In the Four Corners region of the Southwest, most rock art sites are found within the drainages of the Colorado and Rio Grande rivers, and their tributaries.
(A) radius
(B) streams
(C) debris
(D) offsets .

14.14. The patient looks melancholy and despairing; and sometimes he gnashes his teeth, as if impatient of the weight of woes that oppresses him.
(A) gnaws
(B) grinds
(C) munches
(D) pokes .

15.15. Dr. Frankenstein has described himself as always having been imbued with a fervent longing to penetrate the secretes of nature. In spite of the intense labor and wonderful discoveries of modern philosophers, he always came from his studies discontented and unsatisfied.
(A) concerned
(B) infused
(C) derived
(D) regulated .

16.16. People tend to feel unhappy because someone has something that they desire; however, jealousy can be detrimental to relationships and cause problems at work.
(A) suspicious
(B) determinant
(C) pernicious
(D) hostile .

17.17. Children suffering from severe malnutrition are susceptible to illness. It is reported that many African children have become blind because their diet is deficient in vitamin A.
(A) entitled
(B) subordinate
(C) immune
(D) prone .

18.18. Tomatoes, potatoes, and hot peppers, all originally from South or Central America, are among several plants that have disproportionately influenced cooking around the world. This happened only after a few intrepid eaters got beyond common fears about potatoes, tomatoes, and other products.  
(A) brave
(B) conscientious
(C) reckless
(D) surly .

19.II. Questions 19- 20, choose the answer that is closest in meaning to the original sentence.19. A major new survey by the Economic Business Strategy has revealed that businesses intend to prioritize international markets over domestic ones in the next three years.
(A) It has been revealed by a business survey that home markets will take priority over international sales during the next few years.
(B) It is the intention of businesses to push ahead on both the domestic and international fronts during the next three years, according to a major new survey.   
(C) There has been more international than domestic business during the past three years, according to an important new survey.
(D) International business oppoutunities will take precedence over domestic ones in the next few years, according to an important new business survey. .

20.20. Although very little is known of Taiwan's early history, carbon dating of domestic implements found in the south of the island suggests that people have lived there for at least ten thousand years.
(A) There is evidence to suggest that Taiwan has been populated for over ten thousand years.
(B) The small amount of evidence available suggests that people came to northern Taiwan only recently.
(C) Carbon dating techniques have produced a wealth of information about Taiwan's early settlers.
(D) Ten thousand years ago, Taiwan was an important trading center with an expanding population. .

21.III. Cloze: Choose the best answer for each blank in the passage.
 Questions 21-25 
    One in three women with breast cancer __21__ by a mammogram is treated unnecessarily according to a Danish study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, which has renewed debate __22__ the value of early detection. 
     Researchers increasingly recognize that not all breast cancers __23__ the same risk, even if they look the same under a microscope, Dr. Otis Brawley said. While some early tumors turn into deadly monsters, others stop growing or even __24__. But assuming that all small breast lesions have the potential to turn deadly is __25__ “racial profiling,” Brawley wrote in his editorial.

(A) detect
(B) detects
(C) detected
(D) detecting .

(A) over
(B) among
(C) toward
(D) behind .

(A) bond
(B) pose
(C) cast
(D) fade .

(A) shrug
(B) shield
(C) shrink
(D) shroud .

(A) apt to
(B) akin to
(C) access to
(D) alert to .

26.Questions 26-30 
    Have you been wondering about the health benefits of goji berries and goji juice? Some claim that the goji berry is a __26__ of youth. The goji berry, also called the wolfberry, is a bright orange-red berry that comes from a shrub __27__ China. In Asia, goji berries have been eaten for generations __28__living longer. Over time, people have used goji berries to try to treat many common health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, fever, and __29__ eye problems. Goji berries __30__, cooked, or dried (like raisins) and are used in herbal teas, juices, wines, and medicines.

(A) fountain
(B) levee
(C) mixture
(D) cemetery .

(A) that is native to
(B) that being native
(C) which being native to
(D) which being native in .

(A) along with
(B) at a cost of
(C) in the hope of
(D) thanks to .

(A) age-related
(B) age-relating
(C) relating-age
(D) related-aging .

(A) are eaten raw
(B) are eating raw
(C) eaten raw
(D) eating raw .

31.IV. Reading Comprehension: Read the following passage and choose the most appropriate answer for each question. 
Passage 1: Questions 31-33 
   Burgeoning numbers of patients with long-term conditions requiring complex care have placed pressures on healthcare systems around the world. In New Zealand, complex patients are increasingly managed within the community. The Community of Clinical Practice concept identifies the network of carers around an individual patient whose central participants share a common purpose of increasing that patient’s well-being.
    Communities of clinical practice include informal supports, services, professionals and non-professionals. These communities of clinical practice mediate practice, utilize informal networks to cut across boundaries, and mandate professional jurisdictions to achieve optimum patient-centered care. Communities of clinical practice’s repertoires are characterized by care and are driven by the moral imperative to care. They do “whatever it takes,” although there is a cost to this form of care. Well-functioning communities of clinical practice use patient’s well-being as a guiding light and, by sharing a vision of care through trusting and respectful relationships.

【題組】31. Which one is NOT the feature of communities of clinical practice?
(A) across boundaries
(B) patient-centered care
(C) professional jurisdictions
(D) class-action lawsuits .

32.【題組】32. What is the major goal of communities of clinical practice?
(A) phases of clinical trials
(B) memorable visions
(C) circles around lights
(D) patient’s well-being .

33.【題組】33. In 2nd paragraph, line 5, what does “They” refer to?
(A) patients
(B) repertoires
(C) communities
(D) professionals .

34.Passage 2: Questions 34-37
   In 1972, a social worker named Sanjit “Bunker” Roy funded Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan. Today the college trains women from villages for six months to build and maintain solar panels and other instruments. Barefoot College also offers education to the younger generation both during the day and at its solar bridge schools that meet by lamplight at night.
   The philosophy of Barefoot College is largely inspired by the principles of Gandhi, starting with equality beyond caste, gender or religion. As a matter of fact, women are prioritized as an underserved population that is essential to bring villages together. Another central principle of the college is self-reliance, teaching students to support and think for themselves.
   After the college’s female students have completed their half-year training, they return to their villages, where they wait for solar panel parts to arrive from the college. Once they have all the pieces they need, they construct the panels and begin collecting solar energy. For each village, the college also provides solar lamps. Villagers can, in addition, order parts for other solar-powered devices, such as water heaters and cooking stoves by the solar panels.
   The effect on the villages is huge. Before the solar panels and lamps arrived, villagers had only candles to light their homes. This prevented adults from doing serious work at night, and it made studying difficult for children as well. As for physicians, they had difficulty treating patients and performing operations at night because they had to rely on flashlights.
   Now there is power for not only the electrical appliances that the college provides but also devices like televisions, radios and computers. For the first time, the villagers can even connect to the world through the Internet.

【題組】34. What does this article explain about an organization?
(A) How it accomplishes it goals
(B) How its global efforts are funded
(C) How its founder hires employees
(D) How it works with the government .

35.【題組】35. According to this article, what does the organization believe in?
(A) Supporting the arts
(B) Preserving history
(C) Respecting animals
(D) Improving society .

36.【題組】36. Which idea is communicated by the organization to women?
(A) They should be more involved in politics.
(B) They don’t have to rely on others.
(C) They aren’t educating their daughters enough.
(D) They focus too much on their communities. .

37.【題組】37. Which role do the women play after they return to their villages?
(A) They’re merchants.
(B) They’re composers.
(C) They’re journalists.
(D) They’re technicians. .

38.Passage 3: Questions 38-40  
   Several different things happen when a person is hypnotized. People in deep hypnosis don’t seem to think anything unless the hypnotist tells them to. There are different levels of hypnosis. People usually have to practice by being hypnotized several times in order to reach the deeper levels. Hypnosis is not sleep. The brain waves of hypnotized people are like those who are awake. If you feel like speculating, consider this: The brain waves of people most easily hypnotized often show right cortex activation. Surgeons have successfully used it to suggest that the person can feel no pain. They have removed an appendix with no anesthesia. People can often remember things under hypnosis that they can’t remember in the normal state. This may be due to their increased focus of attention.
   Hypnosis raises important questions about the organization of the human brain. We know there are levels of organization in the brain. As you read this, for example, a lower part of your brain is regulating your body temperature without your thinking about it. Another part is organizing all these little squiggly patterns on paper into words that make sense. Some theorists have said that what happens in hypnosis is that levels in the brain become disconnected. The subject’s conscious level is restricted to the things that hypnotist suggests; nothing else is allowed into that consciousness. If the subject’s arm is hurt, and the hypnotist says, “No, it’s not,” the subject doesn’t experience the pain at conscious level. It might as well not exist. All we are aware of is what we are conscious of. In hypnosis, goes this theory, the content of your conscious brain comes under the direction of the hypnotist. Why this happens, or how it happens, is not known.

【題組】38.The author’s primary purpose in this passage is
(A) to explain hypnosis in history.
(B) to explain why people want to be hypnotized.
(C) to summarize the need for hypnosis in modern society.
(D) to explain what hypnosis is. .

39.【題組】39. Scientific study shows that hypotized persons are all of the following except
(A) highly suggestible.
(B) suffering from a serious and difficult disorder.
(C) concentrated in their attention.
(D) manipulated by the hypnotist. .

40.【題組】40. According to the passage, which of the following is a fact?
(A) hypnotists are illigimate hucksters.
(B) hypnosis is harmful and should not be used.
(C) hypnosis has been used in certain medical practices.
(D) has been used only during past hundred years..

41.V. Composition: 20 分 
Laws in most places prohibit terminally ill patients from choosing death and physicians from assisting them. Do you agree or disagree with it. Please write an essay around 200-250 words to explain your point of view and your arguments concerning this topic.



22.( ) 關於射鵰英雄傳──智鬥書生一文,下列敘述何者正確? (A)郭靖背著黃蓉求見一燈大師是想拜師 (B)藉由漁人之言可知一燈大師早已...

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